God Says: Listen and be blessed by me | God’s Voice


my precious child remember that you are

never alone my presence surrounds you

constantly giving you strength and

courage to move forward even when the

path seems Steep and the burden heavy

know that you can overcome any obstacle

that crosses your

path keep the fire of Hope Alive in your

heart through all storms and trials for

it is endurance that brings reward and

persistence that ensures victory

remember that you are stronger than you

think and with this resilience you will

find ways to turn challenges into

opportunities tears into laughter and

fears into

courage do not give up do not look back

for your steadfast spirit and faith will

lead you to a brighter future even in

the darkest days therefore my child

continue boldly and resolutely forward

for I accompany you at every every

Crossroad believe that I will work

miracles in your life and that your

efforts every tear and every prayer will

be rewarded and fulfilled by Grace let

my love embrace you and lead you to a

flourishing and Victorious future that I

have envisioned for you never forget

that you are my precious treasure and I

am forever with you guiding your dreams

Ambitions and desires with My Endless

Love follow me my dear child for your

actions must be filled with honesty

caution and

wisdom seize every opportunity to

immerse yourself in my word for this is

a time of Trials and we need people of

Courage not fools but those who

understand my will

wisely therefore my children hold fast

to your faith trust in me and be

strengthened by my power do not succumb

to doubt or fear strive to be be a

living testimony of my work in you go

forth with courage kindness and honesty

may your life’s path Faithfully reflect

my love always ready to help those who

suffer and are in

need every small act of kindness every

Touch of compassion and every

encouraging word reflect my presence

within you so continue to spread love

and light in this world do not grow

weary of doing good for sooner or later

you will see the impact of your efforts

and sacrif

ices notice how your actions in my name

bring blessings and peace to those

around you remain faithful to what I

have taught you do not give up or

despair keep the faith being steadfast

in prayer knowing that your enemy the

evil one lies in wait hoping to lead you

astray do not let him lead you away from

me do not let your doubts slow you down

do not fear the plots of the enemy or

allow the doubts and judgments of the

world to hold you back hold fast to your

faith casting aside doubts and fears and

find solace in my promise remember that

I always care for you no matter what

trials troubles or obstacles may arise

in your path my love and protection

always surround you guiding every step

and supporting you when the burden

becomes too heavy my dear child I give

you these words to firmly embed in your

heart let them illuminate your path

through any Dark Times these words are

seeds of Truth and strength an endless

source of wisdom and comfort ready to

support you in any trial and bring peace

in turbulent times keep walking knowing

that I am with you and nothing neither

trials nor troubles nor worries can

separate us go forth with courage

kindness and honesty seeing every

obstacle as an opportunity that brings

you closer to your goal in

me my dear child to me you are like a

firefly in the darkness boldly forging

ahead Illuminating the world with my

light and truth I am your faithful guide

Always by your side always supporting

you trust in my teachings allow my love

to wash away all doubts and fears by

living according to my guidance you will

pave a path that will bring the greatest

blessings to you and all your

descendants my love for you is boundless

like an ocean striving to fill every

void within you I thirst for your

prosperity ambition and success in all

your endeavors since your birth every

thought of mine has been about your

happiness and well-being I have been

with you at every stage of your journey

rejoicing in your successes enveloping

you with my love in your difficult

moments my plans for you extend far

beyond your imagination I want you to be

a light in the darkness igniting the

hearts of those you encounter along your

way allow your journey to be filled with

experience love and growth unlocking

your inner

potentials even in difficult times you

will find the strength and wisdom within

you to overcome obstacles I know that

trials and hardships await you ahead but

every step every tear and sacrifice will

bear fruit trust in me and do not

hesitate to embark on the path I have

prepared for you be brave do not fear

mistakes for even from them lessons can

be learned I am am always with you

surrounding you with my tenderness and

support my dear child remember that I am

always with you even when darkness and

doubts surround you go forth with

confidence knowing that I am there to

support you let every trial become a

step towards your growth and every

difficulty a lesson that makes you

stronger remember these words you are my

precious child filled with immeasurable

potential and a heart overflowing with

tenderness your life’s path is like an

unparalleled adventure and you have the

power to overcome all obstacles that

arise emerging from them even stronger

never give up for it is in the toughest

moments that you will find my support

and Limitless blessings keep moving

forward believing in your unique purpose

your life is like a precious gift and I

am always here to be your rock remember

that I am with you in every gentle

breeze in every of sunshine that warms

you and in every heartbeat I am always

here ready to lead protect and

abundantly bless every aspect of your

life your efforts and sacrifices will

never go unnoticed I promise you a

bright and hopeful future listen my

child for a harvest cannot be gathered

without effort and care every reward

precedes great efforts and sacrifices so

do not lose heart do not let despair

overcome you and never give in

challenges for sooner or later you will

see the fruits of your labor receive the

rewards for your

dedication believe that your efforts

will never be in vain none of your

actions are useless and your decisions

no matter how difficult they may be will

be recognized I will generously bless

you for your bravery and perseverance in

moving forward I understand that your

path has been difficult full of dangers

and obstacles that required courage and

determination even if the there are

those who try to confuse you seeking to

destroy your dreams and hopes do not

despair do not let their words

extinguish your inner bright

spark rise above the negativity that

tries to distract you from the bright

future that I see for you do not let the

doubting voices make you abandon your

dreams and do not let these people

achieve their goal of undermining your

faith with their remarks stand firm my

child and under no circumstances let

obstacles hinder you from achieving your

goals do not let your efforts go to

waste and do not let anyone

underestimate your efforts in pursuing

your dreams strengthen your inner

strength keep my Spirit Alive within you

do not forget about the lofty goals that

you hold in your heart because I will

always acknowledge every effort and

sacrifice you make my dear child do not

settle for less than you can achieve

look up expand your horizons dream big

because I your God am mighty and

boundless do not limmit my boundless

power your persistence and perseverance

in reaching your goals will be

generously rewarded you are the

embodiment of my love and strength

living with the confidence that I am

always with you and your potential knows

no bounds keep moving forward my child

strive for the highest goal that I have

set before you development is a

breakthrough that you have long dreamed

of deeply rooted in your

heart despite all the difficulties and

trials you have faced faced your faith

has remained

unwavering every tear of yours has been

significant to me none have escaped my

notice every prayer every inspiration

and every Midnight Cry reached my ears

that’s why I’m here to wipe away your

tears and heal the deepest wounds my

child I understand that throughout your

journey you have encountered challenges

that tested your spirit and left marks

on your soul you struggled with illness

pain sorrow and despair but your faith

remained strong you stood steadfast

believing that I would hear your pleas

therefore I want you to be confident in

my unwavering love for you even when

life gets tough I have always been by

your side because you are my dear child

and there is nothing more important to

me than seeing you happy flourishing and

successful in

everything do not give up my dear do not

Despair and do not let the current

situation Crush

you I know sometimes it seems like the

burden you bear is too heavy that the

whole world is against you or that your

strength is

dwindling but remember especially in the

darkest moments when hope seems to

fade I am closer to you than ever before

I hold your hand leading you out of the

storm of life life is full of Trials and


but each one brings an opportunity to

become stronger and wiser under my care

the most difficult trials you face

become valuable lessons that strengthen

you just keep the faith and patience my

dear child because often the most

significant blessings are hidden behind

the most challenging trials keep going

my child remember that you are here for

a purpose a purpose much greater than

you could ever




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