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my beloved child have you taken a moment

today to pause and reflect on the

precious gift of life that I have

bestowed upon you each New Day presents

itself as a blank canvas filled with

Endless Possibilities a testament to my

ceaseless care and love for you

expressing gratitude is not merely a

simple act it is profound and

transformative it involves opening your

heart and allowing your words to flow


gratitude I must remind you is the music

of the soul and your words are its

Melody I know you

intimately understanding your needs even

before they are formed into

words like a Shepherd knows his flock I

know you trust is the bridge between

your heart and mind when you cross it

with faith you find the assurance and

peace that only I can

provide come spend a moment of

Tranquility with me seek a moment of

silence and reflect upon all the reasons

for which you can give thanks on this

day your life your family your health

the very air you breathe the sustenance

on your table and the shelter above your

head not to mention the supernatural

protection around your home indeed there

are countless reasons for you to feel

blessed abundant motives to Embrace Life

daily to fill your mind with virtuous

thoughts and to keep your eyes open

perceiving my benevolence along your

path I assure you of the safety held

within my grasp I dwell within a

grateful heart one that recognizes its

dependence on me one that seeks me out

with Faith and Hope knowing it is truly

blessed sometime I see you troubled by

the events that unfold but this is

normal don’t worry excessively your

responsibilities weigh on you because of

your desire for everything to turn out

well for provision in your home

for health within your family you hope

that nothing and no one will disrupt the

peace and stability you all

require however there are also dark days

when your gratitude waines and the

adversary Whispers impure thoughts into

your mind turning your worries into fear

surrounding you with lies transforming

fear into anxiety and despair I watch

and wait for you to raise your arms high

and utter those words that will make the

enemy flee give thanks to me for your

life your family your health and all

that you are and have your sincere faith

and grateful heart are Shields that keep

you strengthened during moments of trial

when you pass through the fires of

Affliction I will be there waiting

beside your bed eager to hear your first

words of the day emerging from the

depths of your thankful Soul

saying thank you thank you thank you for


seek me and receive my peace come and

call upon me day and night without

ceasing maintaining your attitude of

Faith and Hope when you approach me

firmly believing that I am real and that

I will respond for it pleases

me perhaps things haven’t unfolded as

you expected but you must trust in me

once more with your whole being I am

orchestrating many things to Usher

blessings into your family and home if

you believe you have lost mat material

possessions ponder it deeply your life

rests in my hands and I desire your

well-being growth and the strengthening

of your

faith I will restore to you those things

you think you have

lost and they will return even more

magnificent than before exceeding your


requests therefore there is no need to

be distressed or weep over what you lack

today Focus On Loving Me Love your

family fulfilling my will and awaiting

with faith the blessings that are on

their way material things come and go do

not let your soul

grieve nothing is truly lost that the

enemy has taken from you and many other

beautiful things from your past will

return even greater than before give me

your heart now I want to Grant you the

peace your soul yearns for but you must

rest both your body and soul in me

entrust to me the those troubling

thoughts that keep you awake at night

your future is not uncertain I hear you

when you weep at night and ask how you

will overcome amidst this crisis I

respond you will overcome with your

faith your faith has grown strong align

yourself with

me your faith in my promises is

sufficient for you to walk on water and

for miracles to occur in your life you

need not fear anything or anyone each

morning when you arise fill your

yourself with courage and strength you

are brave and your faith is

substantial I place this gleaming sword

in your hands feel it this is my word in

which you have placed so much trust use

it from today onward when You Face

difficulties I will also Stand By Your

Side fighting alongside you I love you

and today I will bestow upon you the

peace you seek you will receive the

serenity you so Des desperately need I

also wish for you to calm yourself a

little do not wander about carrying your

anxiety on your back with a knot in your

throat and clouded thoughts it is

essential for your mind your soul and

your entire life that you surrender

those negative emotions to me today if

you do not give me your fear anger

irritation and frustration you are

opening the door to Great distress I

understand your concern for material

material things your financial situation

and your uncertain future you worry

about your

health instead of conversing with me

each night and morning you turn your

thoughts towards so many things yet what

most troubles your mind is your family

situation and it is natural it affects

you deeply it is an emotion that pains

you but put a stop to it right now do

