God Says, Now It’s My Turn To Ignore You Exactly Like You Did | DMFY-824

morning by morning lend me your ear

cherish my teachings and inscribe my

promises deep within your soul your

prayers wield immense power continue to

reach out with

humility as you proceed take courage my

angels are with you my love encases you

fear not for I am your inexhaustible

source of aid

though challenges May escalate and foes

multiply remember you are shielded by a

Divine Force impenetrable and

steadfast in confrontation remember your

battle is within seen forces not flesh

and blood through praise worship and

prayer Ally yourself with my Legion of

angels prepare Spirit fortify your home

with prayer and let my spirit guide your

every step banishing fear and instilling


confidence the adversary may be cunning

but your strength lies in the knowledge

that he lacks omnipotence omnipresence

or insight into my designs his Envy of

your progress is palpable yet remember

you stand under the mighty protection of

your God Beyond defeat or


accusation guard your heart resist fear

and stand firm in the belief of my

overpowering guardianship in moments of

vulnerability my strength and protection

are but a prayer

way concern for your children place them

in my hands through prayer and Trust in

their Divine guardianship encourage your

loved ones to embrace my care

experiencing the love of a perfect

father doubt not for I am with you

always ushering in a season of abundance


prosperity listen closely for my voice

each morning and remain Vigilant against



discouragements you are victorious an

embodiment of resilience and unwavering

Faith now I urge you to adopt a new

mindset you are not a victim but a

conqueror the enemy stands defeated and

you are destined for greatness expect

transformation shedding worries for a

mantle of wisdom and

discernment be thankful and know that I

am reshaping your life for an era of

abundant opportunities your trials have

refined your faith proving your trust in

my unwavering presence this is why you


triumphant I encourage you to share this

message of Hope and transformation with

others spreading the light of faith and

encouragement and if this message has

touched your heart consider expressing

your gratitude through a super thanks

and join our community for daily

manifestations of faith and

inspiration today marks a turning point

in your life envelop in the grace and

mercy that have always surrounded you my

promise to you is that the diligent

efforts you have put into nurturing the

seeds in your life are about to Bear

abundant fruit it’s a time of harvest a

period to celebrate the resilience and

steadfast Faith you’ve

shown the blessings I’m about to shower

upon your household will surpass your

wildest dreams your integrity your faith

and your humility are your greatest tets

leading you to Realms of prosperity

you’ve yet to


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