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be angry and do not sin do not let the

sun go down on your anger and give no

opportunity to the devil Ephesians


give no opportunity to the devil dear

listener anger is a common emotion and

natural response to stress but not

everyone expresses anger in the same way

anger can drive you to action that can

be helpful or harmful the Bible tells us

that it’s normal to be angry but we have

to control ourselves whenever we feel

angry because if we cannot control our

anger it will not give any good results

it can have physical and emotional

effects do you have difficulty

controlling your temper does your anger

come out in unhealthy ways that could

hurt others as well as yourself anger is

a powerful emotion that can lead to

serious problems so when we get angry

let’s surrender it to the Lord right

away by praying and he will help us feel

relieved but if we don’t run to God

whenever we feel anger it can drive us

to harmful actions the Bible says be

angry and do not sin do not let the sun

go down on your anger and give no

opportunity to the devil let’s not give

space for the devil in our hearts and

let’s not allow him to control us dear

friend Ephesians and provides

valuable insights into the importance of

managing anger in a healthy way indeed

anger is a natural emotion but how we

handle it can have significant

repercussions on ourselves and those

around us your emphasis on seeking God’s

help to control anger and avoid harmful

actions is in line with the biblical

teachings on self-control and Reliance

on faith by highlighting the warning

against giving opportunity to the devil

through unchecked anger you emphasize

the spiritual dimension of managing

emotions this aligns with the broader

Christian belief in the influence of

spiritual forces and the need for

vigilance against negative influences

your suggestion to surrender anger to

God through prayer is a practical and

spiritually grounded approach to

managing this powerful emotion it

reflects a belief in the transformative

power of faith and the importance of

seeking Divine guidance in all aspects

of Life overall it provides a thoughtful

reflection on the biblical passage and

offers practical advice for integrating

faith into the management of emotions

particularly anger it serves as a

reminder of the importance of spiritual

resilience in navigating life’s

challenges like if you believe in


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