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my precious child draw close and listen

carefully for I have glorious

Revelations to impart about the greatest

victory that has ever been won our

father’s triumphant Conquest over sin

death Satan and the grave let these

words burn into your heart like a

blazing brand for they are the very core

of the Gospel that has revolutionized

the cosmos from before the dawn of time

the Triune godhead existed in perfect

Majestic Union and Brilliant Holiness

the father Son and Holy Spirit co-equal

and co-eternal dwelling in sacred

communion in the hallowed Halls of an

eternal Dimension beyond the created

Realms we conceived of fashioning a

cosmos to display our inexhaustible

creativity power and Beauty the crowning

Jewel would be beings made in our very

image fashioned to glorify and enjoy us

forever in face-to-face intimacy so we

breathed forth the physical Universe

into existence in sculpted Stars

galaxies planets an unimaginably vast

canvas to Stage our

Masterwork everything culminated when we

lovingly formed the first humans in our

spiritual likeness and placed them in

the paradise of Eden there they were to

live in pristine Union with us their

creator walking in wholehearted

obedience and relationship as our

beloved children but what seemed a

cosmic fairy tale quickly descended into

a tragic

nightmare through the deception of Satan

the malevolent Fallen Angel who defied

our Reign sin slithered its way into the

garden our first children chose the path

of treason against us succumbing to

prideful ambition and distrust of our

goodness wisdom and Authority as their

maker like a fracture racing through

crystalline glass sin’s disintegrating

blight instantly shattered and defiled

all that we had flawlessly re formed in

one cataclysmic moment the created order

and all Humanity plunged from Perfection

into a ghastly Decay a disintegration of

the physical and spiritual realities

from how we intended where there was to

be unbounded communion with us the human

race thrust itself into cursed

alienation as the cancer of sin severed

that sacred Bond the stain of corruption

seeped into every crevice of the cosmos

like Indescribable Cosmic graffiti

defacing an Exquisite work of art as the

only begotten son I once enjoyed unity

and perfect glory and Holiness with our

father and holy spirit but now this vile

Intruder had encroached upon the sacred

hallways of our Sovereign Dominion

making what was consecrated common our

righteousness is infinitely pure we

cannot even look upon evil much less

allow its presence to pollute our

reality and so just as a judge must

condemn hideous crimes times against an

innocent our judgment and divine wrath

was Unleashed to banish the encroaching

blasphemy of sin severing us from what

was intended to be an everlasting

Embrace with

Humanity what once was to be an eternal

face-to-face intimacy with our children

was now cruy ruptured into a Chasm of


expanse an unbridgeable Gulf of

righteous condemnation opened up

separating the created and the Creator

with Vindication and death as the only

just recompense for such ungodly

betrayal yet even in that first fateful

moment of our shattering judgment being

rendered my heart burned with

immeasurable love and infinite

compassion for these Rebels love that

Core Essence of our godhead nature and

the Very force that compelled us to

create Humanity in the first

place though we could never bypass the

immutable justice of our own Holiness

our love yearned to redeem and rescue

the objects of our cherished affection

and so the inexorable drum beat of our

Redemptive plan began echoing out from

the garden of Mankind’s Exile all of

history became an unveiling of our

covenant promises sacrificial imagery

and foreshadowing of the coming Victory

we would accomplish it was declared

through signs and wonders covenantal

blood packs the Flames of Sinai

miraculous deliverances and The Whispers


prophets I the the eternally

pre-existent word through whom all was

created would take on human flesh as the

embodiment of our redeeming love when

the cosmic Clock Struck its appointed

hour I the uncreated almighty and

uncircumscribed one entered the created

Realm by being conceived and formed as

an embryo in the womb of a young virgin

named Mary I who was begotten outside of

time existing eternally as the second

person of the Triune godhead willingly

condescended by adding a human nature to

my divine

nature in that sacred womb chamber The

God Who constructed the universe took on

finite corporeal Anatomy bone muscle a

beating heart at my birth the very

breath that hovered over the primordial

Waters of creation’s dawn now filled

human lungs with air I underwent the

limitations and weakness of mortal flesh

and dwelt among those I came to save as

the word made flesh

though veiling my Splendor in human

humility I revealed during my Earthly