not allow your heart to sink speak to

those emotions

to the conflicts and to the situations

with faith and determination declare my

God is with me as a mighty giant I have

decided not to fear whatever my enemies

may do repeat it my

child around you there are many Warrior

Angels ready for battle ready to stand

in form and raise their swords as soon

as they receive the word but I need to

see your faith I need to see that by

your own choice CH you exert effort to

believe I cannot give the signal for my

armies to form around you and escort you

to a better place if you are not yet

prepared to face greater challenges I

hold in my hands numerous blessings for

you but I cannot bestow them until you

surrender all those emotions to me I

desire to elevate you to a level where

you must exercise your living and active

faith I wish to surround you with my

divine blessing surrender your entire

life to me do not retain anything I will

forgive your sins your past will be left

behind I will cleanse your feelings and

motivations I will remove all that is

wrong and cast it into the depths of the

sea it is time for your family and you

to be blessed with Harmony peace and

healing I calm your soul with peace and

hope satisfy your being with joy and

unwavering confidence I am giving you

strength and perseverance

this is the day of your

blessing my child receive it with faith

and humility accept it without

hesitation without doubt I am speaking

directly to your spirit dispelling your

sadness and ending your

distress do not hide from me what you

feel forget about the struggles of this

life for a moment

supernaturally let my Divine love

embrace you I will never cease reminding

you of how much I love you of the

Beautiful Moments we shared when I

answered your prayers even when you

didn’t expect to receive so many

blessings I’ve already shown you my love

so you would believe and not

doubt as long as you continue to believe

in my word and persist in prayer day and

night or in the early hours of the

morning many doors will open many

problems will vanish your enemies will

be defeated your sadness will cease

and many things in your life will change

I will always have a better future in

store for you even when the world around

you appears to be trembling even when

you see many giving up on their dreams

and their faith persevere in my word and

never stop believing trust in me when

everything is going well and continue

trusting even more when things become

complicated I am writing my promise on

your heart so you will never forget it I

will be with you every day today whether

it rains or grows cold you are always

under my care and protection today I

want to bring a smile to your face I

wish to take away your discouragement

and fill your heart with joy with holy

and unbreakable happiness I am the

reason you open your eyes and live I am

the path you will walk I am the way you

will journey I am the door through which

you will enter I am your friend your

comp compon your God and your Shepherd

you shall not want for anything tell me

that you believe in the Stillness of

this moment let your heart find solace

in my words like a gentle stream they

Flow To You carrying with them the

essence of my unending love and

boundless Mercy Let each syllable

resonate within a soothing bomb to your

weary Soul remember amidst the tumult of

life my presence is an unshakable for

Fortress amidst

uncertainty my words are your anchor

like the stars that punctuate the night

sky my promises to you are constant and

true in every season of doubt in every

hour of need I am there my love for you

does not waver it is as steadfast as the

mountains as enduring as the endless sky

as you walk through the valleys of Life

know that my hand guides you each step

you take is a step towards a future I

have lovingly crafted in moments of Joy

my heart rejoices with you in times of

Sorrow my arms are open to comfort you

like a Shepherd leading his flock I

guide you towards pastures green and

Waters still do not fear the shadows for

they cannot diminish the light I shine

upon your path with each challenge you

grow stronger your faith firmer your

spirit more resist brilliant like a tree

planted by streams of water you will

flourish your leaves never withering

your fruit abundant in the quiet of your

heart listen for my voice it Whispers of

Hope of a love that transcends all

understanding it speaks of a future

filled with promise a destiny rich with

possibility in this Sacred Space Let My

Words envelop you filling you with peace

and strength come to me with your

burdens and I will give you rest trust

in me with all your heart and do not

lean on your own understanding in all

your ways acknowledge me and I will make

your paths straight remember stepping

out in faith even onto seemingly

precarious grounds is where true safety

Lies when it is I who lead you there

you’re yearning for a life devoid of

risk understandable as it may be

is in its Essence a form of unbelief a

reluctance to trust in the path I have

laid out for you your deep Longing To

Live in close communion with me is Noble

yet it stands in contrast to your

efforts to Shield yourself from all

uncertainties life with me is not a

journey of comfort zones and predictable

paths it is an adventure filled with

moments that demand courage and

Faith you are now at a pivotal Crossroad

in your spiritual walk to follow me with

all your heart you must surrender this

inclination to seek constant safety let

