hey there my dear child I want to share

a simple message with you no matter what

my will for you is

Unstoppable As you move forward in life

do it with enthusiasm and faith I love

you and want to protect and support you

whatever you have to do today give it

your all if you ever feel tired or weak

don’t hesitate to ask me for help I’m

here for you there might be tough and

painful things happening around you but

my word and love will protect and

comfort you remember I want to bless and

provide for you trust in me and come to

me with your needs don’t be afraid to

speak up and ask for good things in your

life I want to see you grow give and

share start your day by listening to me

I know life is challenging but be brave

and exert yourself a word of faith can

bring healing encouragement and

prosperity believe that I can change

your life with my love patience

Commandments and advice even in tough

times I’ll turn tribulations into days

of happiness and

blessings you’re important to me and

many others despite some being

ungrateful I see your efforts and admire

your commitment to love without

expecting anything in return I’m with

you and Heavenly forces are ready to

fight battles for you people love you

and pray for you daily I sacrificed for

your salvation Freedom peace and

happiness new times of Abundant

Blessings are coming your way keep my

word in your heart remain patient and

stay firm it takes time for blessings to

align for your good don’t fear change

it’s for your benefit walk with me and

no one can defeat or judge you I love

you and want to reveal magnificent

things to you in dreams Your brave Faith

moves me and I respond to you every day

each day may bring new challenges but my

love for you will never change

before you start your day tell me you

love me and I’ll

respond this year I’ll bless prosper and

remove sadness from your life I’ll heal

you from depression and ignite dormant

dreams in your mind I want to change

your way of thinking and intervene in

your life

supernaturally I’ll straighten your path

remove obstacles and guide you away from


relationships you won’t be lonely my

grace is enough for you don’t be afraid

to leave behind behind negativity and

bad habits Embrace change and the good

things coming your way I’ll give you the

strength to face any

conflicts you’re not alone I’m here to

support you leave the past behind and

don’t be afraid you’ll be prepared for

the blessings coming your way you and

your family will be blessed protected

and deeply loved amen if you feel this

message can Inspire others share it with

your friends and loved ones together

let’s spread the message of Faith Love

and Hope to those who may need it most

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