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[Music] my child cast aside your worries they

are a heavy burden and I do not wish for you to carry them alone instead turn to

me in prayer let your voice rise filled with your needs and desires share your

anxieties and hopes for I am always listening


don’t hesitate to tell me what burdens your heart be it physical healing Financial Security or simply guidance on

your path know that I am here pour out your requests big or small for I care

deeply about your well-being [Music]

but remember prayer is not a one-sided conversation it’s a communion of Hearts as you express your needs take a moment

to Express gratitude as well reflect on the blessings already

present in your life on the love that surrounds you and on the strength you

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now let me address the specific concerns you hold my child the healing you need

is coming whether it’s a physical ailment an emotional wound or a spiritual yearning know that wholeness

is on its way sometimes healing is Swift a sudden blossoming of Health other

times it’s a gradual process a journey of self-discovery and inner

transformation trust that I am working in your life bringing about restoration and perfect


timing my child the money you need is coming Financial worries can cast a long

Shadow but release them to me I am the ultimate provider just as I clothe the lies and

feed the birds I will care for you seek opportunities to work with diligence and integrity and know that I will guide you

towards abundance it may come through unexpected channels or through a blossoming of your current Endeavors

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my child I will make a way for you there will be times when the path ahead

seems impassible when obstacles Loom large and doubts Cloud your vision but fear not for I am the way maker I will

open doors you didn’t see remove roadblocks that seemed insurmountable and guide you through detours that

ultimately lead you closer to your dreams trust my Providence even when the

way appears unclear

my child trust my perfect timing my child I see the entirety of your life’s

tapestry the intricate threads of experiences that weave together to create your destiny what may seem like

delays are often necessary preparations building the foundation for something even

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so walk with me child let go of anxieties express your needs and prayer

and cultivate a heart of gratitude trust that healing abundance and a clear path

are all unfolding in their own perfect time I Am With You Always guiding your steps and leading you towards a life

overflowing with

blessings my dear dearest child take a breath release the tension the self-doubt the Relentless pressure you

put upon yourself today for just this Precious Moment let kindness be your

[Music] guide you are deserving of Grace a

gentle touch that eases the burden you carry rest for even the most resilient

Warrior needs a moment to recharge let compassion wash over over you a soothing

balm for your weary [Music]

Spirit treat yourself with the tenderness you so readily offer others look within and witness the strength

that has carried you through every challenge remember the courage you’ve shown the battles you’ve bravely fought

[Music] your voice matters so speak to yourself

with the same encouragement you’d offer a loved one acknowledge your achievements big and small you’ve come

far and that deserves

[Music] recognition this journey is a marathon

not a Sprint be patient with yourself for growth takes time even the mightiest

Oak started as as a tiny

seed for just this moment child let go of the harsh critic within instead

embrace the love and understanding I have for you always you are cherished you are strong and you are loved beyond

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my child listen closely there are moments woven into the fabric of your

life times I call Destiny moments these are turning points where I step in and

orchestrate a swift

transformation you may feel bogged down by a situation convinced it’s an unyielding obstacle but know this my

timing is perfect when the moment is Rip I will act with


swiftness what might take years to unfold naturally I can accomplish in a blink of an eye it will be undeniable a

clear sign of my hand at work

doubt May whisper in your ear telling you things are said in stone but I say Have Faith this is a time of

intervention a moment I have chosen to bless you

abundantly don’t dwell on the reasons why your breakthrough seems impossible instead align your thoughts with mine

embrace the promise of change fill your heart with gratitude for a swift answer is on its

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God trust my child believe in the power of these Destiny moments open your arms

to the unexpected and witness the Miracles I have in store for you

child I see the fog clouding your path you feel lost uncertain of where to turn

don’t be afraid of feeling lost confusion is often a sign of growth a time of internal exploration embrace the

questions swirling in your mind for they are nudging you towards a deeper understanding


don’t resist the unknown sometimes the greatest discoveries lie on paths we haven’t dared to tread trust your

intuition the gentle Whispers within you they will guide you through the


uncertainty see this reading as a helping hand reaching out to you it offers insights and perspectives to

illuminate the situation you face let it be a source of comfort and

[Music] Direction remember I am always with you

even in the fog when you feel lost Reach For Me seek solace in prayer in

meditation or simply in The Quiet Moments of reflection [Music]

with a calm heart and a clear mind the path forward will reveal itself trust in

the process child I will guide you step by step back to your

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my child there are beautiful discoveries waiting for you as you journey through life a time will come when contentment

washes over you a deep satisfaction that transcends any fleeting desire things

that seem unimaginable now will become sources of quiet

Joy you’ll discover the profound pleasure of solitude mornings will begin

with a cup of coffee Brew just for you a moment of peaceful self-reflection

you’ll look back on your journey with pride recognizing the strength and resilience you’ve

cultivated as you grow your focus will naturally shift inwards you’ll

understand that true fulfillment comes from within no one else can Propel you toward your dreams that power lies

within your own [Music]

heart there’s a misconception that prioritizing yourself is selfish but

know this my child self- Lov is not a luxury it’s the foundation for everything you desire to achieve

within you reside all the resources you need to create a beautiful life you just need to embrace yourself fully to

cherish your unique Journey with this love as your compass you’ll discover the treasures that have always been waiting

