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my beloved child put me first in

everything you do and I will help you

and make sure your efforts succeed it

may seem easy to put me first but the

world your own wants and the enemy will

try to take your attention away from me

you could explain why other things took

up the time and space you meant for me

if this keeps happening you should be

careful because your priorities may have

changed over time and I may not be your

first love anymore putting me first

isn’t just a rule it’s the way to live a

full happy life close to me and to live

with purpose by letting me guide your

steps once you put me first everything

else will fall into place before

anything else put your trust in me as

you walk in my light I will clear the

way and give you what your heart

desires peace be with you always and in

all ways I am the the Lord of Peace

there is a big hole inside you that can

only be filled by my peaceful presence

there are a lot of ways that people who

don’t know me try to fill this void or

act like it doesn’t exist I think that

sometimes even my kids don’t fully

understand how much they need my peace

all the time realizing that you need

something is only the first step you

also have to believe that I can and will

give you what you need just before I

left I told my disciples and everyone

else who would follow me that there

would be peace I made it clear that this

is a gift that I’m giving you for free

and with love as the recipient of this

valuable gift it is your duty to

recognize both your need and your desire

then wait eagerly for me to come near

ready to receive my peace in large

amounts you can show that you are ready

by saying Jesus I receive your peace I

will always be with you my

love think about these words for a while

you are loved and you’re never by

yourself lean on my arms that will never

end and find peace in me in times of

doubt and confusion remember that I walk

with you on the path of wisdom and lead

your steps in the right direction I know

how confusing things can get for you and

how much you want to find the right way

to move forward you have tried a lot of

things and sometimes your hopeful

efforts have failed know this though I

fully understand how how hard your

journey is and I promise that I can make

everything good dear one you will be

wise if you trust me no matter what

happens in your life you trust me to

lead you in the right direction even

when things look strange or wrong my

master plan is a long-term plan for good

that I can weave into your journey as

you go forward don’t let how things look

right now fool you what you’re seeing is

just a small part of a much bigger and

more complicated picture from where I I

stand I can see that I am indeed leading

you in the right direction tell me about

your sins and don’t be afraid to be

honest about them in front of me you’ll

be able to see where you fall short of

my perfect standard in the bright light

of my love even if it makes you feel bad

don’t run away or blame someone else

instead agree with me on these points

and let me handle them you can be happy

because I have already paid the price

for all your sins except with joy that I

forgive you because I shed my blood for

you if you ask me to forgive you I will

also wash away all your sins and cover

you with my perfect

righteousness as you walk in my light

with me you are constantly being

cleansed this brings you closer to me

and to other people who walk in my light

blessed are those who walk in the light

of my presence taking pride in my name

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