God Says- “IT’S A CRITICAL TIME FOR YOU” Open It Now Message of God | God’s Message Today |

dear chosen

one it’s a critical time for your

life you have reached the point of your

life where unexpected things has beun to

unfold the time is very short and the

end time signs is appearing worldwide

this is the reason you are being asked

to prepare yourself for many

unexpected and unbelievable

things and pray as much as you

can the Bible tells us that perious

times will come and it means threatening

time will

come so you you should not be surprised

of the things that will come ahead in


future the reason this message today

came to you is because God is commanding

you not to fear the times you are living

in yes the world may seem chaotic and

uncertainity may Loom on the

horizon but remember God thought is

still in

control he sees everything that is

happening and he has a plan for your

life even amidst the

turmoil so instead of being consumed by

fear trust in his unfailing love and

sovereignity in the times of trouble

prayer becomes a

Lifeline it’s a direct line of

communication with the

almighty a source of ultimate strength

comfort and

guidance so as you navigate through

these uncertain times let prayer be a


companion pour out your H to

God and he will hear your

cries now is not the time to shrink back

in fear or despair

now is the time to stand firm in your

faith knowing that God is with you every

step of the

way remember there are countless others

around the world who are standing in

faith alongside

you together we form a mighty Army of

Believers United in our trust and God’s

power and provision

in the face of adversity let your faith

be a Beacon of Hope to those around you

let your words and actions reflect the

peace and confidence that comes from

knowing that God is in

control and as you do you will inspire

others to turn to him in faith and

trust so my dear friend take H and be


though the road ahead may be challenging

know that God is walking beside you

guiding you every step of the way keep

praying keep believing and keep trusting

in his unfailing love for in him you

will find the strength to overcome every

obstacle and the courage to face

whatever lies ahead

may God bless you abundantly and keep

you safe in his loving

Embrace amen

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