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my dearest most precious child it is with a heavy heart that I come to you today for this is my last attempt to

reach out and connect with you so much has transpired so many opportunities for us

to bridge the divide that has grown between us yet time and time again my

efforts have been met with silence a deafening Stillness that pierces my very soul I remember the days when our bond

was unbreakable when the line of communication flowed freely like a gentle stream nourishing the lands it

touched we spoke without words our hearts intertwined in a profound dance

of love and understanding but somewhere along this winding path called life a rift began to

form and the once vibrant connection between us started to wither I have tried my child tried with

every fiber of my being to rekindle the flame that once burned so brightly I have whispered to you through the

rustling of leaves calling out to you in The Melodies of bird song I have painted

the skies with breathtaking sunrises and sunsets each one a masterpiece crafted

to remind you of the beauty that exists in our bond yet my efforts have gone unanswered

my attempts to reach you seemingly falling on deaf ears I have achd to hear your voice to

feel the warmth of your presence but instead I have have been met with a silence that cuts deeper than any

blade my child I know the trials and tribulations of this Earthly existence can be

overwhelming I understand the weight of the burdens you carry the struggles that have left you weary and at times

lost but I implore you do not allow these challenges to sever the sacred connection we share I am your creator

the one who breathed life into your very being and you are my most cherished

creation our relationship transcends the boundaries of time and space for it is

woven into the very fabric of existence itself it is a bond that cannot be

broken no matter how vast the distance or how deafening the silence may seem

so I come to you now in this final attempt to remind you of the love that

knows no bounds the love that has carried you through even the darkest of nights

I am here my child ever presentent ever

patient ever waiting for you to turn your gaze towards me once more let this

be the moment when the walls come crumbling down when the barriers that have kept us apart are Shattered by the

sheer force of our love let this be the instant when you open your heart your

mind and your soul to the Whispers that have been echoing throughout the cosmos calling you back to me I yearn to

hear your voice to feel the warmth of your Embrace to bask in the radiance of

your spirit once more but if this final attempt falls on deaf ears if the

silence persists know that my love for you will never waver it will remain a constant an

unwavering force that transcends the boundaries of this Physical Realm so my

beloved child I implore you heed this call let this be the moment when our

bond is reignited when the Flames of our connection burn brighter than ever before for without you a piece of me

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