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my beloved child I know the feeling of

waiting can be

arduous the weariness settles in when

prayers seem unanswered and dreams

appear delayed or

deferred you’ve cried out to me hoping

to see a breakthrough but instead find

yourself still lingering in the same

Circumstance the same struggle the same

unfulfilled longing the way stretches on

endlessly before you and you can’t help

but wonder when will this season of

waiting end when will I finally see the


manifest I know what it’s like to feel

stuck to grow impatient and maybe even

doubtful at times about whether my word

will really come to pass to experience

the aching disappointment of unmet

expectations to battle weariness as the

days turn into months and months into

years of persevering through the waiting

the weight of that journey is not lost

on me for I am the etal one who has

himself endured through epics of time

watching over the Turning of generations

and epics carefully orchestrating the

unfolding of my eternal plan and


yes I understand the strain of patience

far more than you can comprehend I have

fought the desire to lash out at

Injustice unrighteousness and sin

permitted to run its course before

working all things together for my

ultimate Redemption I have set set my

face like Flint against the temptation

to act rashly without wisdom as I

steadfastly wait for the appointed times

to bring about the fullness of my will

my very being knows what it is to

embrace longsuffering and to Hope

unswervingly Against All

Odds so do not think for a moment that

your struggles with waiting have escaped

my notice or sympathy I tenderly enter

into that Sacred Space with you as a

compassionate high priest who can

empathy with your

weariness I will never dismiss your

tears fears or wrestling with

disappointment as trivial or temporal

from my eternal vantage point for I

created you by my own hands and

understand the unique

frustrations doubts and tensions you

endure while navigating seasons of

waiting and faith my heart attunes

itself to the Cadence of each unfolding

situation in your life perceiving all

the nuances and battles you cannot see

or comprehend I know the stretches where

the way seems dry as a parched desert

totally void of progress or evidence of

my promise taking rout I discern the

moments you feel all alone as if your

prayers are hitting the ceiling failing

to be heard in Heaven’s throne room I

see the times your soul begins to faint

from the sheer exhaustion of hoping

against hope my spirit Witnesses every

fiery Dart of confusion or anxiety that

attempts to undermine your faith as you

await my assured visitation if you

believe in the power of God then type I

believe I miss nothing my children not a

single tear shed not one faltering step

not the subtlest wavering of your heart

or flagging of your Zeal all of it lands

upon my heart of abiding compassion for

I care infinitely more than you can

fathom about the intricate details of

your life and the Journey of Faith I

have set before you you are not

forgotten or forsaken despite the barren

Landscapes you may

Traverse you are not engaging in feudal

waiting for the promised land before you

is very real and I am the promiser who

has already arranged Sovereign

checkpoints along your Wilderness way so

take heart and be reassured that nothing

not a single struggle detour or satanic

obstacle can derail or Forstall the

manifesting of my unfailing promises

over your life in my perfect timing my

incomprehensibly vast wisdom has

invested ages carefully calibrating

every step my extravagant love has

purpos to use the pressures you now face

to sculpt you into the radiant image of

my son while positioning you for

mind-blowing Destinies and my omnipotent

power is tirelessly working behind the

visible realm to align spiritual forces

and circumstances for the dramatic

unveiling of my

faithfulness type Amen in the comments

if you want God’s love and

presence you can gather incalculable

courage in the secure knowledge that

every single promise I have made over

your life will come to definite fruition

in its appointed season there is no

possibility of failure or forfeiture of

my Covenant Oaths my words are Eternal

and unflinching indelibly etched across

the Scrolls of

Heaven they contain supreme authority to

evoke the supernatural birth of new

realities no matter how impossible

circum ances appear in the natural realm

for the substance of my promises is

nothing less than the essence of my own

unshakable being the divinely

self-existent I am from which all

created things spring into existence and

find their created

purpose so though circumstances may seem

stagnant overthink them not for at this


moment I am causing the spiritual

Bedrock of my promises to stir with

resurrection power

rumbling just beneath the surface of

what can be seen or

perceived have I not spoken and will I

not bring it to pass have I not uttered

the decree and will it not accomplish my

purpose the mere Whisper of my breath

sent spinning galaxies into their

Celestial Cadence so surely the decrees

of Promise spoken over your life will

give Supernatural birth to phenomenal

realities the likes of which your finite

Minds have never conceived my children

now is the time to adopt an unwavering

Eternal perspective anchoring your

outlook to the Unseen spiritual

realities that are more real and

substantial than what your natural eyes

behold for I the Lord take passionate

Delight in suddenly unveiling my awesome

Promises at work in your life in

tangible ways your puny mortal Vantage

Point could never Envision so stop

straining to predict the how as if

you’re wavering time-bound sight could

