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my dear child peace be with you draw

near to me now with an open heart for I

have profound truths to impart to you

sacred secrets about living

wholeheartedly for our father in Heaven

this is the highest calling the most

excellent way to walk and the pearl of

greatest Price listen carefully to these

words which are spirit and life you were

created to live in complete devotion and

intimacy with your

creator from the dawn of time

your purpose has been to glorify God and

enjoy him forever you were lovingly

fashioned In His Image as the crown

jewel of his creation formed from the

dust but infused with his very breath of

life unlike the rest of the Earthly

realm you were made as a spiritual being

with a soul that will never

die this Transcendent reality means you

were made for so much more than mere


existence you were destined for ethereal

Union with the Eternal God God

everything else in life is but a

fleeting Mist when compared to the

awesome Wonder of knowing your maker

every material pleasure every worldly

achievement is utterly empty apart from

the soul quenching life that can only be

found in me I am the sustainer of your

inmost being the Fountain Head from

which Living Waters Flow to satisfy your

deepest thirst to truly live is to live

fully for me loving me with all of your

heart soul mind mind and strength from


beginning my father planned for us to

walk together in the cool of the Garden

in sweet

communion he desired a face-to-face

relationship an eternal Union of Love

intimacy and obedience but through

Mankind’s Rebellion that sacred Bond was

shattered and Humanity plunged itself

into darkness separation and spiritual

death what once was Paradise became a

wasteland of sin’s desol

yet my Father’s Love For You burned with

such fiery devotion that he initiated

the Supreme Act of sacrifice to redeem

you back to himself he sent me his only

begotten son and the second person of

the godhead to take on human flesh and

live the perfect life you could not live

though I am fully God I lived as a man

and dwelt among you I was despised and

rejected a Man of Sorrows well

acquainted with grief and suffering yet

I walked in absolute obedience to the

father’s will showing the way for you to

abide fully in his love the height of my

obedience called me to lay down my life

and endure the bitter cruelty of the

cross in that agonizing moment the full

wrath of God was poured out upon me as I

bore the unfathomable weight of all your

sin on my shoulders as I hung there the

sun was extinguished and darkness fell

across the land the Trinity was torn

apart as the pure Son of God was crushed

crushed for your

iniquities my relationship with the

father was severed so that you could be

embraced as the father’s child I knew

the anguish of that separation yet I

could have summoned Legions of Angels at

any moment the nails that pierced my

flesh could not hold me to that cross

but I willingly took those nails and

every lash for your sake with every drop

of my blood that fell to the ground I

was purchasing your

freedom with every mocking cry and

demonic torment Unleashed upon me I was

absorbing your rightful punishment only

by that full payment could you be

redeemed from the kingdom of darkness

and reconciled as my father’s beloved

child as I drew my last agonizing breath

and declared the price paid in full my

spirit was wrenched from my body I

experienced the full abandonment of

spiritual death that sin had cursed

Humanity with for you I surrendered up

my spirit so that you might be bornn

again to New

Life as my lifeless form was taken down

and laid in a tomb an eerie Sabbath

Stillness hung thick in the air the

forces of evil gloated believing they

had defeated me once and for all but my

rejectors had merely set the stage for

the greatest Victory the universe would

ever witness on that Third Day the

slumbering Earth was awakened by The

Cosmic Thunderclap of a resurrection

I the living one who had conquered death

burst forth from the grave in glorious

Triumph in that instant sin and evil

were forever

dethroned its dark grip on Humanity had

been shattered all of the principalities

and powers of this Fallen World had been

disarmed and put to open

shame my father did not leave my soul

among the dead but raised me up in power

and Glory a forerunner for the

resurrection will also

experience my resurrection defied every

natural law and philosophy of this world

how can one who is truly dead be made

alive again let alone by his own power

Only The Sovereign unlimited Creator

could accomplish this Paradox of

transcendent life bursting forth from


itself the enormity of this Cosmic event

reveals the incomprehensibly vast love

the father has for you his

children just as he resurrected me the

firstborn of many brothers and

sisters so he will raise your mortal

body to be imperishable and granted

eternal life with me on that great day

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God’s love and presence but I have not

only secured your future

Resurrection my victory over death sin

and hell has enabled you to experience

true life even now while you remain on

this Earth through the cleansing power

of My Blood you can be made a new

creation in me reborn into abundant

everlasting life no longer are you a

slave to the shackles of your old sinful

nature but you are a citizen of Heaven

Born Again by the spirit into my eternal

Kingdom your identity is no longer

defined by the decaying world around you

but as a beloved child of the Living God

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messages to live wholeheartedly for God

