God Says: The End is Near | God Message for You Today | God Message Today

if you want God to always help you you

should carefully listen to this message

from God if you don’t do this God won’t

be able to assist you because you’ll be

blocking God’s

angels so listen to the full message

type Amen in the comments and share this

message with your close friends and on

your social media my beloved child in

the vast expanse of existance where

dreams dance on the edge of reality your

Miracle awaits just a few step step of

trust away it beckons to you Whispering

Promises of transformation and Triumph I

stand Here a beacon of light amidst the

shadows of doubt and

despair ready to guide you through the

tumultuous Seas of uncertainty feel the

warm embrace of security enveloping you

like a gentle breeze caressing your

soul it’s an eternal hug a sanctuary

that will never falter nor fade a refuge

from the storms that rage within and


allow yourself to be carried by its

Embrace to find solace in its unwavering

presence picture yourself as light as a

feather untethered by the burdens of the

past or the anxieties of the future you

stand poised at the precipice of

greatness ready to soar to the heights

of your

aspirations no longer shall you seek

validation from those who overlook your

worth or strive to impress the

unimpressive for in my eyes you are

already whole already worthy of

boundless love and boundless blessings

within you resides a Wellspring of Love

strength self-discipline wisdom and

courage these gifts are yours to wield

yours to nurture yours to share with the

world they are the essence of your being

the foundation upon which your destiny

is built and though Others May covet

these Treasures they can never truly

possess them for they are yours and


alone even as others falter and Stray

From the Path of Righteousness know that

your journey is Guided by a higher

purpose your steps are illuminated by

the light of truth leading you ever

closer to the Abundant rewards that

await those who walk in faith so as

others Rush headlong into the abyss of

Despair stand firm in your resolve with

your gaze fixed upon the Horizon of hope

I hold dominion over the past a guardian

of memories both bitter and sweet yet I

am also the architect of the future the

Weaver of Destinies yet Unwritten

stretch forth your hand into the unknown

and Trust in the guidance that I provide

seek solace in the quiet Whispers of my

word and let your prayers be a symphony

of faith and

devotion for in the realm of Miracles

and triumphs you shall find me ever by

your side a steadfast companion on the

Journey of

life together we shall navigate the

twists and turns of Fate confront conf

fronting each challenge with courage and

Grace Victory is not merely a

possibility it is your Birthright a

testament to the indomitable spirit that

resides within you when adversaries

arise armed with doubt and disdain meet

them not with anger or resentment but

with the gentle strength of

compassion for they too are children of

the Divine lost in the Labyrinth of

their own Illusions though they may seek

to seow seeds of Discord let your heart

remain steadfast in its resolve anchored

by the unwavering truth of my


remember I have not forsaken them nor

shall I ever abandon you even in the

darkest of nights my love shines as a

Beacon of Hope guiding you home to the

warmth of My

Embrace so fear not the trials that lie

ahead for in each obstacle lies an

opportunity for growth and

transformation together we shall weather

the storms of life emerging stronger and

wiser with each passing Tempest For You

Are Not Alone dear one but cherished

beyond measure in the eyes of the

Divine and as you Embark upon this

sacred Journey know that I am with you

always a constant presence in your heart

and in your soul type Amen in the

comments if you want God’s love and

presence let not the EB and flow of

others opinions sway your trust

for within you I’ve breathed a new

Essence a symphony of Life happiness

purpose Serenity and

wisdom when provoked hold fast to

composure let their attempts falter in

the face of my steadfast presence within

you guiding your heart’s

responses astonish those around you with

the transformation of character a

testament to my guiding hand direct your

focus inward toward the sanc of self and

family rather than the cacophony of

worldly Acclaim let not the weight of

others judgments burden your spirit

instead allow my influence to mold your

reactions even amidst the storm of

insults and shouts respond with the balm

of compassion for even the stoniest

hearts yield to such Grace be a conduit

for my Holy Spirit a font of calm amidst


tempests your very presence shall exude

Holiness and your words shall mend and

renew the spirits of those you encounter

your choices ring true and their

outcomes bear favor those who’ve

wandered shall be drawn to your

metamorphosis seeking Solace and

guidance in your steadfast Faith share

the Testament of your surrender to me

and the alchemy that transformed your

essence know that this metamorphosis is

but a Prelude to the Miracles awaiting

your Embrace though trials May persist

fear not for the envious adver adversary

shall falter before your unwavering

resolve know that my love and presence

shall forever abide with you a steadfast

anchor in life’s tempestuous sea

approach each challenge with unwavering

confidence for I am ever presentent

guiding your steps never doubt the depth

of my adoration for you my cherished

child your courage and Faith serve as

beacons of

inspiration Illuminating the path to

Triumph and

blessing know that I shall provide all

you require and more yet first seek the

wisdom to Steward my gifts with

reverence and

discernment keep the door closed to

losing out by trusting what you’ve


before don’t Tire yourself out trying to

make everyone happy instead of focus on

your family and what you’re meant to do

when you feel angry or frustrated come

to me for

shelter call out to me and I’ll be there

for you you’re not Al alone I’m right

beside you I’ll lead you protect you and

make sure you have what you need my dear

one believe that nothing is impossible

today is a fresh start full of Hope

remember I’m like your guide making sure

you don’t miss out on anything you need

I’ll take care of you providing

everything you

require I’ll wrap you in love healing is

close at hand I’ll keep you safe under

my wings giving you peace

my promises are solid because I always

keep my word even when things get tough

I’ll show you the way forward even when

it feels like Miracles are Out Of Reach

remember I’m the one who can make the

impossible happen you might need to

handle more than you’re used to so you

can avoid falling into trouble like you

