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[Music] my precious child your prayer Echoes In

My Heart a beautiful surrender of your will to mine you yearn to release

control to fully embrace my guidance and Trust the perfect timing of my plan this

pleases me immensely for it is in this space of surrender that true growth blossoms


yes doubt can be a pesky weed that creeps into your mind casting Shadows of worry and impatience but remember my

child doubt cannot take root in the fertile soil of unwavering faith when these doubts arise see them for what

they are fleeting Whispers that have no power over your reality

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words my precious child your filthy axe cause your family suffering to protect

them from my wrath you have to repent and change your ways I am the Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end my

timing is not bound by Earthly constraints but unfolds with purpose perfect orchestration weaving together

the threads of your life into a magnificent tapestry don’t be fooled by

appearances what may seem like a delay is often a necessary preparation for something far


greater seek Security in my unwavering love my child it is a fortress that

surrounds you a constant source of strength and Solace when you find yourself

overthinking questioning my plans take a deep breath and

remember I am your Shepherd and you are my precious lamb I will guide you

through every Valley lead you to the Still Waters and provide for all your needs


surrender your plans my child not with fear but with an open heart trust that

the path I have laid before you though it may not always be clear will lead you

to a place of fulfillment far beyond anything you could have [Music]

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now let me speak to you about this month the month soon to unfold it is indeed a

time of blessings a season of renewal and growth you will experience a surge

of energy both mental and physical your connection to the spiritual realm will

deepen allowing you to tap into a Wellspring of inner wisdom abundance will flow into your life abundance of

love joy and opportunities you will gain a clearer understanding of your purpose the unique

role you play in the grand scheme of [Music]

things but here’s the key my child claim these blessings with conviction believe

that they are already yours and watch as they manifest in your life

[Music] and as you move through this month and

through life itself hold on to this truth love is the greatest force in the universe love everything and everyone

with an open heart cherish the moments the people the experiences that bring

joy to your life don’t be afraid to express your love openly and wholeheartedly remember life is a

fleeting gift and love is the only thing that transcends its boundaries

love is the bridge that connects you to me the energy that fuels your spirit and the force that binds all creation

together let love be your Guiding Light your motivation your reason for being


go forth my child with a heart brimming with faith and a spirit overflowing with love trust in my timing embrace my plan

and let love be your Guiding Light in all things know that I am with you

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my child my heart aches for the pain you carry you poured your gentle and thoughtful nature into a relationship

only to feel used and unappreciated remember this darling you did nothing wrong

sometimes people struggle with their own burdens they might be hurting lost or searching for a way to fill a void in

their lives their perception of care becomes distorted leading them to use others to feel better

momentarily while this doesn’t make them bad people it doesn’t diminish the hurt you feel


you question if you overplayed your part if you cared too much but don’t you see

my child that’s who you are at your core a gentle soul who loves deeply and

offers your heart freely don’t ever apologize for your kindness in a world

that can be harsh and callous your compassion is a gift

[Music] they simply didn’t appreciate you the way you valued them this isn’t a

reflection of your worth but of their inability to receive the love you so generously offered release the burden of

guilt and forgive yourself for loving too much it’s never wrong to love

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you trust in your creator [Music]

word today I want to assure you that a peaceful and satisfying end to this stressful situation is approaching you

may not see it yet but trust that I am working behind the scenes the ties That bound you to someone who didn’t value

you will gently loosen and you’ll find yourself free to move forward into a brighter future


perhaps you’ve been worried about finances lately fear not for I’m sending unexpected blessings your way financial

help may arrive through unforeseen opportunities or a weight you’ve been carrying might be lifted through

unforeseen circumstances [Music]

but what I have in store for you goes beyond Financial Security my child I

have life-changing blessings in the works for you these blessings will not come in the form you might expect but

they will be perfectly tailored to fulfill your deepest needs and Propel you towards your true

purpose hold on to your faith my dear the future is bright and it’s filled with Miracles waiting to unfold this

experience though painful has served its purpose it has shown you the strength of your love and unwavering kindness it has

