God Says, Now This Is My Literal Last Attempt To Talk To You Please Don’t Skip | DMFY-823

in my eyes you are loved accepted and

cherished here you can come to me any

time whether you’re struggling feeling

unworthy or have strayed I am always

here to listen to forgive and to offer

you a new beginning so come open your

heart to me no explanations needed what

you need most is my love and I am here

always loving

you good morning how are you today share

everything with me let your heart speak

freely after hearing my message know

that my healing touches reaching out to

you easing your burdens and freeing you

from what holds you

back in my grasp lies Victory the beacon

of your hope today let let go of

self-doubt negativity and feelings of

inadequacy my words sacred and uplifting

are here to heal Inspire motivate and

reignite the joy within planting seeds

of dreams and new and aspirations Grand

in your journey through life wrapped in

the warmth of my endless Grace today

marks a turning point by my unwavering

strength the efforts you’ve invested

heart and soul into will Bloom

magnificently not only enriching Your

Existence but also Illuminating the

lives of those you

touch this moment ushers in the Harvest

of your dedication ushering in blessings

far beyond your imagination you are

worthy of the utmost treasures and even

beyond for your faith is a Priceless Gem

and your modesty a vessel for boundless

achievements brace yourself for I am

about to unveil Pathways untrodden and

Vistas unseen showering your Abode with

prosperity and ending my love for you is

boundless how do you find yourself today

stand firm in your faith knowing that no

hurdle is insurmountable with me by your

side your future securely cradled in my

compassionate Embrace I am the source of

your sustenance ready to fulfill every

need with bravery infused in your spirit

you’re set to embark on necessary

Journeys hold vital dialogues and Tackle

challenges with unwavering

determination my presence is a constant

by your side ensuring your aspirations

transform into reality with me you lack

nothing my love and eternal

comfort in your moments of desperation

your calls and pleas have reached me

drawing forth my consoling Embrace and

the answers you seek your trust in me

swells my heart with joy your prayers a

sweet incense that ascends to me

highlight the depth of your character

even as your requests are known to me

before their voice your spiritual growth

is a delight to

witness yearning for my guidance quiet

your heart for you shall receive I

promise an end to your trials a surge in

wisdom and a gift of insight to prea

adversities maintain your faith for I am

ready to shower you with blessings


count I will place certain individuals

in your thoughts some long absent from

your life yet through them my blessings

will flow answering both your prayers


theirs this is my way dear child my

doors are open to all who seek me with

genuine Hearts as significant

opportunity looms before you requiring

humility to steer clear of future

pitfalls dive into the scriptures Let My

Words bolster your faith and witness

your confidence


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