God Says- Those Who Skip Will Go to Hell | God message today for you | God Saying You

my precious children open your hearts

and Minds to the Eternal wisdom I wish

to impart upon you today let the truth

of my words resonate within the depths

of your souls allowing them to take root

and flourish like the most vibrant of

gardens for far too long many of you

have wandered aimlessly lost in the

wilderness of doubt and despair you have

allowed the trials and tribulations of

this world to Cloud your vision

obscuring the brilliant light of hope

that shines forth from my unwavering


ready for God’s grace comment yes I need

and open your heart to His

blessings today I call upon you to cast

aside the chains of uncertainty that

bind you release the burdens of fear and

anxiety that weigh heavily upon your

spirits for they are but Illusions

Phantoms conjured by the enemy to

distract you from the Glorious truth of

my unfailing love my children do you not

recognize the power that resides within

the promises I have bestowed upon you

each word each sacred utterance carries

the weight of Eternity a weight that

cannot be diminished by the fleeting

circumstances of this temporal realm

when I spoke the universe into existence

my promises echoed through the vast

expanse of the cosmos setting in motion

a grand design that continues to unfold

with each passing moment the stars that

Adorn the heavens The Majestic mountains

that pierce the skies and the boundless

oceans that team with life all bear

witness to the immutability of my word

and just just as my promises have shaped

the very fabric of creation so too can

they shape the course of your lives

guiding you through the most treacherous

of Storms and Illuminating the path that

leads to Everlasting peace and

fulfillment have I not promised to be

with you always even until the end of

the age have I not vowed to never leave

you nor forsake you to be your shelter

in times of adversity and your strength

in moments of weakness these promises

are Not Mere words spoken into the wind

they are the unshakable foundations upon

which you can build your lives secure in

the knowledge that I am a God who keeps

his Covenant my children open your eyes

and bear witness to the countless

testimonies of those who have placed

their unwavering trust in my

promises see how they have weathered the

fiercest of storms emerging Victorious

and bearing the fruit of unwavering

Faith their lives are living monuments

to the power of Hope a power that

transcends the limitations of human

understanding for Hope is not a fleeting

emotion a mere whim to be cast aside at

the first sign of

adversity no hope is the very essence of

my promises the Bedrock upon which your

faith stands Resolute it is the anchor

that tethers your souls to the Eternal

shores of my love ensuring that you

never drift aimlessly in the tumultuous

Seas of Life make a Heavenly impact with

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Winds of Doubt howl and the waves of

uncertainty threaten to overwhelm you

cling tightly to the promises I have

given you let them be your Lifeline your

Beacon of Hope that guides you safely

through the darkest of nights and the

most tempestuous of storms for in my

promises you will find the strength to

endure the courage to persevere and the

wisdom to navigate the complexities of

this world with unwavering

conviction my children do not allow the

voice of the enemy to whisper lies into

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