God Says- It’s Time to Say Goodbye If You Skip | God message today for you | God Saying You

far too often my children become

consumed by the distractions and

temptations of the world neglecting the

essential task of tending to the needs

of their Immortal Souls it is my deepest

desire to see you flourish not just in

the temporal realm but in the Eternal

Kingdom of the heavenly father and it is

through the cultivation of a deep and

abiding spiritual connection with me

that you will find the nourishment your

soul so desperately craves position

yourself for divine Blessings by typing

yes I need in the comments your

obedience will pave the way for God’s

miraculous provision receive my

blessings my child and allow them to

flow through you like a mighty River

cleansing and renewing your spirit for

in these blessings you will find the

strength to withstand the storms of life

the wisdom to navigate the complexities

of this world and the peace that

surpasses all understanding step into

the realm of God’s unending Grace

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thanks button and let his blessings

cover you I know the path before you may

seem arduous filled with challenges and

trials that threaten to weigh you down

but I promise you if you but surrender

your burdens to me I will lift you up

and carry you forward guiding your steps

and steadying your heart it is in The

Quiet Moments of contemplation and

prayer that you will feel the warmth of

my grace enveloping your

being it is in these sacred spaces that

the veil Veil between the Earthly and

the Divine will thin and you will find

yourself in the very presence of the


there in the Stillness you will hear my

voice calling out to you beckoning you

to draw nearer to Su at the table of my

eternal love heed my call my child and

let your soul be nourished by the Divine

Essence of spiritual connection for in

this connection you will find the

sustenance you need to endure the trials

of of this world and the strength to

become a Beacon of Hope to those around

you as you cultivate this intimate

relationship with me let your life be a

Living testament to the transformative

power of my love allow the world to see

the fruits of your spiritual connection

The Joy the peace and the unwavering

faith that flow from a heart that is

wholly surrendered to me remember my

child that I am always with you even in

the darkest of valleys I will never

abandon you nor forsake you for my love

for you is eternal and unbreakable trust

in the steadfastness of my presence and

Let It Be The Rock upon which you build

your life in the moments when the world

seems to press in and the burdens of

Life feel too heavy to Bear turn your

gaze heavenward and feel the warmth of

my grace enveloping you for it is in

these times of surrender and trust that

you will find the true nourishment your

soul so desperately needs let the

example of the Saints and martyrs who

have gone before you inspire and

embolden you they too like you were

called to walk the path of spiritual

connection and in their faithfulness

they have left an indelible Mark upon

the world draw strength from their

stories and let their triumphs in the

face of adversity be a testament to the

power of the Divine love that flows from

my heart to yours elevate your life with

God’s message subscribe now for powerful

insights and positive change as you

continue on this sacred Journey remember

that I am not a distant unapproachable

God but a loving savior who longs to

walk beside you to share in your Joys

and sorrows and to guide you every step

of the way open your heart to me my

child and let the walls of Separation

crumble that you may bask in the

fullness of my grace and the boundless

depths of my

compassion in this spiritual connection

you will find the true meaning of life

the purpose that transcends the temporal

and points you toward the Eternal for it

is in this intimate relationship with me

that you will discover the Treasures of

the Kingdom of Heaven the riches that

cannot be stolen or destroyed but will

endure for all

eternity go forth my beloved child and

let the world see the reflection of my

love in your life be a Living testament

to the truth that I am the vine you are

the branches whoever abides in me and I

in him him he it is that bears much

fruit for apart from me you can do

nothing in doing so you will find that

the Divine Essence of spiritual

connection holds the key to unlocking

the warmth of my grace and the world

will be drawn to the light of my love

that shines forth from your life open

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this video with up to three individuals

seeking his guidance amen

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