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my precious and dearly beloved child I come to you today with a heart overflowing with tender love and joyful

excitement to share wonderful news you whose name has been engraved upon the palms of my hands you who are the

Beloved apple of my eye listen carefully to This Promise from your heavenly father who adores you I am sending

someone very special into your life my child a gift beyond measure a blessing

carefully prepared and appointed from before the foundation of the world world this person will play a pivotal role in

your journey leaving an imprint upon your soul that will stretch into eternity so open your heart to receive

this gift from my hand with gratitude and expectant Faith you have not traveled this far upon the narrow road

alone for I have been your everpresent friend walking beside you each step even

when you could not sense my nearness yet there are experiences awaiting you my beloved that require a

tangible human companion to learn vulnerability to experience unconditional love manifested in flesh

and blood and to catch glimpses of the intimacy for which your spirit Longs you see my child you were created

to live in sacred communion first with me your Creator and also in sweet

kinship bonds with others who have been redeemed by my son’s sacrifice for how could you ever learn to love me with

your whole heart soul mind and strength if you have never

encountered love personified in human relationship so I bring this one into your life to be a living Epistle of my

infinite affections for you who is this person you wonder at this moment I Veil

their identity for now but soon their presence will become known to you some

you already know may play a deeper role than you realize or it may be someone new that I will weave into the skillful

Narrative of your life’s unfolding Journey in whatever way I choose to bring them to you receive this one from

my hand with openness and expectancy be assured I have gone before

you to cross paths with this unique soul and prepare their heart as well as yours for the work I have ahead just as I

guided the footsteps of my son’s birth to bring redemption’s blessing to the world so I superintend every detail to

bring you into Divine appointments of Destiny this friend

companion teacher family member call them what you will has been intricately

designed as a gift chosen especially for you and this moment in your story do not

fear or shrink back from what will likely be a stretching and refining experience my child for fire is required

to purify and soften iron burning away the draw to reveal true character within

this one will challenge you confront you and at times their presence will feel as

intense and uncomfortable as being surrounded by blazing flames but do not be dismayed for I am the

refiner and purifier of Souls and I am carefully stoking these fires of relational refinement for your greatest

blossoming and joy some seasons will flow with Incredible sweetness feeling

as refreshing and restorative as an oasis after traversing life’s parched deserts you will be deeply seen

intimately known and loved beyond what you ever dreamed a lavish Taste of the

Oneness for which you were created boundaries will be softened and the walls constructed by past pains and

fears will begin to crumble as this one calls forth the beauty strength and

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