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if you want God to always help you you

should carefully listen to this message

from God if you don’t do this God won’t

be able to assist you because you’ll be

blocking God’s angels so listen to the

full message type Amen in the

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media dearest child of mine in the

deepest recesses of your being I dwell

orchestrating the movements of even the

most daunting mountains that stand

before you as you ascend allow the Wings

of Faith to carry you a loft for every

prayer you utter resonates as a

harmonious melody in the grand Symphony

of our divine connection Advance boldly

my beloved with a heart overflowing with

unwavering determination and boundless

courage let not the shadows of Despair

or The Mists of Gloom find Sanctuary

within you for I am your Eternal Refuge

I perceive the burdens that weigh

heavily upon your soul the famal burdens

that cast darkened veils upon your heart

in these tender moments seek Solace

within the Embrace of

recuperation within the sacred sanctum

of prayer and amidst the Tranquil

Serenity of solitude your heart

fashioned as a masterpiece of my Divine

craftsmanship is not ordained for a

lifetime adorned with tears and sorrow

but rather destined for a tapestry woven

with threads of boundless love and

unbridled Joy even in the midst of of

your trials and

tribulations rest assured that my love

for you remains steadfast and unyielding

when you find yourself teetering at the

brink of your limits know that I am ever

presentent Poise to lift you beyond the

confines of what you deemed

possible defeat is not etched into the

fabric of your destiny my cherished

child you are a radiant Beacon of light

a valiant Trailblazer carving paths

through the Labyrinth of life’s Myriad

challenges as you step forth into the r

Radiance of your own

Brilliance let your radiant smile serve

as a testament to the unfathomable

depths of my boundless love for you cry

out in the hallowed name of Jesus for

you are not merely my beloved daughter

or son you are a living embodiment of

the very essence of my Divine

love I have wrought wonders upon the

canvas of your existence and I shall

continue to unveil Supernatural Miracles

Illuminating the path before you so that

you may comprehend the profound

significance you within the depths of my

adoring gaze disheartenment finds No

Quarter within the Fortress of your soul

heed the whispering Echoes of my words

reverberating through the Winds of

Change for the time for retreat has long

since passed you are destined for

greatness my child a progenitor with

Legions of future Generations trailing

in your wake each blessed by the

indelible Legacy of your unwavering

faith when the cacophony of the world

threatens to drown out your essence

remember that I see you my beloved do

not squander the precious gifts and

blessings I bestow upon you for each is

imbued with Divine Purpose under the

Vigilant gaze of my ever watchful eye

your attitude serves as the Lynch pin

that elevates you beyond the shackles of

your present

circumstances in moments when weariness

threatens to engulf your spirit Feast

upon the nourishing sustenance of my

word let its radiant light imbue your

spirit with renewed strength and vigor

and when the weight of life’s burdens

causes your knees to buckle cast your

gaze towards the heavens where you shall

find me a guiding presence both near and

within the sanctum of your heart type

Amen in the comments if you want God’s

love and presence my beloved my

blessings are Not Mere dreams drifting

in the distance they are tangible

realities awaiting you just ahead your

salvation is secure and the Towering

mountains of your troubles will crumble

in the face of my boundless might know

this your adversaries will be vanquished

for I Am by your side an unwavering

Fortress of protection now tell me do

you believe do you love me your response

is more than mere words it ignites a

flame of wondrous Miracles within your

very being my love for you knows no

bounds it flows endlessly from the

depths of my heart as you awaken each

morning let these words resonate within

you a powerful Anthem born of divine

inspiration watch as doubts

dissolve hope

reignites and darkness Fades into the

distant Horizon you are not ill equipped

for the journey ahead on the contrary

you are abundantly equipped to fight to

live to stride confidently along the New

Path I have carved specifically for you

each day rise with jubilance with an

attitude of Triumph wielding The Shield

of faith and the sword of my word let

your confidence in my miraculous power

be unshakable for I am your strength and


salvation listen closely my precious one

and receive my words with open arms with


syllable I bring healing with each

phrase I bring Liberation to your weary

Soul the burdens of regrets and guilt

