God Says: IT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU TODAY. ARE YOU READY? | God message Today God message | God Support

my beloved child as the sun rises on this new Day Casting its warm glow upon

the earth I reach out to you with a message that resonates through the very fabric of

creation I your heavenly father the Alpha and Omega the beginning and the

end speak to you now with a love that transcends all understanding and a wisdom that Echoes through eternity

today as you stand on the precipice of a profound moment I ask you you are you

ready these words are not meant to instill fear or uncertainty but to awaken within you the realization of the

extraordinary purpose that lies before you for today my child is not just another day

in the passing of time it is a day pregnant with Divine possibility a day when the veil between

the Earthly and the Heavenly grows thin and the Miracles of my kingdom draw near to

you consider the journey that has brought you to this moment from the instant I knit you together in your

mother’s womb I have watched over you with an unwavering gaze of love every

breath you’ve taken every step you’ve made every tear you’ve shed and every

laugh you’ve shared all have been known to me in your darkest nights when you

felt most alone I was there my presence a Constant

Comfort even when you could not perceive it and in your brightest moments when

Joy overflowed from your heart I rejoiced with you for your happiness is

my delight now as the clock ticks forward

marking the passage of this day I want you to understand that what will happen today is not a random occurrence or a

twist of fate it is a part of my perfect plan a plan that I set in motion before

the foundations of the earth were laid this plan my beloved is woven with threads of Love Grace and

purpose all designed to draw you closer to me and to reveal the depths of your own god-given potential you may wonder

what is it that will happen today and to this I say open your heart and your eyes

for what will unfold is not necessarily a single event or a dramatic upheaval but a series of divine

encounters subtle Revelations and transformative experiences it might be in the gentle

Whisper of my spirit guiding you to make a choice that alters the course of your life it could be in the unexpected

kindness of a stranger a reflection of my love that heals a wound you’ve carried for too long or perhaps it will

be in a Moment of clarity when the purpose I’ve placed within you crystallizes and you see with Newfound

Vision the path I’ve prepared for you to walk are you ready for this my child are

you ready to see my hand at work in every detail of your day to recognize my voice in the Stillness of your soul and

in the wisdom of those I place around you are you ready to step out in faith

even when the way is not clear trusting that I go before you making crooked

places straight and rough places smooth do not doubt your Readiness for I been

preparing you for this day since before time began every trial you’ve endured every

Victory you’ve celebrated every lesson you’ve learned all have been part of of your

preparation you are not here by chance but by Divine appointment and though you may feel

small in the face of what is to come remember that it is not by your strength alone that you will succeed but by my

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