God Says: The Devil Will laugh If You Ignore This | Jesus Affirmations | God’s Message Today


my beloved child I’m strong enough to

carry all of your weight even your

problems if your worries are getting to

you come to me and lean on me with all

your heart and mind I will help you pay

attention to me and your problems at the

same time this is the key to living a

successful life I know that your natural

tendency is to think about your problems

for a long time and only briefly ask for

my help but I have called you to live

beyond what is natural with the help of

the Holy Spirit who lives in all of my

followers he helps you go beyond your


tendencies when you start to think too

much about your problems ask my spirit

to help you turn your attention back to

me this change is hard because it is not

only unnatural but also against the norm

the forces of Darkness also want to take

your attention away from the fact that I

am here all of these things put pressure

on you to focus on your problems or else

bad things will happen because of this

you need my spirit’s constant help get

his advice on how to deal with problems

but keep most of your attention on me

your constant companion during times of

darkness and difficulty when

hopelessness seems like it might take

over remember this I am always with you

I can turn your Darkness into light

because I am the sovereign God let me

help you when you feel like you’re going

to sink hold on to my hand and walk

through the darkness by faith do not

think about the things that are making

you sad instead have faith and look

forward to better times then give me

praise as long as you worship me in the

dark I will let you see the first signs

of dawn along the way hold on to your

faith because as you keep going the dim

light will get brighter until it’s

daytime let me give you my happiness and

in peace as you sit still and trust me

from the bottom of your heart these

blessings will flow into your soul these

gifts are very important for keeping

your soul healthy the joy of the Lord is

your strength so don’t forget about this

lovely gift you can get it at any time

and in any situation but sometimes you

have to seriously look for it you need

my peace all the time too and I give it

to you for free because you trust me

don’t forget that I am the god of Hope

hope the hope I offer is not just a wish

it is a sure thing it’s safe because I

secured it with my finished work on the

cross even though it has to do with

things that haven’t happened yet the

happiness and peace you find in me come

from this hope no matter how hard things

are in your life right now you can be

sure that you will be able to find

endless happiness in heaven where I have

already prepared a place for you through

the power of the Holy Spirit you can

feel hope that overflows as you think

about this wonderful truth dear one know

this I love you very much and will

always be with you feel better and

stronger knowing that we’re connected

trust me because I will always be there

for you be your rock and give you hope

if you look to me I will help you get

through life’s problems I will turn your

Darkness into light and give you joy and

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