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my child I see the worry etched upon

your brow the tension that coils around

you like a


serpent fear of the unknown has taken

hold its icy grip hindering your

efficiency and stirring restlessness


within do not succumb to the storm

brewing in your

mind worry Stress and Anxiety are clouds

that obscure the sunlight of my

grace your efforts feel like seeds sewn

upon Barren ground but have faith for

even the most fertile soil needs time

for the miracle of

growth calm your churning

thoughts breathe deeply feel the rhythm

of my presence anchoring

you step back from the chaos and with a

clear mind methodically dissect the

situation consider all your options like

a skilled General pondering strategies


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God remember my child balance is key

tend to the vessel that carries you

through this


life nourish your body with wholesome

food quench your thirst with life-giving

water and allow yourself the restorative

bomb of

sleep a weary Warrior cannot fight

effectively soothe your spirit find

solace in prayer and draw strength from

my unwavering

love but know this you have not toiled



vain you have climbed a mountain faced

challenges and secured a position of


Honor now it is time to stand tall to

defend what you have rightfully


earned let your voice be firm your

resolve unwavering

do not be swayed by those who would

undermine your Authority or diminish



accomplishments draw a line in the sand

declare with unwavering conviction this

is who I am this is what I stand

for do not be afraid of Confrontation

for sometimes it is necessary to assert


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God my child this is not a time for

compromise or

negotiation it is a time for strength

for clarity and for unwavering

purpose you are not a reed swayed by the

wind but a Mighty Oak deeply rooted in


love remember I am your Shield and your

buckler the challenges that threaten to

topple you will only serve to strengthen


resolve face them headon trusting in my

guidance and your own

resilience this is not the end but a

pivotal moment in your


journey emerge Victorious not through

Brute Force but through unwavering faith

and the courage to stand your

ground go forth my child with my

blessings upon

you let your inner strength shine and

claim the victory that awaits

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channel my child raise your head high

for victory is



you have navigated a difficult terrain

faced down challenges and emerged

triumphant let Pride swell within your

chest adjust reward for your unwavering

resolve today you may witness the fruits

of your labor in the form of public

Acclaim an award acknowledging your

Brilliance or even a simple pad on the

back from a

colleague these gestures big or small

are threads woven into the tapestry of


accomplishment let them fuel your

confidence a Wellspring of strength to

carry you

forward however if your heart yearns for

new pastures for a job change or a

partnership I urge you to pause and

reassess the path you currently explore

may not be the one leading to the free

fre you

seek patience my dear is your most

potent weapon

now restrain the urge to rush forward

and instead take a step

back examine the landscape with Clear

Eyes ensuring you don’t wander down the

same path that led to past

difficulties to attract positivity from

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my child the Lessons Learned may feel

recent wounds but their wisdom is

invaluable perhaps you have just emerged

from a period of immense struggle a time

that tested your spirit and challenged


resilience the scars that left behind

may be raw but within them lies the

strength you’ve

gained don’t dwell on the shadows for

they are merely the back drop against

which your Brilliance shines

brighter today take solace in the

knowledge that restrictions though

seemingly frustrating are a form of

protection they guide you towards a path

of growth allowing you to savor the

fruits of your recent Victory before

embarking on new

adventures relax your tense muscles my

child allow yourself a moment of peace

to Revel in your achievement and gather


strength remember I am with you every

step of the way you are not alone in


journey trust in my guidance and when

the time is right I will open the doors

to the freedom you

seek for now celebrate your Victory

learn from past challenges and allow

patience to be your


with a clear head and a grateful heart

you are prepared to face whatever the


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my child a Wellspring of Pride

bubbles within you today a natural

consequence of your

achievements You Stand Tall a beacon of

strength and Lead ership taking charge

and ensuring the well-being of those

entrusted to your

care your heart overflows with

compassion a guiding force that compels

you to nurture and provide Comfort to

your loved


ones this very quality May soon bring

you well-deserved good news a promotion

a coveted transfer a testament to your


dedication even if you stand as the

leader yourself others look to you with

the same hopeful expectation seeking

your guidance and


support however a subtle tension simmers

beneath the

surface a sense of superiority though

seemingly innocuous can create distance

and hinder genuine

connection let go of the need to

constantly command my child

my child true leadership lies in the

power of collaboration in fostering a

sense of unity and shared


purpose perhaps you yearn for Solitude a

quiet space to breathe and simply

be there may have been challenges

recently a painful breakup a family Rift

Financial burdens or health


these trials can leave one feeling

vulnerable raw and in desperate need of

respite honor this craving my

child don’t be afraid to retreat for a

time to seek solace in the quiet corners

of your

soul this is not a time for hasty

decisions for in your current state even

the most well attention choices might

lack the necessary


Clarity think of it as a time for

introspection a chance to tend to the

wounds inflicted by life’s

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strength remember my child that strength

is not always found in outward action

but also in the quiet resilience of the

spirit that heals s and

rejuvenates use this period of isolation

to reconnect with yourself to ReDiscover

the inner compass that guides

you remember the values that truly

matter the goals that bring you

purpose allow yourself to rest to shed

the burdens that weigh you

down let the tears flow freely for they

are a cleansing rain that washes away

the residue of past

struggles I am your Refuge my

child find comfort in my presence and

draw strength from the knowledge that

you are not

alone when you emerge from this period

of quietude you will do so with renewed

determination and


the decisions you make then will be

rooted in wisdom compassion and a deep

understanding of your own

needs until then take this time for

yourself and know that I am with you

every step of the

way like this video and type to




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