GOD SAYS | PLEASE DON’T IGNOR ME! Urgent message from God | Universe message | Faith and blessings

in the deepest recesses of your heart

where you Harbor your innermost Secrets

rest assured dear child that nothing

eludes my sight your sacred spaces are

laid bare before me and it is through

them that I offer guidance and wisdom

share these words with others who may

seek Solace or Direction in spreading

this message you may become the beacon

that saves a

soul I bless those who freely

disseminate these words and engaging in

conversation without hesitation or

remorse do not let the daily

distractions of Life overshadow your

spirit each morning Embrace gratitude

for your family your life and the

precious moments you possess recognize

your inherent desire to write wrongs for

I have showered you with kindness and

love throughout the

ages never abandoning you despite your

mistakes or straying from my teachings


acts such as taking a life bearing false

witness spreading falsehoods and

nurturing feelings of worthlessness in

others contradict the principles of Love


Truth yet no sin outweighs another and

the repercussions of our actions can

deeply affect our lives and those around

us sins of the body and spirit like

adultery slander pride and

discrimination not only only harm

individuals but also Ripple through

families and communities akin to the

destructive nature of substance abuse

seek my presence daily heed my words and

follow the path I have laid out for you

if these words resonate with you it is

your spirit recognizing the Divine call

act now for my proximity is constant

faith is the bridge to finding me so

lead with patience for the blessings

that will unfold hold in due

time today unburden your heart to

someone you trust and witness as your

troubles guilt and pain begin to

dissipate clearing the path for the

blessings and peaceful future I have

envisioned for you if you have felt my

love on this day share this message

earnestly know that I hold deep

affection for you and thank you for

dedicating moments of your day to these

words which are meant to bring peace and

a sense of my presence comfort and

consoling you as if I were right beside

you dear heart know that you are never

alone In My Embrace find tranquility and

let it strengthen you for the journey

ahead shielded from harm protected by my

Holy Spirit no adversary has dominion

over you be mindful of your words and

actions avoiding falsehoods and

disparagement if you find yourself

astray approach me for I offer

forgiveness and cleansing each morning

seek me in prayer for I have bestowed

upon you a new life a cleansed spirit

and a path filled with Divine Purpose

accept this believe in it and let it

Shield you daily with my Holy Spirit

affirm that no worldly Peril can

overcome you for you are protected by

divine grace now let us help Gaza with


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