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my child you see with eyes of wisdom you understand that true Victory lies not in

besting others but in claiming the riches already within [Music]

you there is no need for the petty squabbles of competition for you are already innately worthy let go of

jealousy for it only clouds the abundance that surrounds

you today you possess all you need to thrive and tomorrow tomorrow will bring

its own gifts and you will meet them with open arms

this present moment embraced with gratitude is the Wellspring from which your future triumphs flow keep your

heart open my child and watch as your victories

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if you believe in your [Music]

creator my child the world may judge anxiety harshly casting it out into the

Shadows but here with me it finds a different Embrace here it’s met with gentle understanding Grace that

overflows and the promise of a peace that surpasses all human

comprehension even I your Jesus walk this path of anxiety in the face of the

cross the burden of humanity salvation weigh heavy on my heart these moments etched in scripture are a testament to

my own Humanity grappling with intense

[Music] emotions so know this my beloved anxiety

is not a mark of weakness but a shared Human Experience it may feel heavy at times but remember you never walk this

path alone I am your constant companion a shoulder to lean on a Wellspring of

strength to draw [Music]

from like this video and type amen if you needed


this my child when worry threatens to consume you turn to me in prayer let

your anxieties become Whispers on the Wind Carried Away by the power of my love just as I found solace and

unwavering strength in those moments of immense struggle so too can you


replace worry with prayer my child let it be the bridge that connects you to my unwavering presence in The Quiet Moments

of communion you’ll find the peace that transcends understanding a peace that will settle your anxious heart and guide

you through any storm


remember I am with you always a steady hand to hold a lighthouse in the darkest

of nights trust in me and you will find the strength to overcome any anxiety that may come your

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[Music] my child remember the path to a vibrant

Garden is not paved with only sunshine and gentle breezes it’s the storms that water The Roots the frosts that test

their resilience that allow the most beautiful blooms to unfurl [Music]

do not shy away from the difficulties that come your way the seasons of hardship are not punishments but

crucibles that Forge your strength the uncomfortable situations are invitations

to grow to discover new depths within yourself the corageous decisions though

daunting are Stepping Stones on your journey to becoming who you are meant to be


embrace the fire for it will refine you surrender to the uncertainty for it

opens you to new possibilities the beauty that awaits you on the other side is worth every challenge you face

trust in your strength my child you are not meant to run from difficulties but to rise above them with each trial you

overcome you lay a firmer foundation for the good things to come believe in

yourself for I believe in you and know this the greatest beauty awaits those


[Music] persevere like this video and type

Divine if you needed this

life throws curveballs my child there will be sunshine and storms easy paths

and tough climbs but remember the good stuff often comes after the hard


stuff think of a beautiful Garden those vibrant flowers they need rain to

nourish their roots and even some Frost to make them stronger the challenges you

face are like those forces of nature shaping you into who you’re meant to be


don’t shy away from difficult situations they’re not punishments but opportunities to grow they push you to

discover hidden strengths and navigate Uncharted Territory when you make tough choices you’re laying the groundwork for

a brighter future [Music]


sometimes things feel scary and uncertain like walking through fire but on the other side Waits a beautiful

Vista you can’t even imagine yet trust the process and know that I believe in you you have the strength to overcome

any obstacle [Music]

now let’s talk about love true love the kind I want for you goes beyond the

butterflies and fireworks of the beginning it’s about accepting someone completely even the messy Parts they

might [Music]

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my child imagine falling for someone’s best self the one they show off but what about when you see their

fears insecurities and flaws that’s when Real Love kicks in


[Music] here’s the secret healthy love isn’t

about finding someone perfect it’s about being a safe space for each other you become a witness to their life offering

support encouragement and a gentle nudge in the right direction they do the same for you


[Music] sharing your vulnerabilities is scary

but it’s the key to True closeness when you open up and show your imperfections you invite genuine connection don’t

judge each other’s flaws see them as opportunities to grow together


remember my love is unconditional just like the love I want you to experience

it starts with accepting yourself flaws and all nobody’s perfect not even you

and that’s okay [Music]


true love allows for growth it helps you heal and become the best version of yourself hand inand with your

partner don’t settle for fleeting feelings seek the Deep lasting connection that

nourishes your

soul so go forth my child embrace the challenges that life throws your way let

them shape you into a stronger more resilient person and when it comes to love seek the kind that celebrates your

growth flaws and all it’s a love that reflects the very essence of my creation

a love that knows no

bounds like this video and type amen if you trust


God my child the world can be a confusing Place filled with glittering

Illusions and fleeting Temptations the universe however tests your authenticity

by presenting these false paths alongside the genuine


ones in moments of desperation it may seem easier to grasp at the quick fix

the hollow promise that offers a temporary reprieve but know this such

choices lead lead you down a diverging path one that takes you further from your true


purpose the ego that part of you driven by immediate desires craves shortcuts

and easy winds it may push you toward questionable actions in pursuit of

wealth or power leaving a trail of disharmony in its


wake however your higher self the spark of divinity will within you seeks a different path it yearns for

authenticity for choices that align with your deepest values it Whispers patience

urging you to wait for opportunities that resonate with your true

[Music] self like this video and affirm your

faith by typing divine [Music]

listen to this inner voice my child choose actions that leave your conscience clear not burdened by guilt

or regret for True fulfillment lies in Walking the path of Integrity even when

it seems slower or less glamorous


when you consistently choose authenticity the universe responds with Miracles it opens doors you never

imagined aligning circumstances and resources to support your true desires

the rewards may not be immediate but they will be profound and Lasting


so walk with courage my child discern the real from the fake and Trust the guidance of your higher self for it is

on this path of authenticity that you will find true abundance and the Miracles that await you

like this video and affirm your faith by typing amen [Music]


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