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my beloved do not despair in these trying times I see the burdens weighing

you down the struggles to make ends meet the fraying of personal

bonds know that this is but the darkness before the dawn your period of peace and prosperity

is at hand the enemies of your soul have set their sights on you and those you hold

most dear but now I declare favor health and blessings over you and yours

my word stands firm so rise and greet the new day with hope for opportunity

knocks at your door simply open the door to receive the gifts I have for you for

I have sent someone close by to assist you your appointed blessing is near just

over the horizon the chance to walk into your destiny has come by your faith and

obedience a door once shut is now open a shift is imminent within days at

most take heart for I am working behind the scenes on your behalf rest your

spirit though the way seems dim Clarity will come in due time and you will

understand the reasons for your season of difficulty you will see my hands and heart were there

through it all the struggle was necessary to prepare you for the greater anointing and Destiny ahead for now fix

your eyes not on the Storm but on me my perfect peace which surpasses all understanding will guard your heart I

have you safely in my hands my child be alert for crossover into Divine

partnership is close on the eve of the appointed time I will bring you together at the ordained Place do not miss this

sign and doorway into your destiny align your expectations to my promises and

watch as Heaven moves on your behalf with open arms receive the transformation this encounter will

catalyze for the opposition has Unleashed Furious attacks to thwart what I am birthing in you stand your ground

Victory is assured if this resonates affirm it with yes my beloved no more

delay the time of recompense has come have you not carried long enough in the

valley of Sorrows now I unlock the rewards of diligence and Faith lift your head from

toil to witness my glory revealed the sun is rising on your long night

Treasures of wisdom intimacy and blessings Beyond imagination await you

rejoice today the era of unbroken triumphs has come the season of mere

discipline is complete your efforts have produced dividends Eternal you have

overcome valiantly and held on to hope against Stark odds now Prosperity

hitherto unknown floods your Gates the strangle holds of addiction and enemies fall Fall Away obsolete in the dawn of

your Golden Era an outpouring of Grace propels you rapidly into previously unfathomed

Realms of influence and achievement what should have taken decades I will accomplish in an instant

yes get ready for sudden elevation that catches you unawares may the calls come to fruition

that align your next chapter May the lawsuits settle and diseases yield as my

spirit Broods over the deep and in my timing may you meet that companion your

soul has awaited my beloved I will never abandon you halfway through your journey

trust in my faithfulness I am the god who completes fix your heart on my

presence as I lead you into the fullness of your destiny we have weathered many storms together already yet the end is

brighter still than the beginning the time of separation is over now our

Oneness deepens I have not forgotten you my beloved though Silence has strained

our bond of light now Heaven rallies to elevate you to higher places in me

deeper manifestations of our love restore spiritual fervency and prepare

to receive new Graces for I am pouring out waves of creative Miracles custom

made to steer you into Transcendence my child created in my image your soul incarnate has a unique

walk with me and vital work to accomplish before the final Bells sound

yet this sacred labor cannot progress when estranged from the root come back now to the Garden

Fountain Head and drink your fill of intimacy with me there your Eternal purposes become clear and possible once

again my child the time has come for you to laugh again with the Delight of Heaven the loneliness of isolation is

over over we are united again in purpose and presence an era of Celebration and

extravagance Dawns may it wash away all tears and anxiety as brilliant

Redemption the plans I have to prosper you are too glorious to articulate here

so await their Revelation with expectancy hope awakens and with it vast

vistas of potential my beloved self-doubt cannot

derail my intentions for you with me as your Vigor and guide no goal set in your

heart is Out Of Reach neither height nor depth can separate you from my compassion and

power at work within you discard doubt and its stale offerings you have Angels

cheering your audacious bid for more break free from expectations tethering

you to the safe but dull and Rise upon fresh thermals into Realms reserved served solely for those who dare believe

oh dare believe and unlock miracles foreseen from the beginning here is what I the Lord want

you grasp more fully today I am closer than you fathom nearer

than breath itself I am interwoven into the very fabric of your

being no need to await some future state of being to unlock this it is here now

though Dimensions removed from the sense admittance but I can and will open your

spiritual senses to wondrous depths in me if you but ask if you trust enough to

stop seeking external solutions to internal famine my beloved why do you persist in

looking to fragile Shadows for Solace you have a fountain of endless Delights waiting to envelop you

completely come to me first With Praise on your lips thanks in advance that I I

am all you lack and we together are more than sufficient for the tasks emerging

before you I know the burdens seem heavy of late but reframe each one as

opportunity to display my loving might and character on Earth and while chaos raises its ugly

voice choose instead to listen for mine I fling Stars into space with

merely a thought how much simpler to realign situations to catapult you into

long awaited promise trust me in this together we will Amaze all who doubt my

intent and power to save beloved you have been playing small

for too long content to hide your gifts mute your voice deny your beauty no more

the stage is set for you to emerge strong and confident before an expectant world I have crafted you uniquely