Ministry that I had supreme authority

over the Decay and Brokenness plaguing

creation under sin’s curse I walked as

no ordinary man teaching with

unprecedented wisdom healing every

disease commanding storms multiplying

food for thousands and even raising the

dead back to life as I lived out an

unblemished life of perfect obedience

and virtue before my father

I was decisively unveiling my Divine

credentials as the only one who could

atone for sin and overcome its corrosive

curse all the while I proclaimed the

time has arrived for the Kingdom of

Heaven to be inaugurated the righteous

reign of God was breaking into the

cosmos A new to reclaim and restore what


defiled the culmination of our promises

was coming to pass as I set my face

toward the hill of Calvary to become the

sinless SA sacrificial lamb whose blood

would be shed as atonement for all who

put their trust in me at the cross the

unfathomable occurred as sin’s guilt was

laid upon me I endured the very wrath

and condemnation of our godhead that

rightly falls upon all

rebellion in that Supernatural moment

the Eternal communion between the

Trinity was incomprehensibly severed

with the sun taking on Divine alienation

in the place of humanity as my body was

battered beyond recognition by the

cruelties of crucifixion the ultimate

full weight of Redemptive judgment was

absorbed into my being the written code

declaring sin’s death penalty was nailed

with me there then at the cosmic

intersection between death and life

surrender and Triumph my final

thunderous words rang out it is

finished with those words I had

decisively disarmed and conquered the

ancient powers of E evil sin death and

Hell once and for all I had perfectly

fulfilled and exhausted every

requirement for the righteous

condemnation of the world’s sin and

absorbed its full punishment

myself at that climactic moment freedom

for the captives and ultimate victory


attained yet still the most Monumental

chapter of our Redemptive story remained

just as a champion must not only defeat

his opponent but Rob him of the spoil of

Victory days later I obliterated the

final enemy of death by resurrecting in

an indestructible glorified form with

the seismic force of a supernova

exploding at the cross life itself

punched through from the underworld’s

deathly shackles and burst forth in

resurrection power when I emerged from

that tomb I had shattered the ultimate

strangle hold the rebel Kingdom of sin

and death had over the human race I had

Unleashed an Unstoppable new realm of

living existence and inaugurated the

Genesis of New Creation itself an entire

recreated order saturated in

immortality truth and endless life in me

with my Triumph the ancient Serpent’s

head was crushed my foot prevailing as

his venomous sting found no wound in my

undefiled being at the cross and empty

tomb the totality of existence past

present and future underwent a molten

transformation like a universe being

smelted recast and

reborn all philosophies powers and

thought systems encountered the shock

wave of resurrection and were

deconstructed the old creation order ins

slaved to the Anarchy of sin Decay and

death was conclusively displaced

awaiting its final undoing at my return

now the sovereignty of the new creation

would take root and Blossom into a

stunning Kingdom of Glory light and

everlasting communion with our father

this was the cosmic event that cast its

radiant light on every Epoch before it

and every event that will follow after

throughout eternity it is the pivotal

victory in the Great War against the


usurpers the Monumental turning point

where every Power ruler Authority and

created Dominion was subjugated and

disarmed beneath my triumphant feet

death which once reigned as the

Invincible Tyrant and dark Spectre


mankind is now itself swallowed up in

the overwhelming life I have

purchased my resurrection didn’t merely

give birth to an empty symbolic metaphor

or Wishful Utopia but unleashed the very

invasion of a new physical and spiritual

reality an impervious living Holiness

and truth that cannot be contained

conquered or resisted but shall

ultimately prevail over all through the

Sovereign power of my Limitless Majesty

the old decaying order of sin rebellion

and death May vainly resist and chafe

but its feal end is infinitely sealed

its Destiny is not a question of if but

when it must surrender to the Glorious

advancement of the kingdom of God I have

already victoriously

established my resurrection erupted as a

volcanic incursion of immortality

rushing through the deepest recess of

mortal existence like a sunrise piercing

the graveyard of a darkened

Sky it is the invading spearhead of our

post Calvary

Conquest unstoppably advancing to

eradicate the last remnants of evil

disharmony and Decay that still

desperately resist our Reign make no

mistake my child death itself remains

amongst the church’s deadly foes but our

future culminating Bliss and eternal

