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my precious child I know the struggles

and hardships you face each day in this

world I see your pain your doubts your

fears but I want you to hear my voice

clearly at this moment it’s time it’s

time for you to rise up in faith and

walk boldly in the purpose I have set

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you may feel unqualified ill equipped

overwhelmed by the enormity of the

challenges ahead but I tell you this I

the Lord your God am with you I go

before you I stand beside you I am your

rear guard when you pass through the

waters I will be with you and when you

pass through the rivers they will not

sweep over you when you walk through the

fire you will not be burned the Flames

will not set you Ablaze for I am the

Lord your God the Holy One of Israel

your savior if you believe in God then

listen Till the End by typing Amen in

the comment box you are precious and

honored in my sight I love you with an

everlasting love before I formed you in

the womb I knew you before you were born

I set you apart I have called you by

name you are mine the enemy wants to

bombard you with false Fe fears lies

that seem real but have no actual

substance but I want you to say no to


fears I want you to flip fear upside

down instead of false evidence appearing

real make it face everything and

rise for my word declares that greater

is he who lives inside you than anything

in this world you could come up

against that means no matter what

challenge looms before you the power

within you is far are greater for it is

none other than my very Spirit living

and breathing inside your innermost

being I am the same yesterday today and

forever the same God who made a way

through the Red Sea is the same God who

will make a way for you through your

troubles I am the same God who shut the

Lion’s mouths to save Daniel and I am

the same God who will shut the lying

mouths of your

accusers I am the Everlasting I am who

goes with you you and lives within you

you have no reason to fear but every

reason to have Mountain Moving giant

slaying storm silencing Faith as you

fill your heart and mind with my Living

Word Of Truth you will find power to

overcome and authority to Reign when the

deceiver comes with his insinuations

manipulations and accusations speak my

word into every storm you face and watch

the winds and waves Bow Down before

their Master wield that sword of the

spirit mightily and slice through every

entanglement and weight seeking to pull

you under my word within you partnered

with my spirit’s power makes you an

overcomer every single time so yes my

precious child there will be times when

you feel like you’ve slipped when you

may stumble and even take a fall now and

then but know this the truly righteous

are not defined by the fact that they

fall but by the fact that they Rise

Again each and every time when you get

back on your feet you do so with greater

resilience and

strength press on with joyful

perseverance even through seasons of

hardship and

opposition for I am using it all to

develop Godly character and fortify your


muscles count every trial of pure joy

for the testing of your faith develops

perseverance and perseverance must

finish its work so that you may be

mature and complete lacking nothing I

will never allow more on your shoulders

than the grace I Supply to you my

strength is made perfect by human

weakness trust in me is trusting also in

my timing and my power to turn your

messes into messages your tests into

testimonies type in the comment box

for God

cares yes at times along your journey

you may feel you are sinking beneath the

rising flood waters like my disciple

Peter when he stepped out of the boat

onto the stormy sea at my command but

just as I caught hold of Peter and

lifted him to safety so also I am right

there beside you to pull you back up and

set your feet on the Rock if you falter

I will not let you founder but will lift

You by my

grace why did Peter start to sink there

on those tumultuous

waves because he took his eyes off me

and put them instead on the surrounding

storm and yes my beloved you will slip

often when you take your focus off your

faithful father and fix it instead on

your detractors your lack your

relational Strife or the overwhelming

problems that seek to pull you under the

solution is simple fix your eyes on me

and you will have the power to walk even

on Roaring Seas never never sinking

beneath the swelling surge Peter slipped

and then started sinking but to his

credit he cried out and that’s all you

need to do when you feel your failures

and flaws swallowing you alive cry out

Jesus save me and instantly my mighty

hand will lift you up to

safety then we will go on together hand

in hand as you learn to walk through

storm and Fire by my power at work

within you for I did did not create you

to cower in the boat of complacency but

to get out and walk on water with

audacious irrational Faith failure is

never final my

beloved as long as you have breath you

have another chance to get back up and

try again see yourself as I see you made

of durable flexible resilient material

that bounces back from every fall formed

in my very image with Royal Blood

running through your veins and the