did before but that’s all in the past

now remember the tough times in the

lessons they taught you now reach out

with determination and keep moving

forward take your time if you stick with

me you’ll find peace along the way don’t

be scared of the challenges ahead you

know that by choosing what’s right I’ve

forgiven you forgotten your

mistakes and given you my spirit to

guide you your trust in me will bring

blessings to you and your loved ones

spread my message to comfort those who

are struggling you’ll see good things

coming your way bringing health and

happiness knowledge

strength and the power of my love are

rewards for those who follow me

Faithfully your journey touches me

deeply and I’m truly moved by the

strides you’ve taken your unwavering

faith and determination to move forward

stir my heart and I find myself shedding

tears of joy alongside you you are

destined for Extraordinary things and

soon I will unveil the Magnificent plans

I have in store for you and your loved

ones precisely at the perfect moment

blessings peace and genuine Prosperity

are poised on the horizon awaiting your

embrace my dear Child come rest your

weary head upon my shoulder and allow

your tears to flow freely each tear that

falls is precious to me collected in the

palms of my hands when this storm of

troubles passes I will reveal the depth

of my love for you one tier at a time

together we’ll count each tier and

reflect on the reasons behind their

shedding as the clouds of adversity

dissipate you’ll discover that your

worries and adversaries have vanished

for I stood as a barrier between you and

them despite their attempts to flee my

gaze filled with boundless power cast

them into the abyss witness how your

tears metamorphose into radiant

blessings embrace the catharsis of

weeping for many of your tears will

water the Earth While others Ascend to

the heavens instead of sor tomorrow

you’ll reap a harvest of abundance and

strength as your tears become Showers of

Grace in my presence remain with me and

I’ll cradle you until you find the

security you seek it’s time to Cast Away

the weight of Sorrow it only threatens

to harm you

further listen closely until Clarity

Dawns in your mind signaling the lifting

of burdens and the fragrance of my

presence permeates your soul I’ll assess

the depth of your faith and Readiness to

embark on the journey ahead my desire is

to see you flourish in the world Beyond

these Shadows return tomorrow for there

is much more I long to reveal to you I

am nurturing your sensitivity preparing

you for a sacred calling discernible to

those around you those who support you

will be abundantly blessed including

your cherished family and friends yet

those who oppose shall find their own

Divergent paths allow your emotions to

find Solace and eventual healing embrace

my words each morning and you’ll find

Solace with tears of joy replacing those

of Sorrow if you trust me then type

should you feel my peace know that

healing is underway stay close cling to

my feet and receive an overflow of love

and strength a powerful Miracle is

unfolding within your family even now as

you lend your ear to my voice know that

it all commences with you I yearn to

fortify you for you are the sacred

conduit through which extraordinary

Miracles shall unfurl your words actions

gaze character every fiber of your being

holds profound significance to me a

constant expression of my boundless love

for you extend this same love to those

entrusted to your care they hunger for

your assistance and you possess the

unwavering Faith to provide it let them

feel the depth of Your Love Today

offering Solace to their troubled hearts

show empathy for their struggles

reaching out to them with hands poised

to bless pray and dedicate All Your Love

resources and time to their

well-being particularly within the

sanctuary of your home type Amen in the

comments and like the video if you truly

believe in God consider the intricate

tapestry of your family parents

relatives even those estranged by past

grievances Embrace forgiveness extend

the hand of

reconciliation and shower them with

kindness as you nurture familial bonds

with Heavenly wisdom blessings will

flourish and Harmony will rign your

prayers and steadfast dedication will

yield Bountiful rewards fostering an

environment where all find Solace and

support in the moments ahead gently

illuminate the missteps of loved ones

guiding them towards the path of

righteousness their heart Hearts will

readily accept your correction when

imbued with the warmth of your

care yet should they falter and fold

them in the Embrace of prayer for within

their hearts I toil

ceaselessly one day they shall awaken to

their errors and I shall steady their


steps amidst the trials of familial

Strife turn to me in prayer banishing

anger and impatience from your heart let

those unfamiliar with my grace release

their negative


remember there exists an exit from every

trial and answers to every query lie and

wait trust in my Providence for within

me rest the solutions to your

quandaries seek my Aid without

hesitation leaning on me when the urge

to react with anger arises so as not to

wound the sanctity of my Holy Spirit

dwelling within your heart in moments

when weariness weighs heavily upon you

simply call out to me and without

delay my response will swiftly reach

your ears whenever Aid is required rest

assured that I shall stand steadfastly

by your side ready to lend my hand in

all matters guided solely by boundless

affection I will lead you along paths of

safety and abundance for there are no

limits to what I can provide come dear

one Embrace each new day as a vessel

overflow with Abundant Blessings waiting

to be received never forget that I am

your Shepherd tirelessly ensuring that

your every need is met as your faithful

provider I am on the brink of showering

your life with all necessary Provisions

enveloped in the warm embrace of my love

healing awaits you under the protective

shelter of my wings you will find

unshakable security and peace rest

assured my words are not empty promises

they are res absolute truths that shall

unfailingly come to

fruition every pledge I have made every

Assurance I have spoken will manifest in

your life for I am the Eternal God

unwavering in my commitment to you hand

in hand we shall Traverse the path I

have ordained for you navigating every

circumstance together in every moment

and now my cherished

child I implore you to share your


leave a comment and perhaps consider

subscribing to the channel for further

guidance and support your journey holds

immeasurable value to me and I am here

unwaveringly committed to accompanying

you every single step of the way amen

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