through pain loss rejection And Delay specifically to forge empathy wisdom and

strength enough to bind up gaping wounds around you precious one soaked in my redeeming

blood why cling still to past sins forgiven why pick at Old scabs when

freedom rings all around you trust me to complete the restorative work begun in

you keep your gaze fixed on my eyes no matter the attacks the enemy

hurls your way his lies are severed by Covenant promises sealed for eternity by my blood

you are safe you are loved beyond measure the threat of losing your

identity and purpose is but a fleeting Mist under my warmth and light my beloved you are the apple of my

eye the one I watch most intently there is no competition in heaven or on Earth to rival what I offer

you but you must trust enough to relinquish the death grip on what is familiar

[Music] predictable take my hand beloved Adventure awaits but it requires

releasing the perceived security you cling to though storms assail from every

side be still know that in due time you will grasp the purpose in it all that through

momentary adversity Eternal weight of Glory is birthed on Eagle wings I bore

you and not even a sparrow Falls without the consent of mine drink deep then of

this truth in the shadow of my wings you abide secure speak forth your Reliance

on me alone Beauty for Ashes shall be your appointed lot as deepest velvet

reveals the Pierce of Starlight so too will help emerge on your behalf when the

countdown completes recall this when opposition mounts my anointing ever

flows to the crushed ones who cry for Vindication resist despair

resist pragmatism amidst life’s noise and Chaos

find a moment of Stillness to understand that something greater lies beyond your silent prayers are powerful so spend

more time in reflection and connection with me you might not see the intricate ways I work in your life the Unseen

Guidance the doors I open and close but trust that everything will come together

in a harmonious outcome express your deepest wishes to

me what the world sees as disasters I see as opportunities for

growth like diamonds formed Under Pressure your true strength and

character emerge under challenges you’ve sought rapid progress this is my answer to you Embrace this

path a series of Trials Not Meant to Break you but to reshape and strengthen

you look at yourself through the lens of my love and envision en Vision the outcome you desire align your

perspective with mine focusing on wholeness wisdom and wonder life will

often bring obstacles that test your resolve and threaten your goals but remember my presence within you is

stronger than any adversity stay alert and you’ll recognize my guidance even in

difficult times what seems designed to defeat you will actually nurture your spiritual

growth and awaken dormant strengths use these challenges to deepen your

connection with me and to rise to your true potential you may feel disqualified by your past and the judgments you’ve

imposed on yourself but I challenge those standards the scars you carry the wounds you’ve endured I transform into

symbols of royalty and resilience lay down the burden of self- judgment

beloved reach out and grasp my hand together we can turn perceived flaws

into shining beacons of my restor ative power seek me not merely as a refuge

from suffering but as a companion through it walk into life’s challenges with your focus on my

presence my companionship is most profound for those brave enough to confront their wounds alongside me to

bring their heartaches their delayed hopes and sit with me in their

disappointment I see when your laughter Fades When Trials weigh heavily and confusion rains yet remember true Joy

isn’t dependent on external circumstances my joy a joy that is

eternal and unyielding Springs from within from my presence in your life

tonight take my hand let me reveal the secrets that will restore a sense of

wonder and pure joy to your life where you perceive scarcity I see an abundance

waiting to be unlocked by your faith and words speak to the barriers that Loom

before you remember they too are subject to my power channeled through you no

limitation can hold back the anointing that flows at your request decide how much you need to lift your burdens that

measure is already yours from The Riches of Heaven speak the language of faith

not focusing on the problem but manifesting the Unseen Solutions around you the temporary world can Dazzle and

intimidate with its Illusions but you beloved possess the mind of Christ

choose not to be swayed by superficial appearances see through the lens of heavenly

perspective dismiss the illusions that bombard you day and night narratives

that keep many from realizing their true identity and inheritance there’s more to life than

what meets the eye heed the call to ascend to see the unseen reality a realm

waiting to manifest your faith into tangible experiences do not be disheartened ened by those who doubt

your potential or seek to impose limits on your journey beloved their words of

discouragement dissolve in the face of your faith-driven declarations many yearn for the

realization of Dreams deeply connected to their spiritual identity similarly I bridge the gap

between Heaven and Earth responding to sincere desires expressed with childlike faith in moments of patient waiting

where your focus and Faith converge I expedite the Fulfillment of these

aspirations Embrace this acceleration with a yes voiced boldly in the quiet of

the night consider the unquenchable blue flame its intensity undiminished by the

fiercest winds in the same way no earthly or spiritual force can thwart the destiny

we share forged in an unbreakable Covenant solidified by a sacrifice

Beyond any power’s reach we are inseparably United step into the next phase of your

