God is telling you [Music] now hey there my wonderful child I’m

always here for you overflowing with love that’s truly out of this

world whenever you’re searching for answers I’ve got your back just like I

always have sometimes finding those answers means tackling a bunch of tough

challenges first think think of it like solving a

giant puzzle each piece you figure out brings you closer to understanding the big

picture watch this video without skipping if you believe in

Jesus God says don’t let yourself get too freaked out by the obstacles in your

path even when they seem totally overwhelming I’ve got your back every

step of the way ready to soothe your fears and bring you some much needed

peace and quiet like this video now if you believe

in God Jesus said trust me on this I’m your

heavenly father the one who made you and cares about you more than you can

imagine your journey through all of this craziness has turned into something truly remarkable and I couldn’t be

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of Jesus into the world tap into the inner Spirit within

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Resilience and Hope.)

Faith even though life has thrown endless challenges your way testing your

beliefs to their limits you still hold on to hope you take my words seriously yet

inside you yearn for peace your quest for healing has robbed you of joy

leaving behind only pain and sorrow but trust me those struggles weren’t my

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into the [Music] world God says to you I’ve allowed those

trials to awaken you to the boundless all-encompassing love within you with

each battle and hardship you’re fortifying your heart’s

resilience today with love and honesty I urge you to rise to a higher spiritual

plane remember those days when you drifted through life way down by hurtful

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