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video till the end God’s message awaits

beloved child heart aches to witness you

wandering a drift unmowed from the

Eternal Wellspring of peace and

fulfillment found only through

unwavering faith in our heavenly father

you have been bestowed the most precious

of gifts the miracle of divine grace

flooding forth from his infinite ocean

of Mercy yet you have turned a blind eye

to its radiant Splendor allowing it to

elude your grasp manifest God’s

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need in the comments can you not sense

the chasm forming between us a spiritual

Distance rought by the iniquities and

transgressions accumulating within your

soul each Indulgence in sin every

misguided Choice distancing you from

righteousness drives a wedge severing

you from the Blessed communion for which

you were created my fervent desire is to

Vanquish these obstacles along your path

to purge the iniquities eclipsing the

light of Truth within you you cannot

endeavor upon this sacred journey in

solitude for the adversar snares entrap

even the most steadfast pilgrims when

battling the Wilds of human Frailty it

is only by total surrender to the

Supreme being’s Embrace that you can

fortify your defenses against the

unrelenting onslaught of Temptation and

darkness besieging your Immortal Essence

his grace stands as an impenetrable bull

workk a Celestial suit of armor

rendering you impervious to the

adversaries fiery darts of wickedness

greed and carnal Indulgence elevate your

life with a touch of divine grace show

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you not recognize your spiritual thirst

the pangs emanating from your Barren

Soul cry out for the revitalizing Waters

of the almighty’s Divine Grace a

baptismal immersion to purify and renew

your purpose it is this internal longing

that weighs you down with

dissatisfaction a vague sense of

incompleteness amidst your Corporal

Pursuits and strivings after worldly

gains for you were fashioned for

existence far transcending these

ephemeral Trifles the realm of human

comprehension cannot contain the full

depths of our Creator’s boundless love a

paternal affection suffering the agonies

of yearning for his children’s Embrace

finite vocabulary cannot adequately

convey the sublime Mercy endlessly

proferred by the Eternal one to his

flawed Creations it is a gift more

precious than any Earthly treasure more

brilliant than the radiant Grandeur of a

million galaxies combined all you need

provide is an open heart and humble

submission too long have you dwelt

Shackled In the shadowed valleys of Vice

oppressed under sin’s weighty chains of

bondage from which no mortal strength

can unbind you you cannot liberate

yourself through feudal strivings of ego

and self-reliance for the path to

Freedom blazes only through utter

Reliance upon the Lord’s omnipotent

wisdom and deliverance the keys to

release are found in total surrender

before his throne penitent tears of

Contrition and unwavering trust in his

capacity to heal and restore do not

recoil at the Prospect of fallibility

admission dear child as though it were a

stain of weakness and flaw for it is

only through recognizing your desperate

need for the almighty’s Eternal Grace

that you can be elevated into sacred

communion with the Divine it requires

the courage to dismantle the facades and

vain pretenses by which you have

scaffolded your identity shed these

wasted conceits born from Pride’s

delusions only then can you be ushered

into the hallowed Embrace of he who

wipes away every human imperfection his

sacred scriptures stand monuments to the

all-consuming grace extended time

immemorial to those who have humbly

sought Redemption I walked this Earth as

Living Testament that no failing no

deficiency no multitude of

transgressions can separate you from the

Heavenly Father’s Love if only you open

your spirit to receive his Everlasting

gift ready to align your life with

Divine Purpose subscribe to our channel

for God’s transformative message my own

death upon the cross served as the

ultimate channel for Mankind’s

reconciliation the Supreme sacrifice to

absolve all sin in perpetuity with every

labored breath you draw I plead for you

to receive the divine grace awaiting

your acceptance do not discount nor

disregard this truth lest you forfeit

the promised eternity I have prepared

resplendant in eternal glory beside the

Lord of hosts steal your resolve and lay

your petitions at the foot of his throne

he shall swaye you in the rapturous

warmth and Splendor of perfect Grace

absolving your spirit of every blemish

only then can you be ushered into the

subl New Life brimming with consecrated

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