God Says It Would Be A Huge Mistake To Ignore This | God Helps

hello to my cherished brothers and

sisters your presence on my channel

fills my heart with gratitude and warmth

I’m eager to stand beside you again and

share God’s magnificent word singing his

Praises in unison today I carry with me

a revelation a whisper from God that may

not resonate with everyone but that’s

the beauty of his messages they’re

tailored intricate and profound meant

for those seeking answers to specific

prayers remember always I am but a

humble vessel channeling God’s messages

to you any doubts any ponderings you

might have regarding these Revelations

lay them at God’s feet

speak to him seek his wisdom and

validate the truths for yourself as his

beloved children it is our duty to

continually seek Clarity and

understanding from our heavenly father

I recall a time when God had spoken to

me about a great shift in wealth and at

another about the sacred promises he
Forgotten Promises

makes to us these aren’t just pledges of

protection or love these are sacred

covenants woven with Destiny and purpose

awaiting the right moment to manifest in

our lives

there are souls Among Us perhaps

listening to this very message who have

been waiting waiting for a sign an

affirmation of a promise made long ago

I sense a deep urging from the Holy

Spirit an urgency to emphasize the

importance of a forgotten or overlooked

commitment maybe it’s something you

noted in your Journal years ago a dream

that felt almost Divine a promise

whispered into your ears either directly

by God or through one of his chosen ones

it’s possible that amidst the cacophony

of life this assurance was overlooked

its significance perhaps shadowed by the

immediate Joys or Sorrows of the moment

here’s a revelation that some might find

staggering sometimes God’s promises are

so seamlessly integrated into our lives

that we fail to recognize them for what

they truly are

they arrive as words of comfort during

trying times as fleeting thoughts that

fill us with inexplicable peace but as

Time Marches on these words these

promises get shelved Gathering dust in

the recesses of our memories

we cherish the Comfort they once

provided but often forget their true

purpose yet God never forgets his
Eternal Promises

promises are Eternal waiting for the

perfect moment the perfect alignment to

unfold in all their Glory

if you’ve ever felt a word or message

was more of a temporary blessing rather

than a promise for the future it’s time

to reconsider

God’s promises aren’t just fleeting

moments of Solace they are profound

commitments that stand the test of time

I encourage you to introspect to dive

deep into your memories and unearth

those Divine assurances whether they

appeared as dreams prophecies or simple

words of encouragement

reflect on them pray over them and let

God guide you to the realization of his

Grand designs for you

in this journey of rediscovery remember

that our loving father is ever watchful

ever present and forever committed to

seeing his promises come to fruition in

your life

in moments when life’s cacophony drowns

out our inner voice we often miss out on

the soft Whispers of God’s assurances

there have been times I believe when you

felt a Serene message delivered to your

soul but brushed it off attributing it

to fleeting Whimsy as you journeyed on

that message might have become a distant

memory buried under the sands of time

I perceive that for some of you these

Whispers have taken the form of Dreams

imagine lying down enveloped in the

Embrace of sleep only to be gently

nudged awake by a revelation a vision or

a voice

it was not just a simple message but a

promise a harbinger of blessings that

you were meant to receive yet at that

moment you might not have recognized its

significance instead of cherishing it as

a Divine promise it was perhaps seen as

merely a pleasant thought or a fleeting

Joy God is now beckoning you to cast

your thoughts back and recollect that


he directs you towards a specific

passage Deuteronomy chapter verses

and it says the land you are entering

to take over is not like the land of

Egypt from which you have come where you

planted your seed and irrigated it by

foot as in a vegetable garden but the

land you are crossing the Jordan to take

possession of is a land of mountains and

valleys that drinks rain from heaven

continuing to verse . it is a land the

Lord your God cares for the eyes of the

Lord your God are continually on it from

the beginning of the year to its end

this isn’t about a vague memory from the

distant past but a pivotal reminder of a

blessing you experienced but might have

overlooked this passage is so much more

than a mere description of a landscape

it speaks of the transformative Journey

that God has planned for you

Egypt symbolic of your past is a place

where blessings seemed scarce a land

where you had to toil and labor for

every small reward but the land God

promises is different it is nourished by

divine intervention the rain from Heaven

it’s an emblem of God’s unwavering care

and attention a place where his gaze

never wavers ensuring its Prosperity

throughout the year

what God is Illuminating through this

scripture is that he has a plan

meticulously crafted for you a plan that

you might have missed or perhaps didn’t

comprehend fully at the moment he is

inviting you to shift your perspective

to look at past blessings not as

isolated moments of Joy but as

harbingers of a future filled with his


there is a palpable energy an

undercurrent of anticipation emanating

from this Revelation it’s the stirring

of your spirit recognizing that

something profound and transformative is

on the horizon

this isn’t just a message it’s an


heed it for God reminds you that there

is a promise pending waiting to be

realized in your life embrace it with an

open heart and let God guide you to the

future he has so lovingly mapped out for


in moments of Stillness and reflection

