GOD SAYS “STOP!”। God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

my beloved child I have been pressing

upon your spirit that there is Harvest

ahead regardless of the trials you have

endured the tribulations you have

suffered know that I will bring you

through to the other

side many of my people remain trapped by

the pain of their past the trauma the

abuse the dysfunction tormented memories

keep them Bound in suffering unable to


free but I have not come to judge you

for your

struggles I have come to set you free

for whoever I free is freed indeed there

is healing benath my wings for all who

seek refuge in me you have endured much

Affliction my child the cruelty of

others has left you broken insecure

beset by anger and pain that was not

your fault the past wounded you deeply

leaving you longing for something

true in every trial you cried out to me

and though the season season of testing

remained I heard your plea I felt every

blow that struck your heart every vile

word against you I took note when

nightmares jolted you from sleep

reliving the trauma of your younger

years I was there through your

tears do not imagine your suffering has

gone unnoticed by my Vigilant

eye each tear that fell each sleepless

night each moment you wrestled the

Demons of your past alone I bore these


too you wondered if I cared but doubt no

longer beloved your pain became my pain

in your most broken moments I shouldered

the weight of it all I know the Sorrows

that haunt you you wonder if this

anguish will ever end you fear falling

back into those cycles of Destruction

when the trauma seems bigger than your

ability to

cope but do not fear my beloved your

season of hiding of suffering alone has

come to an

end the season of my healing of

restoration the enemy sought to steal

from you has dawned where you have known

only winter lifeless Barren Frozen in

grief I declare a summer bursting with

life the dead places will revive and

Bloom again I will lead you back through

the valley One Last Time back to the

source of your deepest wounds this time

you will not walk alone my spirit will

guide your steps my word will light your

path together we will confront the root

of this evil exposing its schemes

depriving its power for too long the

enemy has ravaged your joy my

child he has used your past to terrorize

your present keeping you small and

afraid but his schemes end

today I have given you authority to

trample every stronghold that has

entrapped your

mind together we will tear down the

Walls no more will he wield your history

as a weapon against you the path will

not be easy my beloved there will be

times you feel you can go no

farther the lies that entrapped you feel

so real the wounds so

fresh this pain has become part of you

its venom coursing through your

veins but I will extract the poison drop

by drop I will undo what has been done

to you I will bathe your soul in the

light that casts out all Darkness until

not one Shadow remains trust in this

promise you will never walk alone into

the valley

again my spirit and my word will

illuminate each step though demons

Screech their threats all around no evil

can touch you you have been marked as my

own I will quiet each shout of

condemnation silencing the inner voices

that cry worthless broken

unloved we will complete this journey

together my beloved I will uphold you

when you stumble I will catch your tears

when they fall and when finally we

emerge the shackles that once bound you

will lie broken the peace my presence

brings will rain in their place the oil

of gladness will anoint your head as you

take your first steps of true Freedom no

more cycling in and out of Torment no

more grappling invisible chains seeking

to ensnare you you will stand tall in

who I have declared you to be unmoved by

the Shadows of the past scars now shine

like Badges of Honor for your weakness

became the channel of my strength’s full

display this is my promise beloved you

will move forward unhindered by the

failures of

yesterday the only chains that remain

will be chains of favor drawing you

close to my

heart unending joy and prosperity will

banish the darkness forever the streams

of living water I pour out will silence

every demonic

voice my word now written on your heart

will light your path into Abundant Life

the lies that once held you hostage will

torment you no more you will see

yourself as I see you whole beautiful

radiant with my glory no more Will

trauma and drama Define you now my

identity shapes your destiny you will

shine so brightly the world will Marvel

at my transformational power my beloved

you have no idea how I will use the

story I am writing over your life today

as I transform your wounds into weapons

your Brokenness into boldness you will

see even the most tragic and ugly season

Seasons redeemed nothing is wasted

everything will be made beautiful in its

time do not fear this journey for I will

never leave nor forsake you my grace

will Empower you to do what in your own

strength seems

impossible I will teach Your Hands to

War and your fingers to battle for the

healing I have promised no more Will

trauma and drama write the narrative now

my goodness authors your

story so let us begin beloved there is

much work to be done the freedom I have

prepared for you leaves no taste of

bitterness only joy and life more

abundant than you can imagine await you

will you trust me to lead you through to

the other side you were created to be

cherished honored treated as the

Priceless gift you are so why do you

shrink back from Love’s light and choose

the cold familiarity of Shadows fear not

the brightness of my love beloved it’s

light will not Scorch but warm you

healing the chilled weary places within

my perfect love will cast out torments


fear Rest In My Embrace a while here you

are safe here you are seen and known and

adored Just As You

Are My Heart of Love will teach you your

true worth value exceeding any Jewel I

will gentle away the knots of

unworthiness the cords of fear binding

you in patterns of pain I will whisper

love songs over your heart Until you

realize no lie can diminish your


Radiance you will learn to recognize my

voice calling you beloved beautiful

whole and healed until no other can

drown it out or twist its truth let my

light burn away Shadows seeking to hide


Glory I see you beloved child as you

have never seen yourself beautiful whole

overflowing with purpose purpose and

gifts to change the world so lift your

gaze from lesser affections that leave

you drained and

sobbing look full into the Brilliance of

my eyes shining with delight over you

feel the warmth of my smile bathing your

face Awakening courage and conviction in

you can you Glimpse but a fragment of

your glory through my eyes then no

counterfit affection will hold power

over you again come rest here a while

longer beloved Let My Words wash over

your spirit sweeping away the debris

collecting there my river of life-giving

truth will dissolve every bitter lie

seeking to poison your soul you are safe

here no enemy can snatch you from this

Refuge this place of light and love and

affirmation soak here in my presence

until you emerge renewed in strength

radiant with joy and purpose here you

will remember who you really are my

beloved child in whom I am well pleased

and nothing absolutely nothing can take

that from you again no Darkness can

withstand the light of my

presence so come out of the Shadows my

beloved step into my rays of delivering

Grace give me the pain you have long

borne in secret too ashamed to ask for

help here in the light nothing can

remain hidden anymore every destructive

pattern will be exposed and dissolved in

my my river of Mercy do not fear this

penetrating light my love will envelop

you as it illuminates and

heals I will tend to you gently as the

poison is extracted drop by drop from


veins my Healing Hands will apply the

balm of Gilead to every wound restoring

wholeness my smile of delight over you

will drown out the demonic voices trying

to resurrect your shame you are safe

here beloved let it all

go yes the light may sting at first when

it touches unhealed places but stay here

with me my Brave beloved let me hold you

close while the light does its


work indeed nothing is wasted when

yielded up to my hands beloved child I

craft Beauty from

Brokenness Joy from sorrow strength from

frailty the wounds and flaws you are

tempted to hide become channels from my

life to blaze through your mess becomes

my message of Hope to reach others still

trapped in darkness desperate for Dawn

take off fear’s

shackles this is the flowing flourishing

life I intend for you beloved

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