God is saying you [Music] today hey kiddo guess what someone

upstairs is dropping you a line they’re concerned about a certain someone in your life who’s greeneyed With Envy over

your success yeah they’re up to no good hoping to rain on your parade and make

you beg for their help but hey relax you know me right I’m all about abundance

and keeping my crew safe you’re my star player and I’m stoked to have you on my

team just a heads up haters going to hate but I’ve got your back

/ tap into that Faith hit that like button if you’re vibing with me money’s

on the express route to your doorstep as we speak trust me you’ll be grinning ear to

ear before you know it maybe even by midnight I’ve got a special delivery marked with your name no obstacles can

stop the cash flow heading your way so buckle up for some serious blessings and get ready to witness some

Miracles type amen if you believe in

God God says hey there guess what life’s got some incredible stuff lined up just

for you yep we’re talking Miracles blessings and all that good jazz heading

your way money check love double check Health you’re covered

and your dream career it’s already in the

bag so I’ve whipped up this video just for you trust me it’s worth a watch till

the end you wouldn’t want to miss out on these blessings would you

tomorrow oh get ready for something awesome to sweep away those blues and worries

happiness oh it’s coming your way in

buckets now here’s a little mantra for you in God’s got my back blessings

healing provision protection and guidance all the way remember I’m the

big boss upstairs the creator of everything cool in your life Skies Seas

mountains you name it and hey speaking of names Jesus

he’s your ultimate wingman the guy who patches you up when you’re down shines a

light in your darkest hours and basically rocks at being there for you so trust him yeah he’s got your back

bottom line I’m in the business of turning frowns upside down making the impossible happen and showering you with

goodness so sit back relax and remember you’re under my watchful eye

type if you believe in God God says today hey there just wanted

to remind you that I’ve got your back now and forever whenever you need a hand

or a rescue I’m here for you think of me as your personal source of blessings

ready to fill your cup to the brim with goodness my love for you it’s Eternal no

ifs ends or buts about it flaws and oh you’re cherished just the way you

are you know there’s a saying from a wise guy named Jesus with humans some

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