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if you want God to always help you you

should carefully listen to this message

from God if you don’t do this God won’t

be able to assist you because you’ll be

blocking God’s angels so listen to the

full message type Amen in the comments

and share this message with your close

friends and on your social media my

beloved child in times of need you turn

to me knowing the depth of my love and

the certainty of my promises I assure

you I will guide you to peaceful rest

and Empower you to confront life with

unwavering strength

tranquility and

joy booed by the constant presence of

your heavenly father even in moments of

vulnerability and perceived failure

remember the Limitless expanse of my

grace and the unwavering nature of my

Mercy I have never faltered in my

support for you and I will remain

steadfast in your hour of great greatest

need as your heartaches and your soul

Cries Out greet each morning with eyes a

light with hope listen once more to my

voice and you shall find the resilience

to navigate the day ahead trust in the

promise of a future adorned with peace

and joy and cling fiercely to my love

Embrace Life with unyielding strength

knowing that you must continue your

journey facing obstacles headon while

fixing your gaze firmly upon the

promises I have made to you amidst

challenges do not succumb to

discouragement when problems arise

resist the temptation of Despair even in

the face of threats remember your

inherent worth in my eyes even if the

world scorns you believe in this truth

with every fiber of your being for this

is the year where profound spiritual and

Eternal Treasures will emerge from The

Crucible of your Tri trials I bestow

blessings upon you and your loved ones

and there exists no request beyond the

vast reaches of my boundless love your

dignity and rightful place shall be

restored for I offer a life of abundance

to those who surrender their hearts to

me and accept the balm of my forgiving

love carry the promises inscribed upon

your heart with steadfast belief for

those who merely speak of my love

without true conviction shall falter in

the face of adversity do not emulate

their wavering Faith but instead kneel

before me receiving my grace and basking

in the Solace of our communion I yearn

to heal your wounded Soul releasing you

from the shackles of suffering and

despair today Heralds the dawn of

transformation brimming with the promise

of change and renewal your problems hold

Solutions and I implore you not to

squander another Precious Moment In

anguish engage in dialogue with me for

in our communion lies the key to

unlocking your blessings surrender not

to despair but rather believe in my

omnipotent power which manifests itself

daily in your life though trials may

assail you know that Victory is within

your grasp embrace the blessings I

bestow upon you with love and humility

for I have endowed you with my

Supernatural strength Miracles shall

unfold when you speak my word with

kindness and compassion illuminating

your path with Divine wisdom type Amen

in the comments if you want God’s love

and presence in The Quiet Moments of

communion I shall reveal to you wondrous

truths beckoning you to seek my word and

listen with eager

ears know that you reside in a realm

where my love envelops and shields you

Guided ceaselessly by the hand of your

heavenly father if these words resonate

with you share your reflections for your

feedback shapes the future content and

ensures it speaks directly to your

spirit’s yearning beloved in a world

where promises often falter and trust is

fragile beware those who pledge

unyielding friendship yet fail to

embrace the depth of my love they are

ens snared by the opinions of others

succumbing to the penalties and disdain

imposed upon them many seek to ens snare

you in their self-serving ideologies

professing love while scheming to

deprive you and bind you with oppressive

rules they themselves refuse to follow

cloaked in garments of false

righteousness and Hollow Holiness they

posture as Superior beings casting you

as the Perpetual wrongdoer in their eyes

but know this with unwavering conviction

this is your moment to seize I stand

ready to shower blessings upon you and

your family for there is no request

beyond the scope of my boundless love

your dignity and rightful place shall be

restored and a life of fulfillment

awaits if you surrender your heart to me

and accept the healing and forgiveness I

offer the promises of a brighter

tomorrow are inscribed upon your very

Soul therefore if you choose to believe

in me do so with the entirety of your

being do not emulate those who speak of

my love while harboring doubt within

their hearts they bow to the judgments

of others and endure their critic isms

forsaking their own convictions in the

process instead kneel and pray embracing

the grace I extend to you and find

solace in our communion I am your

steadfast companion free from

judgment invest time in delving into my

holy word and fostering a deeper

connection with my love for therein lies

the path to Liberation from the burdens

that weigh heavily upon you today marks

the threshold of change change where

hope persists even in the face of

adversity your challenges possess

Solutions therefore relinquish not

another day to the clutches of Despair

and suffering engage in dialogue with me

for in doing so you stand to lose

nothing and gain everything refrain from

surrendering your blessings to despair

instead nurture unwavering faith and

witness the daily manifestation of my

power in your life though trials May

assail you rest assured that Victory is

Within Reach embrace my words with faith

and accept the Bountiful blessings I

bestow upon you with love and

humility type Amen in the comments and

like the video if you truly believe in

God I beckon you towards complete

Freedom where today you shall receive

the solution you seek directly from my

lips you may deem your situation

insurmountable but I assure you nothing

is beyond the realm of possibility for

me renew your mindset with urgency for I

have imbued you with my Holy Spirit

endowing you with Supernatural power

Miracles shall unfold as you speak my

word with love extend kindness to others

temper your emotions and exemplify love

in all your interactions your cries have

not gone unheard and I now reveal to you

beautiful Revelations seek my word

fervently attune your ears to my voice

and unlock the treasures contained

within your Bible know that you dwell in

a realm where my love envelops and

shields you

incessant Guided by the hand of your

heavenly Father Day and Night amen

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