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God’s message for you today if you want

God blessings always upon you then watch

video till the end my dearest child as

the morning sun Paints the Sky with its

golden Hues I want you to know that my

love for you shines even brighter in

every moment through every trial and

Triumph I am here with you my arms open

wide in unwavering Embrace I have seen

the burdens weighing heavy on your heart

the doubts that cloud your mind and the

fears that threat threat to overwhelm

you but let me assure you and my beloved

that I am greater than all these my love

is a balm for your weary Soul a refuge

in times of trouble and a Beacon of Hope

guiding you through the darkest of

nights share this video with up to five

people if you need God’s presence when

you feel broken and Shattered by the

storms of life remember that I am the


restorer I can mend what lies in pieces

before you and breathe new life into the

place of your heart that have been

wounded open your heart fully to receive

my love for it is a love that knows no

bounds and can turn your mourning into

dancing your weeping into joyful

laughter do not be disheartened by

failed dreams or disappointed hopes for

with me nothing is

impossible my promises are steadfast and

true my words never return void or

unfulfilled lean confidently on the

strength of my promises trusting in my

perfect timing and Sovereign plan for

your life if you want God’s grace always

upon you then please consider to support

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Delight in you my precious child and I

Rejoice over you with

gladness allow me to shape your

character after the pattern of my son to

refine you like silver and test you like

gold though you may stumble and fall my

merciful hand is always outstretched

toward you ready to pick you back up and

restore you

know that your struggles do not define

you for you are fearfully and

wonderfully made in my image you are a

new creation in Christ and my grace is

more than sufficient for every challenge

you face in your weakness you will find

my strength perfected and in Your

Surrender you will find my peace that

surpasses all understanding so do not be

afraid my child for I am with you

wherever you

go I will break down every stronghold of

the enemy in your life and make all

things new a mighty River of living

water flows within you sustaining you

even in the midst of the desert

Wilderness you are like a tree planted

by streams of water rooted deep and

strong in my love when the Winds of

adversity blow you will not faint or be

troubled for you are anchored securely

in the unshakable truth of who you are

in me take courage dear one for your

breakthrough is imminent and rescue is

on its way follow steadily in my

footsteps trusting in my guidance and

acting upon my

instructions for I have promised to

bless you and fulfill my pledges to you

and my word will never return empty if

you need God’s blessings uh then type

yes I need in the

comments in every

moment in every

circumstance remember that you are

cherished loved and held in the palm of

my hand

so lift your head high my

child and walk boldly into the future

that I have prepared for you for I Am

With You Always leading you on the path

of life where my joy is complete and my

Pleasures forever more amen

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