me lead you step by tender step through

each day when your focus is steadfastly

on me even the most treacherous of paths

can be navigated without

fear in time you will learn to relax in

this journey to find joy in the

adventure we share the key is to remain

close to me for in my sovereign presence

you will find protection and peace no

matter where our journey

leads my presence is a shield that

surrounds you a constant Guardian in

every step you take as you venture forth

do not let fear dictate your steps

instead let faith and trust in my

guidance be your compass the paths I

lead you on May it time seem daunting

but remember they are always under my

watchful eye step out in faith embrace

the adventure of a life lived in full

trust in me for in my presence there is

fullness of joy and on the paths I lead

you there is peace that surpasses all

understanding as you Journey alongside

me let the radiant Hope Of Heaven

illuminate your path casting a Divine

Light on your

perspective this light born of eternal

love and grace serves as a reminder

Remer that you are indeed one of my

chosen belonging wholly to me I have

called you from the Shadows into the

Brilliance of my wonderful light a

testament to my unending love for you

Embrace this profound truth before the

world was formed I chose you such a

choice signifies that nothing in this

world no trial or tribulation can ever

sever the bond that unites you with me

you are eternally mine drawn out of the

darkness of sin and into the resplendant

light of eternal life the Luminosity of

my presence serves you in Myriad

ways it is in the closeness of our

relationship that your path becomes

clear where the steps ahead are

illuminated by my Guiding Light as you

bask in this love drenched light feel

the strength I impart to you and the

peace that flows like a gentle stream

into your

soul this Radiance that blesses you is

not solely for your benefit as it

permeates your being it extends outward

touching others around you the time

spent in my presence focusing on me

shapes you increasingly into my likeness

empowering you to be a beacon of light

in the lives of others continually I am

drawing my beloved Out of the Shadows

into the Glorious Radiance of my

light understand this in every moment of

darkness I am there extending my hand to

lead you back into the warmth and safety

of my luminous presence your life a

journey from Darkness into Divine Light

is a testament to my unyielding love and

unwavering commitment to you gratitude

is not just an emotion it’s a choice a

deliberate opening of the heart to my

presence though I am forever with you I

deeply honor your freedom to choose

between us lies a door a passage that

you have the power to open or close

among the many keys to this

door gratitude stands as one of the most

potent this practice of thankfulness is

deeply rooted in trust challenge

yourself to acknowledge and thank me

daily this constant recognition will

heighten your awareness of the countless

blessings surrounding you even in the

most ordinary moments moreover this

practice will serve as a buffer

softening the blows of life’s trials and


to practice thankfulness is to practice

being in my

presence it’s a discipline that not only

brings you closer to me but also

transforms your perspective enabling you

to see the world through the lens of

divine grace in gratitude the mundane


miraculous and the burdens become

bearable let gratitude be your continual

offering in every situation look for

reasons to be thankful for in doing so

you open wide the door to my presence

where you’ll find an abundance of Peace

joy and Love A Grateful heart is a

fortress against despair a beacon in the

night that guides you back to hope it is

in this state of thankfulness that you

truly experience the fullness of my joy

and peace so I invite you in The Quiet

Moments of reflection and the bustling

hours of the day to look around and


to find reasons to be grateful in doing

so you align yourself with the rhythm of


grace and you’ll discover the countless

ways I am working in and through your


gratitude a simple yet profound Act is

the thread that weaves together the

moments of joy and

sorrow creating a masterpiece of grace

and beauty it is the lens through which

the world transforms from ordinary to


a heart’s response that sees beyond the

immediate recognizing the broader

Strokes of my hand at work when

gratitude fills your heart it Alters

your perspective turning what was once

mundane into a celebration of blessings

each Sunrise becomes a canvas of my love

each interaction a dance of my grace in

moments of abundance gratitude magnifies

joy and in times of scarcity it brings

forth the Hidden Treasures of content

and peace so let gratitude be your

constant companion reminding you of my

unceasing presence and unwavering love

as you practice this sacred art of

gratitude you’ll find that it not only

opens the door to my presence but also

ushers in a profound sense of

Peace gratitude is not merely a feeling

to be experienced but a discipline to be

cultivated in the garden of your heart

let thankfulness grow like a robust Vine

entwining around every circumstance

whether in times of Plenty or in want

let gratitude be your guide leading you

ever closer to me the source of all

blessings for in my presence there is

fullness of joy and in the paths I lead

you there is peace that surpasses all

understanding amen

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