comprehend the unlimited means by which

I am already choreographing the what of

my promise for you detach your hopes

from temporal timetables while

aggressively drilling your Faith’s Roots

into the unshakable Anvil of my


word this is the secret to Soaring with

eagerly expectant hope while waiting

like a brilliant composer I am

conducting a masterpiece of Eternal

Arrangements undergirded by intricate

spiritual mechanics impers suceptible to

human sight yet every element is already

aligned for detonating breakthroughs

that will shatter stale perspectives and

Propel your life into new stratospheres

of my glory so be not dismayed by

intimidating appearances all things are

operating in Exquisite Divine

choreography arrayed perfectly for the

Earth shaking event Horizons I have

prepared in your

lifetime most assuredly the darker and

more formidable the battlefields appear

the more cataclysmic and brilliantly

dazzling my promise will explode into

manifestation can you not sense the

power beginning to stir can you not

perceive the Thundering Herd of Heaven’s

reinforcements amassing to overwhelm the

enemy’s poultry lines and demolish his


obstructions I am already on the Move

mighty to save faithful to deliver holy

and awesome in my Zeal to glorify my

name and unleashing transformative

promises over your life family nation

and generation so raise your sales of

Faith to full mast and prepare to ride

the crashing tsunamis of my spirit’s

Revival power that will carry you

swiftly into astonishing Destiny

promises leaving multitudes breathless

in sheer awe of your God adopt the long

burning perseverance and unyielding

endurance of my son who steadfastly

embraced the cross for the sheer ecstasy

set before him of overcoming sin and

Death on your behalf be like those Noble

Souls throughout history who never

wavered in their pursuit of my promises

despite facing overwhelming odds


Injustice persecution or even martyrdom

press in with the undying resolve of the

early Apostles unanimously declaring

their allegiance to my ultimate promise

to restore Shalom to the cosmos through

messiah’s return stand in the ranks of

Moses who scorned the reproach of this

temporal realm as worthless to him

compared with the promise of

experiencing the reward of intimately

knowing me and beholding my glory if you

believe in the power of God then type I

believe in other words divest yourself

totally of serpent lies that whisper

about you missing your life

purpose opportunity slipping away

chances at fulfillment forfeited for in

me your promised land is guaranteed the

moment you set foot onto the path I set

before you so never again allow the

toxic deception of wasted time and

futility to seep into your perspective

or Curb Your perseverance in pursuing

the fullness of my

promise what seems wearisome and

excruciatingly prolonged from your

Earthly vantage point is but a

meticulously calibrated and

indispensable Preparatory process from

my eternal wisdom’s view each aching


seemingly outrageous Injustice permitted

or looming obstacle you encounter is

merely my severe Mercy burning away the

dispensable shaping the malleability of

your being to receive the explosive

weightiness of my promise so do not

despise the intense refiners fire I am

stoking within your life’s journey for I

have destined you for far greater

measures of Glory in Christ than any

previous generation has experienced

through the harshest pressures I am

inscribing the depths of my

inextinguishable promise upon the

Scrolls of your heart training you to

rule and Reign for me by standing

unwaveringly in the midst of hostilities


impossibilities learning to endure with

Divine heart attitudes patient hope and

a fighting spirit that refuses to Veer

off course will supply you the stamina

necessary for the scope of world

changing promises I have set before you

Sons and Daughters do you not see the

EXP iial strength Ingenuity tenacity and

overcoming mindsets I am carefully

forging through your Paths of waiting

and long

perseverance how the tribulations and

satanic gauntlets you navigate are

pressing out of you constricted mindsets

solish attachments carnal habits and

fleshly insecurities that I might

instate in you the brilliantly

unshakable resolve of my heavenly

Kingdom think of the rich deposits of

spiritual insight and faith patrimony I

am Excavating within you for the next

generation and generations to come I am

aligning you as stakes and tent pegs for

the promises of which nations have yet

to taste you are the ancient paths by

which I will bring deliverance and

breakthrough to lands and people groups

long oppressed by Darkness for it is

those steadfast ones anchored immovably

in my promises who will father and birth

the greatest Revival and reformations

this world has ever beheld so beond UND

daunted by the seeming Randomness around

you and unsettled appearances for I am

the master architect meticulously

unlocking spiritual substance that will

catalyze my eternal promises

manifesting there is perfect order

undergirding every event season life

circumstance and battle you

Traverse each stage has been sovereignly

pre-arranged as sacred preparations for

your training and righteousness and

reliable upgrades to Greater Capac it

and Authority in my spirit not a single

day has gone to waste or been

squandered all of them are divinely

calibrated for positioning you before

incomprehensible open doors and upgrades

in the outpouring of my promise and

Destiny over your life what seems like

the unrelenting slog of sameness is in

reality the calculated formation of a

hurricane helixing and gathering

strength and suddenly without warning at

the exact spiritually strategic

millisecond known only in the council