also revealed someone who wasn’t meant to be a part of your


journey embrace the Lessons Learned release the pain and open your heart to

the beautiful things I have planned for you give your worries and cares to me

for I truly do care about you you are loved beyond measure my child now go

forth with renewed hope and trust ready to receive the blessings that await

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my precious child do not be disheartened when your path seems to Veer

unexpectedly remember even an angel’s wings can disturb some not everyone will

understand your journey for their sight is limited to what they can perceive but trust that I your heavenly

father see the grand tapestry of your life every thread woven with purpose and


love there have been times you’ve made plans hoping for a certain outcome yet I

intervened guiding you down a different Road perhaps it appeared a detour a

source of frustration but understand my child I shielded you from unseen dangers lurking

on your intended path my vision encompasses the entirety of your existence and my love compels me to

protect you from [Music]

harm know that I fight battles for you constantly battles you are unaware of

the Unseen realm is a constant dance of light and darkness and I am your Valiant

protector my plans though sometimes cryptic are always for your highest


good don’t let the opinions of others Define your worth they are but fleeting

Shadows projected by their own limitations some may view your Brilliance with envy

your kindness with suspicion their perceptions are a reflection of their own internal struggles not a true

depiction of your magnificent

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you are an angel a masterpiece of creation crafted in my image your inherent goodness shines brightly even

if some choose to ignore its light you carry within you the essence of love compassion and strength these qualities

are yours my child not given by the whims of others nor taken away by their


guard your heart beloved there will be those who try to paint you with their insecurities projecting their own

Darkness onto your light do not accept these distorted images you are a radiant

being worthy of love and respect internalize this truth Let It Be Your

Shield against the barbs of negativity

here’s how you can protect yourself seek Your Truth within dive deep into your

spirit into the core of who you are discover your values your passions and

the essence of your being let this inner knowing be your Guiding Light


focus on your purpose there’s a reason you are here on this Earth at this very

moment discover your unique gifts and talents and use them to contribute to

the world this purpose will give your life meaning and direction


surround yourself with positive influences seek out those who appreciate your true self who uplift and inspire

you surround yourself with love light and joy remember my child You are not

alone I have equipped you with everything you need to triumph over any obstacle


stand firm in your faith let my word be your anchor a source of unwavering

strength embrace the promise of Victory know that through my love you are more

than a conqueror you are destined for greatness [Music]

take heart in my victory just as Jesus overcame the world you too can overcome

any challenge I will fight alongside you giving you the strength and courage you

need confess your belief and stand firm declare your faith with conviction

knowing that I am always by your side having done all you can stand Resolute

trusting in my divine plan go forth my precious child with your head held high

let your wings of light flutter freely undeterred by The Whispers of doubt I am

with you

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my child today I bring you news of financial ease the burdens you’ve carried loans installments insurance and

property concerns will finally find resolution breathe easy for by Days End

these matters will be balanced and [Music]

settled seek the company of those who spark Innovation their ideas like Embers

igniting your own the time is right to reach out to someone you’ve been holding in your thoughts let not fear hold you

back you have grown in wisdom and sincerity and it does not go unnoticed others will turn to you for guidance

seeking your lead leadership in projects conferences or specific tasks this is

your chance to shine to demonstrate the strength and discipline that resides within you your traditional approach

combined with your dedication will impress those in positions of power go forth my child with confidence and a

grateful heart I am with you

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my child there’s a wisdom in Stillness a profound power in letting go

when I say be still it’s not a call for inactivity but a plea for internal

Serenity keep moving forward but do so with a calm heart and unwavering Trust

remember everything every Twist and Turn works together for your greater good even when it’s hard to


see I understand the difficulty your human nature craves control seeks to

know the future and meticulously plan each step but true growth my child

happens in the space between your worries and my unwavering plan it blooms when you relinquish the need to

micromanage everything and surrender to the flow of my divine [Music]

orchestration plan for the future yes envision your dreams set goals and take

action but also honor the present moment Savor where you are on your journey the

lessons learned the experiences gathered trust that I’m always by your side

guiding and supporting

you Flex AB ility my child is key be open to change to unexpected detours

that may lead you to even more fulfilling destinations embrace the unexpected turns for they are often opportunities

for growth and [Music]

transformation live each day with presence a heart brimming with gratitude for the very Breath You Take find joy in

the journey the Little Miracles that unfold around you when you are truly present truly still within you open

yourself to a deeper connection with

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now about your worries child lay them down at my feet cast your cares on the

