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my beloved child if you believe this

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amen my beloved child in these moments

of Stillness when you quiet your mind

and open your heart know that I am here

with you my presence surrounds you like

a gentle Embrace and my love for you is

unending listen now for I have much to

share with you you are my precious

creation fashioned with care and purpose

from the beginning of time I have known

you before you were formed in your

mother’s womb I set my eyes upon you and

loved you with a love that transcends

understanding you are not an accident

nor a mere happen stance you are a vital

part of my divine plan in this world you

may face trials and tribulations the

storms of life may rage around you and

at times it may feel as though you are

alone but know this I am always with you

I am your shelter in the storm your rock

and your Fortress when you feel

overwhelmed come to me and and I will

give you rest let my peace which

surpasses all understanding guard your

heart and

mind there are moments when you may

doubt your worth or feel

insignificant cast those thoughts aside

for they are not from me you are

fearfully and wonderfully made crafted

in my image every part of you from the

strands of your hair to the depths of

your soul is known to me you are a

masterpiece created for good works which

I prepared in advance for you to do seek

me in all things and you will find me

draw near to me and I will draw near to

you let my word be a lamp unto your feet

and a light unto your path in the

scriptures you will find the guidance

and wisdom you need meditate on my

teachings and let them dwell richly

within you they will guide you through

the valleys and lead you to the

mountaintops remember the greatest

commandment to love love the Lord your

God with all your heart soul mind and

strength and love your neighbor as

yourself in love you fulfill the law let

love be the foundation of all you do

through love show compassion kindness

humility gentleness and patience bear

with one another and forgive as I have

forgiven you the journey you are on is

one of growth and

transformation I am the vine and you are

the branches abide in me and you will

bear much fruit apart from me you can do

nothing but with me all things are

possible trust in my timing and my ways

for they are higher than your

own I am working all things together for

your good even when you cannot see it do

not be anxious about anything but in

every situation by prayer and petition

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