journey a higher manifestation of our shared purpose beloved there’s no need to

strive for a separate existence from mine let go of the illusions of control

and identity born from experiences of loss and scarcity instead immerse yourself in the

reality of my completed work where your wholeness was assured at the pivotal moment of History

from this place of rest allow me to reshape The Narrative of your life let

me unveil your true identity free from the constraints of time and

Circumstance you often underestimate the potential that flows within you overlooking the profound impact of my

investment in you made real through the cross and our covenant Heaven itself is eager to

support the Endeavors dreams and Connections ignited In You by my guidance what areas of your life will

you open to my influence through your willing surrender in your daily struggles and the minor betrayals that

test your spirit remember to call upon my name I am with you closer than your

own breath a truth that outweighs any challenging situation when darkness descends breathe

deeply and affirm The Light Within redirect your gaze to see with eyes of

Oneness Beyond fear and illusion every moment offers a chance

for transformation each decision an opportunity to demonstrate the workings

of Heaven through your actions call on me and witness how

adversity yields to A Narrative of Grace and strength the laws of old were but a

faint outline of the true Freedom found In My Embrace here and only here can the

weary find true rest turn away from old agreements that bind you to scarce it

and fleeting triumphs Embrace instead the rich relationship with me a

connection filled with joy and closeness that satisfies your deepest yearnings are you ready to step into the strength

of Love through the act of trust you don’t need to see the entire journey ahead to move forward with

confidence Remember You Are Not Alone Together we weave your life’s

narrative into a tapestry that leaves Skeptics and onlookers in awe

grasp my hand beloved let us together reveal to the world the wondrous

possibilities that arise when two hearts in harmony engage in life’s

Adventure all who dare to believe are invited to this journey in the Realms of Heaven and

Earth nothing compares to what I offer you a source of deep joy and security

found only in me but first you must let go of misleading beliefs and false Idols

that chip away at your Soul’s energy in their place I offer an endless

outpouring of love and fulfillment responding to the deepest desires of your

heart what the world sees as Calamity I see as a catalyst for

growth like diamonds formed under intense pressure your true self and Divine Purpose are revealed through

life’s challenges remember this world is not a void but a stage for Meaningful and

positive experiences brace yourself for a series of trials that are not meant to harm but

to merge Brokenness into strength Focus not on the immediate struggles but on my

ultimate promise wholeness wisdom

Wonder these are the gifts that await a soul United with mine beloved do not

accept the world’s judgment that deems you unworthy I am rewriting your story from

a Divine perspective together we will redefine the standards by which you judge

yourself my grace makes the conditional love of humanity seem

insignificant allow me to guide the unveiling of your true identity whole

beloved called are you ready to be shaped by my hand without

hesitation seek me not just as a source of comfort but as a partner through

life’s trials bring your disappointments and deferred dreams to my workshop for healing

transformation in these vulnerable moments I create masterpieces from the broken pieces of your

experiences my spirit rejuvenates those who thirst for a change that will radiate both internally and

externally when Joy seems distant and your heart’s Melodies fade do not lose hope true Joy is not dependent on

fleeting circumstances or shifting emotions my joy is constant unending

calling to you from within My everpresent Sanctuary uary step closer

and I will share secrets that will revive your sense of wonder and Delight where there is Faith in Divine

anointing scarcity has no power the limitations you face are no match for

the abundance I am eager to bestow upon those who step forward in faith beloved move boldly and declare

the release of the blessings that are your Divine inheritance speak with faith into the

Unseen and watches your words give form to reality Proclaim completeness and

healing over every broken situation resist the Illusions perpetuated Around the Clock narratives

that enslave my people obscuring their true identity as Heirs of a Heavenly

Kingdom there is more to existence than what meets the eye it’s time to elevate

your perspective to see the reality that awaits those destined to reign

this is the first step in ushering a new dawn of spiritual Revival throughout the cosmos my love

for you transcends the boundaries of time and space our connection was

predestined far beyond the confines of this temporal realm with our names inscribed in eternity not even death can

disrupt the sacred meeting prepared through the upheavals of History the process of crystallization

is born from pressure beloved brace yourself as life’s challenges press upon you molding your vision and