spirit of the Living God breathing

through your lungs you are custom

designed and handcrafted by your maker a

one of aind

original there is nothing ordinary or

average about you my Priceless child if

I knit you together in your mother’s

womb and called you forth from before

the creation of the universe itself

surely I have great purpose for your

life and a mighty Destiny for you to

step into if the same Spirit who raised

Christ Jesus from the dead lives inside

you then there are no limits to what I

can do through you open your heart fully

to me today and let my dreams for you

Eclipse any smaller Vision you have been


around together we will walk boldly

forth to see the Unseen become Reality

by the force of Daring Faith no storm on

Earth no scheme of hell no person who

speaks or acts against you can thwart my

magnificent intentions for your life or

block my blessing from reaching you I am

making all things even your enemy

attacks work together for your

exponential benefit and my great Glory

type Amen in the comment box I am

turning every stumbling block into a

stepping stone of Victory I am your rear

guard as well as your Frontline

Warrior as you keep your eyes fixed on

me alone I am hemming you from behind

and going before you to prepare the way

have you noticed my beloved one that the

enemy’s assault against you seems to

intensify right before a major

breakthrough in your life I want you to

realize that intensity means you must be

very close to your Red Sea parting

Miracle the father of Lies wants to

intimidate you into backing down right

before you cross over but this is no

time for retreat it is time for bold

Advance breakthrough is upon you right

around the bend but you must press

through this last difficult stretch

without compromise or

Retreat after the birthing yes my

precious Warrior while the battle rages

all around there are times you feel

hemmed in by enemy forces times you walk

through valleys overshadowed by evil but

never forget my holy promise you shall

fear no evil when walking through that

dark dark Valley for I am right beside

you each step of the way I will not

abandon or forsake you for one

nanc as you Traverse hard places my

staff and Rod speaking of my word and my

spirit comfort and protect you and not

only am I with you in the dark Valley

but I am also leading you through for no

Valley is meant to be a permanent

dwelling place but rather a passageway

to Higher Ground keep walking and soon

enough you will Ascend to the snowcapped

summit Vista I have prepared for you

just think for a moment of what awaits

you my beloved on the other side of this

battle the enemy is Raging so fiercely

because he knows the hope and Destiny I

have stored up for you just around the

next turn he is using every scheme and

tactic possible to intimidate you into

Retreat because he knows that if he can

get you distracted and stalled out you

may miss out on my best promises ready

to be claimed perseverance is key right

now you must press on through the valley

Faithfully one step at a time you were

created to overcome not to cow and be

defeated though the enemy surrounds you

I surround him on every side though

valleys often feel confining see every

Valley as a Runway set to launch you

into brighter Skies

I have given you overcoming


Faith now put your feet to your faith

and it will carry you right through the

blockade and onto the broad place of

breakthrough I have prepared for you the

devil knows how powerfully I can use

your story to impart hope to other

battle weary Souls so he is working

overtime to silence your voice before

it’s time but he will fail type love you

so much my savior God in the comment box

as you abide in me immersed in my word

and moving in step with my spirit you

will rise from this Valley with a roar

of Triumph that reverberates through

Realms and

generations as you open your mouth I

will fill it aresh with words from my

Throne that will set other captives free

out of your pain will come healing for

multitudes out of testing will burst

forth glorious history-shaping testimony

so gir up the loins of your mind grind

the enemy’s lies to dust beneath your

feet and keep advancing my kingdom

beloved you are destined to walk as more

than a conqueror lift your heads High

brave men and women of Valor elevate

your swords The Living Word I have given

to you to hold in your hands and your

hearts I am the captain of the Heaven’s

armies Leading The Way

Forward nothing can can halt our Advance

nor yours as you closely follow the path


revelation we March onward from glory to

even greater glory until every enemy

stronghold Falls at the sound of our

battlecry though the mountains be shaken

and the hills be removed yet my

unfailing love for you will not be

shaken nor my Covenant of peace be

removed for I am the Lord your Redeemer

the Holy One of Israel you are my and my

Banner Over You Is Love nothing can

separate you from my love in all things

you are more than a

conqueror I love you with an everlasting

love you are mine and I am yours now go

forth in power Grace and Divine Purpose

for such a time as this you were born

it’s your time my beloved child type one

trust you my Lord my dear dear child

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