God Says: The Final Hour is Upon You | Gods Message for You Today | God Message Today

if you want God to always help you you

should carefully listen to this message

from God if you don’t do this God won’t

be able to assist you because you’ll be

blocking God’s angels so listen to the

full message type Amen in the comments

and share this message with your close

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media my dear child I gather you here

today not to deliver sermons or Parables

but to speak to your heart as a father

to his child

as Jesus to his beloved the path you

tread upon is not merely a Journey of

Faith but a pursuit of Dreams a quest

for the ultimate Vision that stirs your

soul and as your Shepherd I offer you

this guide these tools to manifest your

aspirations to transform your deepest

yearnings into tangible

realities in the realm of dream chasing


child the first and foremost tool is

faith unwavering Resolute faith it is

the Bedrock upon which your dreams take

root and flourish believe in yourself in

your abilities in the boundless

potential I have bestowed upon you let

not doubt or fear Cloud your vision for

they are but Shadows that seek to hold

you captive remember I have created you

in my image a being of infinite

potential capable of great things you

are not bound by your circumstances or

your past you are free to soar on the

wings of your dreams embrace your

uniqueness your

talents and your passions well for they

are the Sparks that ignite the flame of

your purpose the second tool my child is

perseverance the road to your dreams

will be fraught with challenges and

obstacles there will be times when you

stumble when you feel like giving up but

in those moments remember that I am with

you every step of the way draw strength

from my words from the teachings I have

imparted let them be your compass when

you lose your way your Solace when you

feel alone and know that every trial you

face is an opportunity for growth a

chance to strengthen your resolve to

deepen your faith type Amen in the

comments if you want God’s love and

presence the third tool my child

is action dreams without action are but

fleeting thoughts Whispers Carried Away

by the

wind take action no matter how small or

insignificant it may

seem each step each effort brings you

closer to your ultimate

Vision do not be afraid to fail for

failure is not the opposite of success

it is a necessary step on the path to

Greatness Embrace failure as a teacher

as a stepping stone towards your dreams

learn from your mistakes rise from your

setbacks and press on with renewed

determination the fourth tool my child

is love love yourself love others and

love the world around you love is the

most powerful force in the universe the

Catalyst that transforms dreams into

reality when you act out of love

you align yourself with the Divine with

the source of all creation love opens

doors heals wounds and bridges

divides it dissolves barriers and brings

people together let love be your guide


inspiration and your driving force the

fifth and final tool my child is

gratitude be grateful for all that you

have for the blessings that surround you

for the people who love and support you

gratitude opens your heart to receive

more to attract more abundance into your

life when you are grateful you recognize

the interconnectedness of all things the

unity of

existence you realize that you are not

alone that you are part of a greater

whole and in this realization you find

strength hope and a profound sense of

purpose my dear child these are the

tools I give you to manifest your

ultimate Vision use them wisely use them

with faith

perseverance action love and gratitude

and know that I am always with you

cheering you on every step of the way

now go forth and chase your dreams for

they are not just dreams they are Divine

appointments waiting to be fulfilled you

are capable of great things my child

believe in yourself and never give up on

your dreams amen

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