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my beloved child I want you to know that I am always here for you and your loved

ones you can trust in my unwavering care and provision I long to guide you along a

tranquil Journey unburdening you from the weight of worry and apprehension that sometimes consumes your

mind I will release you from the grip of Fear freeing your thoughts from distress

and your soul from the nightmares that drain your Z best for life expect extraordinary things to unfold in your

life my purposes will be accomplished through you for my word never fails to

achieve its intended aim today I am present with you to catalyze transformation and New

Beginnings Embrace this fresh start with open eyes ready to witness the astounding miracles on the horizon as

you Traverse the lonely valleys cling tightly to my hand declare to your that

you do not stand alone for your heavenly father is right beside you come I beckon

you if you sense that now is the moment to begin a new do not hesitate embark on

this journey with me as your companion walk by my side and you will uncover an

overflowing Everlasting Joy enveloped in my boundless love Proclaim your love for

me say it aloud put it in writing shout it from the rooftops I am your healer

your sustainer your provider I surround you with love and Solace with me you

need not fear anything or anyone my strength invigorates you and my mighty

hand Shields you from harm this has always been true even in moments when I seemed hidden from view remember the

times you thought all was lost when your troubles felt overwhelming and insurmountable yet here you stand still

persevering if these words resonate with you it is because Faith resides within

you a faith that seeks success yearns for life and craves

happiness who dared suggest you are undeserving of these things pay no mind

to baseless accusations or thoughts of inadequacy you are my precious child

your heart is open to me your love for me evident in your daily pursuit of my presence I have declared you an

inheritor of all that is pure lovely kind and good every dream Anchored In

Truth and virtue will become your reality so March forward with unwavering Faith diligently striving toward your

goals it is never too late and you are never too old to begin do not be discouraged if you feel

ill equipped for the journey ahead I am the one who equips and empowers those who are

willing I personally call out to those who yearn to draw near to me and serve me with a heart full of love you are are

here in this world to accomplish remarkable meaningful things your past missteps and shortcomings do not define

you that is why you cling to the truth of my death and Resurrection I offer you forgiveness and

a fresh opportunity to rise up and reshape your life I will mold you into a leader within your home a Wellspring of

blessing to your family those who have disrespected you will be silenced as I

publicly display your worth through the love I lavish upon you for all to see

place your trust in me and embrace my love without reservation your eternal life your joy

and every blessing hinge upon this truth never Tire of expressing your love

and belief in me in both Triumph and trial I will remain steadfastly by your

side my love for you compels me to bring you a unique message today I have witnessed the vibrancy

fervor and dynamism of your faith you have matured deepened your understanding

of who I am and learned to trust in my perfect timing for the blessings I long

to bestow upon you I am assembling an army of valiant individuals eager to live with passion

and resolve they stand poised to share my love committed to all encompassing

transformation and renewal you my child are among these handpicked Warriors exercise discernment

in what you allow your eyes and ears to consume let my word be your utmost

priority immerse yourself in the Holy Spirit through reading listening

speaking writing and worshiping pursue every spirit-led inspiration with authenticity and

sincerity I desire to teach you wise stewardship the blessings I will entrust

to you are are immense and you must learn to manage them well I will not Elevate you only to see you succumb to

Pride or let power corrupt your heart if you yearn for your blessings to multiply

cultivate a posture of humility shun gossip and slander

refusing to speak ill of anyone never exploit or mistreat those

who respect you assist you or provide you with employment that sustains you

pour your en energy into diligent work selfless service and being a blessing to

those in your sphere of influence your family and Beyond I have appointed you to bear

fruit to go where I send you and to Usher prosperity and blessing into your

household I am speaking to you as a trusted friend if you long to see

transformation in your life you must resolve to obey me and walk in step with

me give me your word that you will do this you are on the cusp of a new chapter and

obedience is the key to your success I have chosen you to be a valiant Warrior to uplift your family

and to march from Victory to Victory my presence will accompany you in every Triumph from glory to glory fueled by

your praises and the gratitude that permeates your heart and home my cherished daughter my beloved Son you

are precious to me champion of champions I will lavish my blessings upon

you my choice to call you my own was no accident I act with intentionality

driven by my desire for you to Fathom the depths of my love there is a vital truth I must impart to you heed my words

carefully giving weight to every syllable do not brush off this message

take each word I speak to Heart pondering the significance of what I am conveying to you I come to assure you

that my Declarations of love for you will never cease with each new day I

will find fresh and delightful ways to express my love and folding you in my

affection you will perpetually feel enveloped safeguarded and blessed by the

vastness of my devotion my love for you is unwavering a covenant etched in my word

sealed with my own blood and affirmed by the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit this Divine flame purges your

soul of impurities while Heavenly winds sweep away the sting of painful

memories let this sacred peace steady your steps empowering you to rise

persevere and pour out greater measures of love and attention upon your family I extend to you this immense

power encased in a love that knows no end I have come to rescue you and to

prepare a special place for you in my eternal home though Heaven awaits you I desire