there’s a powerful whisper that Echoes

within your spirit a murmur that

emanates not from the outer world but

from the very depths of your soul a

message not of your own making but

delivered to you from the highest power

from God himself

perhaps it was a vision on a silent

night or a dream that danced across your

Consciousness leaving behind a trace of
Divine Revelation

divine revelation

maybe it was conveyed through a selfless

messenger of the Lord or captured by

your own hand penned down in a fleeting

moment of spiritual connection with the

Holy Spirit

at the time you might not have seen its

true significance it might have seemed

like a fleeting thought not a promise a

mere coincidence not a divine blessing

but it was there deep within resonating

waiting yet time has a way of letting

memories fade and it seems that many of

you have let this divine revelation

recede into the background

but the Lord in his eternal wisdom and

boundless love wants you to know that

which was foretold will come to pass

reflect upon the Sacred Scriptures they
The Promised Land

reveal that the land you’re poised to

inherit isn’t comparable to familiar

terrains like Egypt this isn’t about a

journey you charted on your own nor a

destination you’ve chosen from your


this isn’t a dream you’ve conjured or a

plan you’ve meticulously crafted God’s

promise for you is akin to a land with

Majestic mountains and deep valleys

where every drop of rain is a blessing

Straight from Heaven and here’s the

profound truth the Lord’s gaze never

wavers from this land from the dawn of

the Year till its dusk his attention is


so when his promise for you materializes

know that it’s been long established

meticulously nurtured and divinely

crafted it isn’t a mere happenstance but

a Celestial design tailored just for you

this blessing this inheritance isn’t
The Blessing

merely about receiving it’s about the

transformation of what was to what

should be it is reminiscent of the

spiritual principle the wealth of those

who stray from righteousness Finds Its

way into hands that uphold it I can

sense it I can hear it whispered in the

spiritual winds resources once held by

those distant from God will be channeled

to those who walk in his light so hold
The Divine Promise

steadfast Believers even if you’ve

forgotten that whispered promise from

long ago God hasn’t what he has set

forth for you the Divine promise he

whispered into your spirit is on its way

and when it arrives it’ll be evident

that it was always part of his Grand

design an established truth waiting for

its ordained moment to shine in your


embrace it cherish it and let it be a

testament to his eternal love and

boundless blessings in the vast expanses

of time and life’s challenges it’s often

easy to forget that there are powers

beyond our understanding powers that

shape our journey and Destiny the

almighty makes it clear that there are

certain things in life that we cannot

possibly achieve by ourselves these

aren’t mere Rewards or gifts but are

manifestations of our spiritual strength
The Crucible

and the special touch that God has

placed upon us

imagine being entrusted with a gift so

rare so powerful that it stems directly

from the anointing you carry

picture yourself navigating through

life’s toughest terrains the vast

Wilderness of challenges and trials

there amidst the Solitude and quiet

you’re being reshaped remolded and

refined for a destiny that’s far greater

than what you might have ever imagined

for many the Wilderness has stretched on

for what seems like an eternity

but don’t be mistaken these moments are

God’s Crucible a sacred ground where he

is preparing you for what’s ahead his

assurances are clear he has graced you

with resilience and strength so much so

that this promise this Destiny will be

received flawlessly you will not be led

astray and no forces not even Satan can

snatch this blessing away from you

Envision God as a diligent Gardener

nurturing and tending to a sacred patch

of land ensuring that from the years

Dawn to its Twilight everything is


when the time comes and you step onto

this land the realization might hit you

like a wave

the blessings you’ll encounter may not

look like what you had envisioned but

they will be precisely what God intended

for them to be tailored for you

in this Journey of Faith the scriptures

serve as a beacon of light and Hope

the Divine Whispers In Your Heart are

signaling that the moment of fruition is

near in this Grand life every moment we

live is not merely our own doing but a

culmination of divine guidance

while personal choices carve our paths

there’s an unseen Force meticulously

guiding us towards a higher purpose

we often skim the surface of our

spiritual journey unaware of the

profound layers beneath those Divine

Whispers aren’t just fleeting thoughts

but a resonating Echo meant to align us

with a greater purpose

Venture Beyond mere listening delve into

its profound significance

each Revelation is a beckoning

urging us to transcend mere existence

charting a journey of deep meaning

ReDiscover that buried promise for

within its folds lies not just your

purpose but a Mark that will Echo for
The Cascade


soon many of you will witness the gentle

Cascade of blessings each drop

significant and meaningful

the promise that God whispered into the

winds is on the horizon ready to unfold

remember each one of us is here for a

reason a Divine Purpose every heartbeat

every breath and every step is a

testament to God’s magnificent plan as

we strive to glorify him in the name of


this message isn’t just words it’s a

testament to the love and plans that God

has for each one of you so in moments of

Doubt or despair recall this message

Embrace its Essence and let it fuel your

spirit let love Faith and Hope guide you

for they are the very essence of God’s

promises to you be blessed cherished
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