God Says: Something is Coming But Don’t Fear !! | Gods Message for You Today | God Message Today

if you want God to always help you you

should carefully listen to this message

from God if you don’t do this God won’t

be able to assist you because you’ll be

blocking God’s angels so listen to the

full message type Amen in the comments

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child I write to you today with a heart

overflowing with love and guidance as

your savior and redemer I desire for you

to live a life that is aligned with my

values and beliefs a life that reflects

the glory of my kingdom in this vast and

everchanging World it can be challenging

to navigate the complexities of Life

while staying true to your

convictions however I assure you that

with me as your constant companion you

can walk confidently in the path of

righteousness and purpose first and

foremost I call you to to love with all

your heart love me your Creator and

father with all your being let your love

for me overflow into love for others

regardless of their differences or

shortcomings love your neighbor as

yourself showing kindness compassion and

forgiveness remember love is the

foundation of my kingdom and it is

through love that you will find true

fulfillment and joy if you believe in

the power of God like the video and

share it with up to three people

secondly I urge you to seek truth and

wisdom above all else in a world filled

with misinformation and deception it is

essential to discern the truth and hold

fast to it study my word the Holy Bible

and allow its teachings to shape your

thoughts actions and beliefs seek

knowledge and understanding for wisdom

is a Priceless treasure that will guide

you through life’s challenges

furthermore I call you to live a life of

integrity and honesty let your words and

actions be aligned and do not compromise

your values for personal gain or worldly

approval uphold Justice and

righteousness in all that you do even

when it is difficult or

unpopular be a beacon of Integrity in a

world that often lacks it and let your

life be a testament to my faithfulness

my child I also desire for you to live a

life of faith and trust in me place your

hope and confidence in me knowing that I

am always with you no matter what

circumstances you may face trust in my

perfect plan for your life even when you

cannot see the way forward if you need

God’s help then type nine nine

nine surrender your worries and

anxieties to me and let my peace guard

your heart and mind

additionally I call you to be a servant

of others use your gifts and talents to

make a positive impact in the world

extend a helping hand to those in need

show compassion to the hurting and be a

source of encouragement to the weary

remember true greatness is found in

serving others and making a difference

in their lives finally I call you to

live a life of joy and gratitude rejoice

in the blessings that I have bestowed

upon you and let your heart overflow

with thankfulness praise me in all

things for I am worthy of your praise

cultivate an attitude of gratitude and

you will find that Joy will fill your

heart even in the midst of life’s

challenges my precious child as you walk

this Earthly journey I am with you every

step of the way I am your guide your

protector and your friend

trust in me love others and live a life

that is aligned with my values and

beliefs in doing so you will find true

purpose fulfillment and eternal life


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