GOD SAYS: My Child DO NOT Skip This Powerful Prayer For Divine Healing And Protection



Lord I come before your throne today

with my whole

being father I am weak and my body is in

pain and

distress Lord I pray that you have mercy

on me and heal me from this

disease you are the king of kings and

the Lord of

lords you are all powerful and there’s

nothing that is beyond

you I ask that you soothe my pain and

ease my worries and

fears faithful father bring healing

comfort and strength to my body and

mind May the power of your healing

presence heal

all my wounds and cure all sickness and

pain in my

body you are the god that carries out

burdens and you are a great

healer you are the god that gives your

children hope and Comforts us in our


moments I ask that you help me to look

up to you in my

situation and also remember that you are

the only one who can remove this burden

and fortify

me please help me to always submit to


wisdom power and

goodness give me the strength to be able

to overcome every challenge that I

face you are the king of the Universe

and everything is possible with

you I ask that you manifest yourself in


life Lord I ask that you let your Holy

Ghost fire burn from the of my head to

the bottom of my feet and burn every

evil that’s causing problems in my

body I pray that you destroy every agent

of disease that is lingering in my

body let the blood of Jesus bring

deliverance and healing unto me right

now and I ask that you release your

healing power upon my life

now father help me to keep keep my focus

on you when the pain and hurt are

overwhelming help me to be faithful and

to see the good and blessings that


me Father we live in a cruel world and

you are the only one who can protect me

from this

cruelty your word says in Isaiah

I should fear not for you are with

me I should not be dismayed for you are


God you will strengthen me you will help

me and you will uphold Me with Your

Righteous right

hand I know I have nothing to fear for

you will always be with

me father I ask that you protect me in

every aspect ECT of my

life I ask that you protect me from the

wicked ones and their evil

plans father be my shield and

covering I ask that you take control

over my life and let your will be

done can every attempt to discredit me

or my

salvation may your right hand strengthen

me daily as you guard me with your

presence help me wear my Spiritual armor

well in every area of my life seal up

the exits that cry for escape when

responsibilities grow heavy on my

shoulders thank you that you promise to

carry my burdens and lighten my load in

the daily battles of Life Preserve my

testimony and keep my faith rooted

deeply in you

Lord You Are My sure defense and you are

the only one who can truly keep me

safe Lord I thank you in advance for

what you are about to do in my

life in jesus’ name I have



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