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are you struggling with something in

your life and you’re looking for a

miracle God can do anything but

sometimes it feels like he’s not

listening oh Lord have mercy on me and

restore my health your word is full of

Hope and promise and I know that you can

give sight to the Blind and lift up

those who are bowed before you my Lord I

am grateful for my guardian angels who

watch over me and protect me I know they

are with me always keep keeping me safe

and loved father Lord I am grateful for

the many miracles in my life that bring

me joy and happiness I know that

whatever challenges I face God says type

yes to affirm Heavenly Father your word

in Isaiah

says he gives power to the weak and

to those who have no might he increases
God Says

strength dear God I know that you have

the power to heal me completely and I

ask that you visit every part of my body

now and perform the healing that the

doctors could not do in jesus’ name I am

healed and whole dear heavenly father I

am so grateful for your protection and

love I know that you are always with me

and I know that your strength is made

perfect in my weakness God says type yes

if you believe dear God I’m grateful to

the universe for the abundance of

Miracles that are coming my way I know

that my life is about to change CH in

ways that I can’t even imagine father

Lord let your blood flow through my body

and uproot all sicknesses and diseases

touch me from head to toe Lord and

remove any unhealthy cells from my body

dear God I know that your word is true

Lord and I ask for your forgiveness heal

me and restore everything that has been

taken from me by the devil in your name

amen God says

comment amen if you agree heavenly

father thank you for your never-ending

love and care I pray for blessings and

good fortune in my life I know that you

created everything around me with your

words and made me in your image heavenly

father my faith is strong and I know

that I can overcome anything that comes

my way I am not afraid to take risks and

I believe in myself Heavenly Father

great and wondrous things await me for I

have put my trust in the Lord his

miracles will be seen in my life and I

will give thanks for all that he has

done God says are you ready to receive

it type Amen to receive it dear father I

am confident that you can help me

achieve anything I set my mind to I know

that your promises will always be there

for me dear heavenly father I came

before you today asking for a miracle

you are the God of all possibilities and

there is nothing you cannot do dear

father I pray for Supernatural healing

from every chronic pain I humbly come to

you and bring you the places I’m hurting

let your healing Prevail over my body

and bring Comfort to my pain type

amen if you agree share this with

someone who needs this dear father give

me your strength and power make me a

conduit for your grace deliver me from

sickness and illness for dear father

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