that while you remain on this Earth You would recall my words each night as you

drift off to sleep as your head meets the pillow release your anxieties and open

your hands to receive the Divine anointing that brings healing to both body and

soul you will rest peacefully undisturbed by the cares of this world

and Rise refreshed free from the grip of anxiety I will persistently reaffirm my

love for you understanding your need to hear it again and again I love you I treasure you I esteem

you I am continually at work on your behalf removing obstacles from your path

and orchestrating your Prosperity May Tranquility reign in your household May

your children flourish in wisdom May abundance overflow in your home may you

be liberated from the burden of of debt and may every trace of inner turmoil be banished

forever you will hear my voice sense my presence and feel the gentleness of my

touch as I whisper words of my eternal marvelous Supernatural love do you long to hear do you yearn to

experience it tell me do you love me you

will Thrive for I meticulously planned your future before you even took your first breath

held securely in my hands are the beautiful aspirations dreams and long-held hearts desires you cherish

along with the prayers you offer up for your loved ones every detail is recorded

in my book for I forget nothing in each season for every purpose

it is my heart’s desire to bless you to fling wide the doors of opportunity to

cultivate your wisdom Faith humility and patience and to witness your prosperity

and fruitfulness the pathway to blessing is within your reach found within the pages

of my powerful holy word cling to it with fervent faith and passion if your

past is littered with failures if you’ve tasted the bitterness of Despair and suffered painful losses hear these words

and declare them boldly my past is behind me from this day forward my life

my family my future are blessed join your voice with mine in

Proclamation never shy away from speaking my word in the presence of others for within my promises lie the

keys to eternal life Majestic and miraculous solutions to even the most

daunting challenges when you encounter trials that seem insurmountable there will

always be a sacred word to impart the wisdom you need to Triumph dive into

your Bible with enthusiasm reading eagerly to learn and grow my dearest child I want you to know

that I am always with you in every moment when you read these words feel my

presence guiding you helping you understand me more deeply never doubt my unwavering love

and commitment to you I will never leave you or condemn you for your

missteps I am nestled in your heart I hold so many good things in

store for you blessings opportunities Grace forgiveness Divine

strength and a rock solid purpose for your loved ones the time of being afraid

is passed I’ve taken away the dangers that surrounded you devote yourself

fully to me trust me without any doubts and I will fill your life with

Incredible happiness long before you entered this world I determined your destiny you are

so precious to me no one no one will cause you harm I will save you from hardship and give you the guidance you

require today you will witness an amazing sign of the depth of my

love begin this day with a peaceful self assured heart trusting that I will

immerse you in wonderful gentle Tranquility as you sense my love and

folding you know that your anxieties are safe in my care if at any point in the day you feel

disoriented worried weary or uncertain about your direction simply pause you

aren’t squandering time you’re tending to your well-being be calm sense my nearness

reflect on what I’ve told you believe in my assurances inhale my all-encompassing

love imagine my hand resting on your head I’m here to surround you with my

love and reassure you of how special you are to me I don’t waver my thoughts

about you are constant I won’t desert you I’ll never abandon you if you trust

that your wrongdoings are pardoned if you’re prepared to release your regrets and put your history behind you if you

welcome the love of an everlasting almighty God then all the active promises in my word will become reality

for you have faith in me and streams of life will pour out from inside you

believe in me and you’ll have the bravery and ability to defeat the darkness have an amazing day today and

tomorrow and all week and all month as you begin each morning with me hearing my voice conversing with me sharing your

disappointments and rejoicing in your triumphs let’s strategize together about your hopes and dreams let’s chart the

course that will lead you to achieving your aspirations please don’t judge yourself

too harshly tension diminishes Your Serenity don’t worry about me punishing you or

being angry about your shortcomings or errors you are my cherished child and I

want you to always keep that in mind the realities I disclose to Your Heart Bring

forgiveness power through My Sacrifice peace and deliverance endless life and

prosperity are yours through my resurrection From This Moment forward

you’ll experience an incredible self assurance an amazing feeling of safety

love and warmth unlike anything you felt before each day you’ll Journey With Me

converse with me and regardless of what happens rise every morning with a heart brimming with trust calm and peace do

you have faith in me you will be Victorious and everyone will witness that I stand with

you the blessings headed your way are unstoppable

shortly your requirements will be satisfied your Wellness will be renewed and the person you care about will

re-enter your life I share this with you to fill you with confidence so your joy can begin

immediately soon people and those close to you will pursue you and I want them to observe your delighted refreshed

countenance to see your smile touching them experiencing firsthand the incredible blessing i bestow on you I

