God Says: It’s Over If You Ignore Me !! | Gods Message for You Today | God Message Today

if you want God to always help you you

should carefully listen to this message

from God if you don’t do this God won’t

be able to assist you because you’ll be

blocking God’s angels so listen to the

full message type Amen in the comments

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friends and on your social media my dear

child in this vast Universe where time

weaves its intricate

tapestry I Jesus Christ your savior and

Redeemer extend my love and guidance to

you amidst the challenges and

uncertainties that life may present I

implore you not to succumb to the Allure


procrastination waiting for the perfect

moment to

materialize instead seize the present

embrace it with open arms and mold it

into a vessel of

perfection understand my

child that Perfection is is not a

destination to be reached but a journey

to be undertaken a continuous striving

towards excellence in all that you do it

is not about achieving Flawless outcomes

but about pouring your heart and soul

into every Endeavor dedicating yourself

to growth and improvement with


determination when you find yourself

Paralyzed by the fear of

imperfection remember that I am always

with you offering my unwavering support


encouragement take that first step

however small or insignificant it may

seem for it is in the act of taking

action that you unlock your true

potential and pave the way for

greatness do not be afraid to venture

beyond your comfort zone to explore

Uncharted territories and to challenge

yourself in ways you never thought

possible it is in these moments of

discomfort and uncertainty that you will

discover hidden reserves of strength and

resilience unlocking new dimensions of


being embrace the beauty of imperfection

for it is through our flaws and

vulnerabilities that we connect with one

another on a deeply human level it is in

our Brokenness that we find true healing


Redemption surround yourself with

individuals who Inspire and uplift you

who believe in your potential and

encourage you to reach for the stars

seek out mentors and teachers who can

guide you along your path sharing their

wisdom and experience to help you

navigate life’s challenges with greater

ease and


remember my child that you are fearfully

and wonderfully made a unique and

precious Creation in the eyes of God you

possess gifts and talents that are meant

to be shared with the world to make a

positive impact on the lives of others

do not compare yourself to others for

each person’s journey is unique and

unfolds in its own time focus on your

own growth and

development celebrating your

achievements and learning from your

setbacks type Amen in the comments if

you want God’s love and presence trust

in my divine plan for your life knowing

that all things work together for the

good of those who love me surrender your

worries and anxieties to me for I Am The

Anchor of your soul the source of your

peace and strength and when you feel

overwhelmed or discouraged turn to me in

prayer I am always listening always

ready to extend my loving Embrace and

renew your spirit go forth my child with

a heart filled with love a mind open to


possibilities and a spirit that is

unyielding in its pursuit of Excellence

embrace the present moment make it your

own and let your light shine brightly

for all the world to see remember I am

always with you every step of the way


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