GOD SAYS “MY CHILD YOU NEED TO LET GO OF THIS | God Message For You Today | Gods Message Now

my beloved child in the vastness of creation where stars dance in Celestial

Harmony and the Earth spins in Perfect Balance I have watched over you with

unwavering Love From the Moment your soul took form my Divine breath filled

your lungs and my eternal light kindled the spark of life within you you are a

masterpiece woven with threads of my boundless imagination each fiber of your being ATT

Testament to my infinite wisdom and compassion as you Journey Through the tapestry of existence I have walked

beside you even in those moments when you felt most alone I have seen your triumphs your

Joys your laughter that Echoes through the corridors of time and I have also

witnessed your struggles your tears and the weight of burdens that sometimes

seem too heavy to Bear it is in these moments my child that I wish to speak to you to

cradle your heart in the warmth of my understanding and to illuminate the path that leads to your fullest

potential there is one thing my precious one that holds you back it is not a flaw

in your design for you are crafted in my image perfect in your uniqueness it is

not a punishment or a test for my love for you knows no

conditions this single impediment is the veil you have allowed to fall over your eyes obscuring the radiant truth of who

you truly are this Veil my child is woven from the threads of Doubt fear and

The Echoes of voices that do not speak with my wisdom it Whispers to you in The

Quiet Moments telling you that you are less than you are that your dreams are

too Grand that your past defines your future it is the shadow that tries to Eclipse

your inner Sun the doubt that attempts to tame the wild beautiful expans of

your potential remember the first Dawn when light pierced through the primordial

darkness that same light resides within you you are not just a witness to

Creation you are a co-creator endowed with the power to shape your

reality but this veil of self-doubt tricks you into believing that you are a mere spectac

powerless against the currents of Fate my child let me lift this Veil gently

with the touch of my eternal love look through my eyes and see yourself as I see you I see a warrior not of sword and

shield but of spirit and resilience every challenge you have faced every

sorrow you have endured has not diminished you each trial is a forge

tempering your spirit making you stronger wiser more

compassionate the scars you bear are not marks of weakness but constellations mapping a journey of Courage I see an

artist with the power to paint your world with the colors of your choosing your thoughts your words your actions

these are the brush Strokes with which you create your Masterpiece but the veil makes you doubt your pallet convincing

you that the Hues of Joy success and peace are beyond your reach cast it

aside the canvas of your life awaits your bold Strokes I see a sage with

wisdom that transcends the boundaries of your years in the quiet of your heart

there is a knowing a connection to the universal truths that bind all creation

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