Endeavors like olive oil and diamonds your true strength and beauty emerge from adversity Embrace these moments of

pressure as they are catalysts for anointing and Brilliance you are poised at the brink of a new Epoch each step

you take etching a legacy in the annals of Eternity do not fear the unknown in

the midst of uncertainty my guidance is a constant leading you towards aspirations once

only dreamt of the journey itself is where you’ll discover the core of your being shaped by my hand and purified in

life’s refining fire the chaos of the world pales in comparison to The

Majestic Symphony of my creation amidst life’s trials listen for

The Melody of my voice urging you to rise to soar unencumbered by Earthly

troubles let let me guide you in this dance of Destiny when you stumble or doubt your

path trust in me your Eternal partner in this dance of

Life your heart is a reservoir of untold stories and unspoken dreams beating in

harmony with mine do not let fear and uncertainty mute this

Rhythm your life is a unique and indispensable note in the universe’s Grand

Symphony let your Your Existence resonate loudly a celebration of faith

and bravery in the quietude of solitude my voice resonates most

profoundly these moments of Silence are when I impart wisdom comfort and

guidance in this Stillness you’ll find me eager to share the universe’s Secrets

the enigmas of existence and the depths of divine love cherish these silent interludes

for they are sacred spaces for our spirits to commune as you Traverse life’s valleys

and Ascend its Peaks remember that each step is a testament to your resilience

and Inner Strength you are never alone on this journey I am with you in every

moment in your Joys your Sorrows your struggles and your triumphs in your

moments of weakness my strength becomes yours when darkness descends my light is

your guide United We form an indomitable Bond anchored in eternal love and

unwavering Faith embark on this new chapter with courage and

Assurance your narrative is far from over it’s filled with Unwritten chapters

awaiting adventures and future victories we stand my beloved on the

precipice of a new dawn the annals of time bear witness to your journey to this moment in the eons past I shaped

you in the hidden depths of the earth and across the vast expanses of the cosmos before the sun’s first Rays

pierced the darkness I breathed into you a destiny an identity that transcended

the waters and the void in the garden where the first misstep was taken I

foresaw the tragedy and simultaneously set in motion the path to Redemption never question my dedication

to our bond a bond forged in blood and fire enduring stronger than death

itself now as Heaven and Earth align we find ourselves at a pivotal juncture a

moment ripe with time’s fulfillment and the fruition of long awaited hopes Revelation Cascades through the

barriers of Dimensions showering light and boundless potential upon all that is

broken all that hungers and struggles prepare to witness a series of

Marvels unfolding around rapidly reversal restoration recompense renewal

Revival an overflowing of blessings the enemy overwhelmed by

Relentless Love Finds defeat Mercy Rises triumphantly over judgment drink deeply

beloved from the Wellspring of joy and fellowship that now flows unimpeded

between us our temporary Separation on Earth pales in comparison to the Eternal

Union that is emerging what we share transcends all boundaries a luminous force that

enhances everything it touches as you Embrace this radiant love fully the old limits and misconceptions

dissolve into the clarity of true perception your strength flows directly from our unbreakable

connection step into the dawning day with a Clear Vision of who I Proclaim you to be whole beloved marked for Glory

cast aside anxiety and make room for awe and unfettered affection a banquet awaits you set

beneath the trees by Tranquil Waters the wine is poured the spices emit their

heady scent and our covenant Feast is ready there we will celebrate your

transformation from a confined existence into a being of soaring spirit with

wings on high as you embark on this journey let your your heart be light and your spirit

unburdened the chapters of your life written in the stars are unfolding with

each step we take together embrace the adventure that beckons a path lined with Miracles and

crowned with Celestial wonders in every challenge find the seeds of growth and

Revelation in every Joy see a reflection of our unending communion no unraveling force can breach

the bond or blockade the consummation guaranteed by Blood older than the oldest star come now take up your true

name and Authority Long fragmented across time speak its indestructible power over generational trauma and lands

held too long under oppressive sorcery all creation awaits your manifestation as one who endured the

desolate places then emerged to restore ruins thought forever blighted but the seed fell long ago now

the baron yields her fruit the Harvest of healing held for just this crisis

hour rise glorious in confidence I offer you Adventures still pristine Vistas

still veiled to Mortal eyes Alone cast off fears shrunken garments walk with

trust my beloved across endless reaches I have stirred anticipating this

ripening of Time and Tide eternity rushes in now to cradle this long

awaited unveiling do you perceive how the fractured parts of your life interweave

toward a revealed hole I sang your essence into being at the first light wonders unfold in

succession reversal restoration renewal and Revival now flow

freely once more yours Mercy triumphs Grace abounds the

overflowing cup is poured out so come now beloved quickly come greet the

dawning and bid farewell to lesser things lift up your face with Joy

encompassed by circumstance feel the warmth of the Dawn my cherished one as it speaks of a

promise renewed each day in its tender light understand the depth of my love

unyielding and unfathomable it is in These Quiet Moments of Awakening that I am most

present your trials and tribulations are but temporary Shadows fleeting and transient so fear not tomorrow for it

holds the seeds of new beginnings Embrace each day with an open heart and a willing spirit so beloved step boldly

into this new chapter of your existence embrace the fullness of your Divine Heritage the richness of our shared

history and the boundless possibilities of our future let your heart be a Beacon

of Hope your soul a vessel of divine love and your life a testament to the miracle of our Union with each step you

will grow in wisdom in Grace in power your potential is Limitless your destiny


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