God Says: Stop Now This is a Command From God !! | Gods Message for You Today | God Message Today

if you want God to always help you you

should carefully listen to this message

from God if you don’t do this God won’t

be able to assist you because you’ll be

blocking God’s angels so listen to the


message type Amen in the comments and

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media my dear child I come to you today

to speak of dreams for I know that

within each of you lies a spark Mark of

greatness a dream waiting to be

Unleashed Dreams Are Not Mere fancies or

fleeting thoughts they are the seeds of

possibility planted in the fertile soil

of your soul they are the Whispers of

your higher self calling you to step

into your true potential and manifest

Your Divine Destiny if you trust me then


in this world of fleeting

distractions and constant

noise it is easy to lose sight of of

your dreams to let them be drowned out

by the clamor of the

mundane but I say to you never let go of

your dreams hold them close to your

heart nurture them with your faith and

water them with your unwavering

determination for dreams have the power

to transform your life to lead you to

unimaginable Heights and to bring forth

a world of beauty and wonder when you

dream you tap into the infinite source

of creativity

that flows through all of creation you

become a co-creator with the Divine

bringing your unique gifts and talents

into the world in ways that can make a

real difference dreams are the bridge

between the seen and the Unseen the

gateway to a realm of possibility that

exists beyond the confines of your

present reality but dreams alone are not

enough they are like seeds that need

fertile soil and careful cultivation to

grow and flourish you must take action

my child you must step out of your

comfort zone embrace the unknown and


risks for it is in The Crucible of

Challenge and adversity that your dreams

will be forged into reality do not be

afraid of failure for it is merely a

stepping stone on the path to

success every

setback every disappointment is an

opportunity for growth and learning it

is a chance to refine your strategy to

strengthen your resolve and to come back

stronger than before surround yourself

with positive and supportive people who

believe in you and your dreams seek out

mentors and teachers who can guide you

along the path and help you overcome

obstacles and above all have faith in

yourself and in the divine plan that is

unfolding in your life remember my child

You are not

alone I am always with you you guiding

and supporting you every step of the way

if you believe in the power of God then

type I

believe trust in my love and guidance

and know that you have the power to

achieve anything you set your mind to so

go forth my dear child and Unleash Your

Dreams let them soar high above the

clouds reaching for the heavens for you

are a child of God created in His image

and the there is nothing that you cannot

accomplish when you put your faith in

him and in

yourself I bless you with courage

determination and unwavering Faith may

your dreams take flight and lead you to

a life of purpose fulfillment and




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