God Says, Thos All Who Skip Me Now! Will Definitely Go To He$l | DMFY-822

I long to see your smile to know your

heart is full of joy your path is still

unfolding adorned with unexpected joys

and Kindred Spirits do you believe in my

words do you trust that you are precious

that my love for you is an ending hand

that I will always be by your


side today I vow to fill your life with

boundless love and to watch over you the

doubts the fears the sense of inadequacy

you felt her melting away for my Divine

word is a bomb to your soul igniting

fresh dreams and

aspirations I dream of seeing your

radiant smile your heart overflowing


joy your journey is far from its end it

stretches ahead filled with Sweet


and souls ready to embrace you tell me

do you believe in my Assurance do you

trust that you are cherished that you

will hold my hand tightly never to let

go I promise to love you forever to be

your shelter this Divine affection I

offer is uncheckable and stealable today

marks a new beginning in your life

a day and I will visit your home and

reshape your destiny your prayers filled

with faith and sincerity have called me

to your sigh ready to manifest miracles

in your

life your belief is the key to unlocking

these wonders but even more importantly

know that you’re a love beyond measure

in any situation my support for you is

unwavering you’ve faced hardships felt

alone in a vast desert of solitude where

hopes seemed to wither away but I see

your struggle your pain when life’s

trials burn your feet making you cry out

I am here to protect you to lift you

above those who seek to harm

you your Cur trials are refining you

purify you as gold as purified in fire I

don’t raise you above others to look

down on them but to extend your hand in

help and

kindness I urge you to let go of anger

pry fear doubt and disbelief don’t cling

to the Past for it cannot compare to the

Joy that’s coming your way

look for reasons to be grateful walk

uprightly carrying my virtues in your

heart you are of immense value as is

your family and your future holds more

worth than any worldly

treasure fear not the loss of material

things instead prioritize what’s truly

important love seek and pursue me with

all your heart I am your provider Hider

ready to meet your needs to bless you

abundantly to open new doors and to

offer you incredible

opportunities there’s no need for shame

in my presence even when you felt

distant my compassion was unfailing I

sent Legions of angels to bring you back

to clear your path to welcome you

home you’ll return with joyful news

chearing the Miracles and beautiful

changes in your life affirming your

faith and I will listen with immense joy

for this is why I have brought you here

to transform your life to ensure you

don’t return to a place of hatred sorrow



despair I speak directly to you asking

you to believe in my words over those

who doubt you who demand Perfection when

they themselves are


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