God Says, Stop My Child You’re Not Allowed To Skip This! | DMFY-831

now as you find yourself at a standstill

Embrace this moment to lift your heart

in thanks reflect on the times my

support was unwavering during your pleas

for help and moments of Despair these

memories are pillars of your faith a

testament to my promise of unwavering

support and future victories

the dreams you’ve shelved away it’s time

to bring them forth with my blessing but

once seemed unattainable will now be

within your reach all for the

glorification of the Divine with

Newfound strength leave past vices

behind remember no power supersedes


mine impending decisions beon a shift

away from discom comfort and towards

well-being reject Gatherings that stray

you from the path of righteousness your

journey with me is sacred a source of

true Joy not to be trade it for fleeting

Pleasures criticism may follow your

dedication to our path but hold

steadfast in the knowledge of your

Redemption and the impermanence of

Earthly trials your family too is under

my gaze blessed with peace joy and

salvation through your growth and

Faith let your home resonate with Faith

from morning praises to evening

gratitude your actions a beacon of

forgiveness and humility will seow Seeds

of Love strength and growth impacting

not just you but those around you

providing Solace and shade to

many my protection is a promise through

joy peace and eternal happiness remain

humble patient and kind especially in

face of provocation my guidance is your

Fortress your actions a reflection of my

love and holiness


Aspire for a home echoing with peace

love and spiritual Harmony where my

words are the Cornerstone of

transformation through your example

those you love will come to recognize my

presence of reality far beyond

tradition know that my Mercy is

boundless I am always by your side

ready to cradle you in challenges and

celebrate your victories trust in our

bond it is your shield and comfort

drawing us closer with each Act of Faith


love as we journey together remember the

strength of our daily communion it’s a

bond that transcends Earthly bounds a

dialogue of love and intention while

responses may not be immediate trust in

the Perfection of my


timing if my words resonate with you

extend this message to others share the

warmth of our connection and consider

supporting our shared path with a

heartfelt super thanks

your generosity fuels our mission and we

invite you to deepen this connection by

joining our Channel membership together

let’s Embrace daily manifestation as a

tool for spiritual growth and

fulfillment your life is a canvas of

transformation marked by growth healing

and the pursuit of divine truth as you

step out each day day and return each

night remember my presence is a constant

source of peace and guidance let your

faith be the beacon that guides you

through the challenges and into the

multitude of blessings awaiting you

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