that have weighed heavily upon your

shoulders shall be lifted for no

condemnation can touch you under the

shelter of my Justice type Amen in the

comments and like the video if you truly

believe in God though adversaries may

rise against you fear not for I raise

you as an unyielding wall of iron when

they come to provoke and battle against

you respond not with anger or

retaliation but with the Serene Silence

of one who stands firm in my love know

that I stand amidst countless Legions of

angels ready to defend you at every turn

for my love for you knows no bounds beh

behold I have bestowed upon you the

power to trample upon serpents and

scorpions to conquer all that seeks to

harm you though many claim to know me

from afar I desire Not Mere acquaintance

but an intimate relationship with your

heart plant the seed of sincere Faith

within your soul and watch as it

blossoms into a magnificent tree of

blessings for your belief brings me


Joy you live in a time of profound

significance my child listen to The

Winds of Change heed the call of the

trumpet and feel the imminent Embrace of


return present yourself to me in

Holiness for I long to commune with your

heart even in moments of weariness find

Solace within My Embrace for I shall

console you with the Tender Touch of my

love all that was unjustly taken from

you shall be restored multiplied beyond

measure stand firm my

beloved and refuse to succumb to fear

for I Am With You Always guiding you

with steadfast love and unwavering Grace

if you trust me then type life’s

trials may have battered you and

betrayal may have left scars but fear

not for I stand steadfastly beside you

through my boundless Grace love and

indomitable strength stren within your

heart you shall emerge as a valiant

Warrior resilient and unyielding those

who seek to trouble you to cast shame

upon your name shall be astounded by

your unwavering resolve I shall

orchestrate Miracles before their very

eyes rescuing you from the barren

deserts of Despair and leading you into

lands teeming with abundance and wonders

your struggles have not been in vain

they have paved the path to Prosperity I

will mend your wounds liberate you from

the chains of captivity and Usher you

into glorious Freedom nurture hope as a

precious treasure and let my word be

your Guiding Light through the darkest

nights pay no heed to The Whispers of

Envy from those who see you surrounded

by blessings stand firm for I shall

provide dignified work sustenance for

your table robust health and shield you


malevolence your family shall harmonize

and your dreams shall soar limitlessly

remember your age does not define your

potential in my eyes you are never

insignificant I will work wonders within

you for my love for you knows no bounds

and my loyalty is unwavering I ask for

your heart and loyalty in return for

together we shall embark on a

supernatural Journey my love for you is

eternal my beloved

Child open your heart wide let your

spirit guide your steps

keep your gaze fixed ahead where my

presence illuminates the path before you

know that my arms are always open ready

to embrace you in unwavering love I

affirm once more with utmost certainty

and emphasis that I love you your

question Echoes In My Heart Lord do you

truly love me let your faith deepen for

I am here communing with your spirit

soothing your soul with my Tender Touch

I am here as the gentle healer of your

past wounds carefully stitching together

the fabric of your soul with threads of

Hope and renewal within you I seow the

seeds of new dreams and joys promising a

future adorned with the treasures of

abundance Serenity and

jubilance Trust in my word for it stands

unyielding as a rock amidst the stormy

seas of life even when circumstances

crumble and situations threaten to

dishearten you take solace in my


assurances they serve as beacons of

light guiding you through the darkness

inspiring you to strive to conquer to

Revel in the victory that

awaits open your heart wide to receive

the boundless affection I pour upon you

unveiling your spirit to The Tender

Touch of my love which bestows upon you

Tranquility Serenity and divine

strength this Divine bom my offer is no

mere Salve for surface wounds it

penetrates deep into the depths of your

being healing the scars soothing the

aches and alleviating the burdens that

weigh heavy upon your soul in my

presence turbulent emotions find

calm and turmoil gives way to

peace here by my side you find

Refuge a sanctuary where no other place

can provide such profound

Tranquility my beloved

share your thoughts let your voice be

heard and join in the chorus of those

who seek Solace and guidance consider

subscribing to the channel where the

Journey of your soul is cherished and

nurtured every step of the way

accompanied by my unwavering presence

and boundless



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