God Says: Release Your Worries To Me | God’s Message Today | God’s Message Now

in the natural when we’ve wronged

someone sometimes it’s easier to avoid

them than to face the discomfort or

potential Rejection it isn’t surprising

that people sometimes have this same

approach to God have you ever heard

someone say if I walk into a church the

roof will cave in they think they should

keep their distance because of what

they’ve done but nothing could be

further from the truth God’s not mad at

you he’s madly in love with you he’s

waiting for you with open arms it

doesn’t matter who you are or what

you’ve done know that his goodness is

what’s drawing you to him today don’t

let condemnation keep you from turning

to God trust his kindness trust that he

wants you to experience his goodness he

wants to show you his faithfulness he’s

promised he’ll never leave you nor

forsake you turn to him today and let

him pour His loving kindness on you and

Empower you to walk in Victory all the

days of your life a prayer for today

heavenly father thank you for loving me

thank you for your kindness that draws

me I come to you today giving you all

that I am make me new in jesus’ name

amen like if you believe in


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