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my child remain calm for I handle the impossible be still and have faith I

have aided you before and will do so again as the winds and storms cease at

the sound of my voice so too shall the turbulent Seas of Doubt within your heart be

stilled come to me now and I shall give you the rest you need I will remove the

Myriad thoughts and fears swirling in your mind that steal your focus I desire

peace in your days and Tranquility in your nights you are an heir to many

blessings yet sometimes they remain unseen overshadowed by fears of things

that will not happen by people who cannot harm you I ask you again be calm

do not pay heed to the news gossip or threats that others bring to you for I

am the one who commands and I have the first and the last word over you your destiny though thousands may rise

against you though you may suffer the consequences of your own errors do not

fret you remain my beloved child I will shield you from harm even when the world

seems to crumble even as those around you faint from Fear be strong and

courageous do not be afraid I will not abandon you this is the greatest

Testament of love you can hear and see you know with certainty through this

medium I am speaking to you you feel my touch upon your heart bringing answers

to your lingering doubts I love you and I am showing you this right

now I am lifting away the scorn that has marked you endured at the hands of the

wicked who have failed you believe this none of what you have experienced shall

be in vain today you possess strength stren wisdom and

maturity you are ready to fight for those you love and assist others who

have suffered as you have the time for your Liberation has come you are now prepared to be an

instrument of my love to bring light to those in darkness yet your enemies know your

potential and this have returned to cause trouble and Rob you of your

peace if you allow them to disturb your rest if you forget your faith and

plunger into the abyss of fear you will be besed by anxity once again but here

is the truth my love for you is vast my Mercy is infinite and my holy spirit

will not allow you to be attacked a new therefore I affirm to you that even

if you fail and fall I will raise you up again do not be mistaken in thinking I

have turned my gaze away from you if you stumble and fall into enemy traps

I will rescue you if your faith wains and your heart fills with negative thoughts I will

still fight for you I will cleanse your soul and fill you once more with my word I will not

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