means living fully in the power of your

new identity in me it means Reckoning

Yourself Dead to sin and alive to the

righteousness purchased for you at the

cross it means taking off the old self-

corrupted by deceitful desires and

putting on the new self created in the

very likeness of God it means setting

your heart on the Eternal inheritance

that lies ahead rather than being

consumed by the empty fleeting desires

of this Earth realm everything in your

life your thoughts words and actions

should flow from the reality that you

are no longer bound by the feudal ways

of this Fallen World but are firmly

rooted in My imperishable Kingdom as a

citizen of Heaven live Above The Fray

and decay of this temporal plain walking

by my spirit rather than following your

fleshly passions be obedient to my

commands to flee from all sexual

immorality greed

hatred and impurity for these are

remnants of your old Master which you

have been set free from be holy as I am

Holy shining with the radiant purity of

one whose Allegiance and affection

belongs to me alone let nothing profane

or worldly defile you or distract you

from loving me with your whole being

guard your eyes from lust your mind from

greed and your heart from the poisonous

seeds of bitterness or

anger take every thought captive and

demolish those which set themselves up

against the knowledge of God be sober

minded and alert for the enemy prows

around like a roaring lion seeking to

devour you cling wholeheartedly to my

word which is the sword of truth to

sever the lies of the evil one let the

scriptures richly dwell within you a

pure Wellspring from which you can fight

off Temptation and draw strength for

every battle Child live each day wholly

surrendered and dependent on my spirit’s

power working in you the fleshly efforts

of your own willpower talents or

strength can never produce the fruit

that exalts God that is an effort doomed

to wither and Decay like all other

worldly Pursuits but as you abide in me

and I in you as the branches connected

to the life-giving vine you will bear

abundant spiritual fruit that will last

into eternity seek to be continually

filled with the Holy Spirit each day he

will Empower you with his resurrection

power to live a life of sacrificial

obedience and ever increasing

christlikeness let every routine task

every relationship ever circumstance

indeed your whole existence become a

spiritual act of worship an outpouring

of Devotion to honor me in all things

whether you find yourself in the

workplace the home the church or the

mission field across the globe your sing

aim should be to live in a manner worthy

of the Gospel let the aroma of my spirit

so permeate your character that the

watching World cannot help but take

notice and be drawn toward the source of

Living Water just as I did the father’s

will while on Earth with wholehearted

obedience walk as I walked shedding all

self-interest to exalt me in every

situation live wholeheartedly for me and

you will experience intimacy with me

more profound than you can fathom for

those who seek me with their whole

Hearts I Delight to reveal more and more

of my thoughts my ways and my heart

through the Holy Spirit I will be your

indwelling guide to lead you into all

truth he will make my words and my

presence more real than the physical

world you see around you as you

surrender completely to his instruction

your spiritual eyes will be opened to

see the the Unseen realities of the

Kingdom manifesting all around you

through him you will taste the powers of

the age to come and see miracles signs

and wonders Unleashed on the earth as

they were through the early church the

blind will miraculously see the lame

will walk the deaf will hear for nothing

is impossible for those who walk by

faith in my spirit and not by their


senses the same power that raised me

from the grave dwells in you

and as you yield to that power you will

bear witness to the Resurrection Life

flowing through you to overcome sin

sickness and even death itself for the

kingdom of God is not in mere words but

in the awesome power unleashed when you

live wholeheartedly for me my child in

this life you will face troubles

persecutions hardships and sufferings of

many kinds the same opposition I faced

while walking the Earth but take heart

I have overcome the world and its ways

the same spirit that raised me from the

dead now lives in you as you yield to

his power working in and through you you

will find Grace sufficient for every

trial you will go from strength to

strength and glory to glory through each

battle what the world means for evil

against you I will alchemize for your

good and my glory not a single struggle

you face is in vain when endured for my

name’s sake sake so fix your eyes not on

the temporal pain and afflictions around

you but on the Eternal weight of Glory

they are producing in you this light and

momentary suffering is achieving for you

an eternal glory that far outweighs them

all and is preparing you to share in my

Majesty my servants throughout the ages

have faced the greatest opposition and

hardship imaginable imprisonment torture

martyrdom yet they counted it all as

pure joy because they knew their reward

was imperishable kept safely for them in

the Everlasting Kingdom let their

example inspire you to remain steadfast

through every adversity for great is

your reward in heaven live

wholeheartedly for me and you will find

Joy purpose and fulfillment beyond what

you have ever known there is no greater

Adventure no nobler call than to

surrender your life in selfless service

of your king to live is Christ to die is

gain everything you could possibly

accomplish or attain on this Earth could

never match the boundless privilege and

weighty Glory of being my disciple my

Ambassador my witness to the farthest

corners of the world type Amen in the

comments if you want God’s love and

presence through you I am continuing the

very Mission I began on Earth to bring

sight to the blind freedom to the

captives and proclaim the profound good

good news that the promised kingdom of

God has arrived in full force you are a

continuation of my body on Earth my

hands and feet to do Greater Works than

even what was witnessed while I walked

the dusty Paths of Galilee and

Judea as you lay down your life to make

my glory and my love known you will

receive a full reward and hear those

words that will make your heart leap

with unending Joy well done my good and

faithful servant so come my child and

take up your cross and walk the narrow

path in complete abandonment to me live

in a manner worthy of the upward calling

you have received being strengthened

with all power to attain every patience


steadfastness whatever has been gained

count it as loss compared to the

Excellence of knowing me your lord and

savior for whom you have suffered the

loss of all things for this perishable

body must put on imperishability

and this Mortal body must put on

immortality then at last the saying will

be fulfilled death is swallowed up in

Victory oh death where is your Victory

oh death where is your sting press on

unswervingly to make it your aim to be

pleasing to me in every way bearing

fruit in every good work as you grow in

the knowledge of God devote yourselves

wholeheartedly to prayer and Be watchful

in it with

Thanksgiving praying also for me that

doors may be opened to speak the words

boldly and declare that ultimate

mystery Christ in you the hope of

glory for this is the will of Our Father

in Heaven that every knee will one day

bow before me and every tongue confess

that I Am Lord over all the name above

all names the firstborn over all

creation the Alpha and Omega the

beginning and the end my dear de child

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messages so on that day when I come in

the radiant Splendor of my father’s

Glory with all my angels to usher in the

fullness of the Kingdom may you hear

those words that will make your eternal

spirit leap for Joy well done good and

faithful servant you have been Faithful

over a little I will set you over

much enter into the joy of your master

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