Lord and He will sustain you he will never let the rightous be shaken these are not empty promises I am your anchor

your unwavering support trust that I am working tirelessly behind the scenes

orchestrating events and aligning circumstances to bring your greatest desires to

fruition the promises I have whispered to your heart the dreams we’ve envisioned together are in process even

in the midst of seemingly stagnant circumstances know that things are unfolding in perfect timing not yet

doesn’t mean not ever your faith is the bridge that connects you to those

promises hold on to it with unwavering [Music]

conviction challenges and pressures may arise as you get closer to your dreams don’t let these deter you they

are simply tests of your resilience opportunities to show your unwavering

commitment remember darling I never abandon my Creations I am always with

you and I always finish what I [Music]

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go forth my child with a heart at peace and a spirit overflowing with trust

embrace the Stillness within and move forward with confidence know that I am with you every step of the way guiding

you towards a life filled with purpose joy and the Fulfillment of your heart’s desires


my child look to your relationships today for they hold the key to deeper

understanding the bonds you share with others will not only strengthen their connections but also shed light on your

own inner self as you connect more deeply you’ll discover hidden strengths

and untapped potential within yourself


if you’re involved in a partnership this is a golden day for Progress expand your

social network for new connections can bring new opportunities however a flicker of

emotional tension might Cloud your interactions be wary of misunder understandings that could lead to minor


[Music] conflicts remember my child that others may not always perceive your intentions

clearly but fret not by balancing clear communication with your kind heart

you’ll navigate these temporary bumps with Grace and understanding trust your intuition and success will

naturally follow go forth strengthen your bonds and let your inner light shine remember I am always here to guide

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my child today your mind is a finely honed blade intellectual Pursuits beckon

you and you’ll find yourself excelling in interviews exams or even competitions

don’t shy away from these challenges for they will showcase your brilliance

perhaps you’ll also seek a different kind of connection a platonic love fueled by intellectual

curiosity conversations with friends or potential Partners who stimulate your mind will hold deep appeal don’t be

surprised if your social calendar fills quickly for your wit and charm will attract many


remember effective communication is key written words must be clear and concise

ensuring your message is understood though your personal life may feel like a pendulum swinging back and forth fear

not this is a temporary fluctuation if legal advice is necessary

seek it out wisdom gained will guide you through any any

[Music] challenges for those yearning to break

free from a troubled relationship Solutions May finally appear today don’t

hesitate to take steps towards happiness similarly if legal battles weigh heavily

upon you know that a favorable verdict is possible

stay positive my child and hold firm to your convictions with a clear mind and a

determined Spirit you will overcome any obstacle remember I am always with you

offering guidance and support [Music]

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creator my child love stirs within you Whispering of Journeys perhaps you’ll embark on a long trip to be reunited

with your beloved let romance Blossom for love’s sweet fragrance fills the air

a desire to enhance your physical Beauty may also take hold salons spas and pampering May beckon remember outward

Beauty holds charm but it’s the inner light that truly [Music]

attracts you possess A Generous Heart filled with the desire to please your partner gifting or fulfilling a

cherished dream is a noble intention however be mindful of your approach

sometimes love expressed with a demanding hand can create [Music]

distance frustration and haste can Cloud your judgment don’t attempt to force

happiness for genuine connection thrives on understanding recognize that your intentions are pure Your Love real

patience and gentleness will hold the key to harmonious [Music]

relations soften your approach my child and let love speak through your actions remember I am always here to

guide you towards a loving and fulfilling relationship

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