chambers of my Triune wisdom you will

enter a sweeping Rip Tide of my promise

and purposes

Unleashed a rushing Mighty Whirlwind of

Deliverance and breakthrough crashing

down Dividing Walls separating you and

my vows before you the Reigns of

testimony will flood in as I punctuate

your life with dramatic demonstrations

of my pledge this is The God Who defies

natural probability demolish ises

impossibilities Parts sees commands

light to shine out of darkness and works

wonders uncontainable by human

reasoning just keep trusting me as I

Faithfully continue the process remain

in an attitude of vigilant unwavering

expectancy for though the vision seems

delayed and circumstances appear Bleak I

will undoubtedly bring it all to

fullness by my perfect

timing when you least expect from your

limited perspective sudden uncontainable

Destiny defining breakthrough will shift

the cosmos and snap you into a

propulsive slipstream of Whirlwind

purpose and promise

fulfillment everything has been leading

to this moment so I beckon you live from

the vantage point of my Transcendent

promise already

accomplished Focus your spiritual sight

not on Fading perceptions but on the

Eternal reality that in Christ you are

already sealed conf affirmed and vested

as my beloved heirs reigning upon a

mountain of promises infinitely more

substantial and permanent than anything

of this temporal realm rejoice in the

assurance that I am constantly going

before you upholding You by my righteous

right hand and preparing spiritual

Landing strips for The Inheritance I

have secured on your behalf type Amen in

the comments and like the video if you

truly believe in God let anticipation

and Zeal for the imminent acceler ation

of my promises consume your thoughts and

Infuse you with Supernatural stamina for

The Incorruptible Glory realm I have

promised is not only soon and very near

but already nearer than you

suppose its Unstoppable momentum is

picking up speed with no possibility of

break or detour you are in the

crosshairs of my promised delivering

artillery that nothing no devil worldly

power or natural circumstance can escape


withstand my holy shock waves of power

have already targeted your life’s

appointed Destiny coordinates

reverberating in the Unseen Realms of

the spirit for the explosive unveiling

of my ancient Covenant vows over you

when famine and pestilence strike I am


sufficiency when shaking and turmoil

convulse Society I am your stronghold

and refuge when powers and


amass I am your Victory and Triumph when

hell’s armies assemble against you fear

not for I am your mighty warrior and


Commander nothing can ultimately stop my

promise from finding its Mark in your

life even the most stubborn of obstacles

and entrenched in snars I have already

authorized my Angelic hosts to dismantle

and clear at my command for my decree

has gone forth an invincible spiritual

Juggernaut that cannot be reversed or

derailed guaranteeing manifestation and

culmination on the foreheads of this

generation Sons and Daughters stand firm

don’t allow hopes to falter or be

downcast another day for your promised

future Burns ever brighter before you

though its Dawning has are begun

piercing the night and causing

principalities to shudder I have

declared and my words cannot be choked

off from Eternal accomplishment I have

spoken and my syllables will not

evaporate without giving catalytic

spiritual birth of my promise in the

lives of those who love me and are

called according to my purposes the

manifestation is imminent and

Unstoppable the substance is already

secured the door is thrown open wide

Before You All That Remains is for you

to lock your holy gaze upon the shity of

my promise standing like an anvil amidst

the storm while watching me dramatically

fulfill it I seal this over you now with

a resonating amen that causes heaven to

convulse and hell to tremble I the Lord

am your Shepherd and you shall not

lack I make a solemn oath to you that

the fullness of my promises will

overwhelm your life with such abundance

of outpouring Freedom fruitfulness

provision purpose and overwhelming

breakthrough that multitudes will be

left a struck and rivers of the Harvest

will flood the nations with my glory

through you not a single promise spoken

over you will be left incomplete or unb

birthed this side of Eternity type Amen

in the comments and like the video if

you truly believe in God so prepare your

hearts my children for promise

fulfillment that will exceed your

wildest dreams and render you feeble in

astonishment of my awesome purposes for

a visitation from on high is

accelerating to climax in your lives I

am orchestrating the blueprint with

Precision causing every created element

to dovetail in the unerring working of

my promise toward you though you may

feel surrounded by Dry Bones I am

rattling them to sudden explosion of

resurrection and overcoming life those

things that seemed immovable are about

to be scattered in an outburst of

vindication and Breakthrough by the

surging Winds of my spirit’s

promisekeepers are heaving with the

weight of Glory being prepared primed

for my promises fulfillment to detonate

across the Earth through your lives even

now the forces of the age to come are

marshalling commanded by my own

Sovereign voice to part the way for

cataclysmic spiritual births societal

shifts and Awakening outpourings through

the Fulfillment of my immutable promise

to you so stand in Readiness beloved

heirs stealed with resilient faith and a

struck anticipation

for I am about to deliver my promises in

such a blinding explosion of

magnificence that will leave creation

shuddering and Humanity eternally

transformed amen

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