security are ultimately written upon the

tombstone of sin spent Powers the

already accomplished Triumph of

Resurrection has guaranteed they are


undone you need not resign from living

triumphantly in this era between the

victory w at Calvary and the inaugurated

fullness of the Kingdom still yet to

come the same resurrection power that

shattered the grip of

sin death and hell has now been

graciously imparted to you through my

spirit as you place your trust in me the

Unstoppable Vitality of my eternal

resurrected life force now courses

through your being the same power that

one day will finally abolish every enemy

every infirmity every corruption every

vile form of sin sickness and evil


creation right now multitudes upon

multitudes of my children languish in

the bondages of sin sickness and

Brokenness as if held captive behind the

deception of the enemy’s cont continuing

Reign but have I not declared that

through my

resurrection I am the Lord of reality

itself I am the resurrection and the

life no temporal power or flawed

condition that contradicts my kingdom

has any legitimacy to abide its lease

has expired I have commissioned you as

my emissaries to speak Resurrection Life

and breakthrough into the darkest places

through the exercising of my

authority you need not cower before any

facade of Hell’s remaining Dominion for

I have endowed you with spiritual

Weaponry to demolish every stronghold

disguising its resistance against the

advance of my kingdom though the battle

rages on until I return I have imparted

you the power to bind up the proud and

free the captives being oppressed

through my mighty name nothing can

permanently resist my resurrection power

and authority flowing through you so

shatter the intimidating illusion of

defeat or weakness by operating in the

Bold confidence of who you are in my

victory when lack sickness sin demonic

bondage or any form of the enemy’s dread

assails you fiercely proclaim the

resurrection realities of abundance

Health righteousness and Liberty that I

purchased for you do not be timid or

cowed through the spirit’s power

fearlessly command mountains to be moved

and wickedness to surrender for you are

invested with the unlimited victory one


Calvary in these Earthly conflicts I

have not called you merely to secure

momentary deliverances but to see entire

territories and peoples liberated from

the lingering scourge of sin’s Decay

I’ve commissioned you to establish

Resurrection Beach heads of spiritual

light righteousness and Truth know

therefore that your struggles are never

in vain but are bringing to increasing

light the Unstoppable victory of my

kingdom every word of my truth

proclaimed every prisoner freed every

sickness healed and every expression of

virtue and righteousness modeled becomes

another flashing sign that sin and

Evil’s supposed Dominion is already

overthrown fix your Gaze on the

unconquerable reality displayed at my

cross and empty tomb no temporal power

or realm whether

Thrones principalities or forces of this

present Darkness can deny or Dethrone

the culminating supremacy of

Resurrection Glory that my Triumph has

achieved you need not tread upon the

Earth timidly as a cowering victim any

longer for you are a Victor deputized

and empowered as my Ambassador bringing

the reality of my Triumph to Bear across

the cosmos soon my kingdom will be

unveiled in all its Splendor as I return

to usher in the Fulfillment of the new

heavens and new earth free from every

last vestage of sin and death’s curse at

that time time my resurrection power

will finally eradicate and overthrow

every Rebellion once and for all the

devastating culmination of my Conquest

will Encompass all things and every

submitted knee and tongue in the

universe shall openly declare My

ultimate lordship so live in joyous

unshakable hope my beloved for in me you

are more than conquerors over the

fleeting Fallen Realms arrayed against

you though your present battle involves

wrestling against dark Spirits in unseen

Realms your permanent Triumph is

guaranteed in my victory I am leading

you forth from Everlasting Triumph to

Everlasting Triumph until death itself

is swallowed up entirely by Resurrection

Life be strengthened by my grace for

your light and momentary afflictions are

achieving an eternal weight of Glory an

inheritance is waiting for you

imperishable undefiled and unfading

kept in the heavens for you so press on

my Victorious ones and live out the

unshakable certainty that because I live

you too will live forever more in

fullness of Resurrection Glory fear not

for I have deactivated sin’s Venom at

Calvary its poison is an empty Spectre

for those United to me in death defying

life let your days ReSound with the

vanquishing trumpet blast of certain

Victory as you overcome the world world

through the overcoming power of my blood

and the word of your testimony

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