Proclaim it above abundance is decreed I don’t mislead what I pledge will

transpire never let this slip from your mind so you aren’t overwhelmed by stress or concern I have put an end to your

distress your moment has arrived joyful days are on the horizon instances of

Grace for you to welcome don’t be scared my child don’t weep don’t abandon hope

have faith in me for I am your God communicating with you now believe with

with your whole being I hear your calls for help I perceive the rhythm of your

modest heart my Throne accepts your prayers and the gateways of my grace are

open to you I’m reigning down blessings and Good Will upon you my gift remains

with those who have uncomplicated Faith the modest all who sincerely and

earnestly invoke my name always remember you can depend on my strength and

devotion I want won’t ever forsake you never abandon or Overlook you as time

goes by if I endured the cross and Spilled my blood for you it wasn’t to

disregard you when foes and difficulties encircle you or when you feel powerless

deprived and unwell I’m perpetually with you I reiterate this continually so you

never lose sight of it I always yearn for you to pursue me daily to recall my words I possess the capacity to rescue

you if I communicate this to you every day it’s because I genuinely intend to take

action I want you to Slumber with Tranquility in your thoughts to Repose

soundly and to awaken in the morning with Valor in your soul and Assurance in

my steadfast pledge that I will never desert you I never deceive my love for

you is profound and I will ceaselessly bless you it has forever been this way

it is currently and it will perpetually be now inform me do you have

faith I yearn to witness your fortitude and Delight in your

words I comprehend why I act as I do I perceive your existence and your destiny

my child you have no cause for fear allow me to guide you heed me in the

early hours rely on my assurances adhere to my instruction and

you will flourish when you face demanding circumstances and must render crucial choices approach

me and Converse you’ll be liberated from stress and worry your heart will be Serene and I’ll bring the calmness you

require to your thoughts but recall to never act out of fear don’t make choices when you’re

Furious don’t speak when you’re agitated don’t respond to

provocation don’t behave aggressively towards anyone the enemy is attempting to go you into committing grave errors

which you’ll Ru and these mistakes will burden your spirit perplex your soul and

deprive you of your will to live pay close attention to what I’m telling you

indeed you who sense these words are intended for you cling to this message

return to listen I’m speaking directly to your spirit because I desire the best for

you the moment has come for you to completely trust me with your entire heart

seeking my guidance daily you’ll observe how I guide you plainly even in the most

minute details I want you to ascend from the depths of your misery release the grief

that weighs on your soul don’t let your emotions be disturbed when others remind

you of your history or judge you for transgressions and errors I’ve already pardoned choose who you will live for

will you give me the place I Merit or will you persist in heeding those who don’t know me and don’t want what’s best

for you I will Empower you so that you no longer rely on others opinions so

that you can confidently walk in the blessings I’ve given you without pursuing people’s endorsement and not

feeling wounded by their unkind remarks come and pursue me talk to me ask me

demand from me I will give I will respond I will demonstrate that I love you more than you can fathom

but let me show you starting now you will fear nothing and no one you will see how my Holy Spirit propels your life

in extraordinary ways with me all will be well you are awaiting good news and

it will arrive soon my power is disclosed to those who believe in me

simply and sincerely miracles happen when you fully entrust your heart to me when you trust

me absolutely and don’t let negative thoughts or harsh words bring you down down obscuring your mind boldly Proclaim

my word with faith declaring I can accomplish all things through Christ who strengthens me and I will never be

defeated I want your heart to be filled to overflowing with a Divine feeling a

feeling that remains with you always reminding you of my promises when difficulties

arise I implore you to listen attentively when you come to hear me each morning with your whole heart I

care about your welfare and Envision a future for you abounding with peace and prosperity dear one my dear child I want

you to experience a life filled with positivity unity and Harmony within your

family countless Marvels await you and I intend to nurture my presence within

your innocent and untainted heart remain steadfast in your faith for you will

witness the downfall of those who oppose you and the false friends who mock you

thinking themselves wise but stumbling daily they consider themselves intelligent but are scorned by Society

believing they are wealthy and secure yet they dwell in a deep dark pit of

spiritual poverty consumed by hatred and envy you will always be the recipient of

my blessings but remember that challenges and opposition will also cross your path wherever you go there

will always be someone ready to challenge you and draw you into conflict

however hold this truth close and never forget it do not fear them they claim to

possess what they lack and Fain virtues they do not embody they indulge in sin

while pretending to be Flawless you my cherished child Are Not

Alone nothing and no one can overpower you for I Am Your

Guardian your faith is rooted in a God who is not a product of your imagination

but a living powerful and Majestic God my love for you is genuine and I have

already demonstrated all that I can do for you do not be troubled cry or

succumb to depression because of threats and lies I am with you and I will rescue you

from evil assaults dangers poverty death and illness embrace my word and accept

my blessings declare your belief in me I love you deeply if you are feeling

overwhelmed come to me now and entrust your troubles to me I will take each one and transform them sadness into Joy

regret into peace and guilt into hope I am eliminating the depression that

consumes your mind urging you to listen to the deceptive voices of the past I am

eradicating that depression forever I am the almighty God and you are my beloved

child who obeys and trusts in me Faithfully following me you deserve the

freedom I desire to bestow upon you today by the power of my pure and Holy

Blood you must be liberated from all mental burdens listen to my voice and receive

complete healing from head to toe wherever you are rise up gather your dreams from the ground and walk follow

this path that leads to the Pinnacle of the Holy Mountain to the place of your Victory the feelings I am instilling in

your heart are sealed by my Holy Spirit this blessing I set before you is

real and true and you will receive it if you believe in me and my Eternal

Word you’re not mistaken in entrusting your heart to your heavenly father who loves you deeply this is not your

imagination powerful and Supernatural Miracles will occur for all who listen to me and dare to believe with humility

and simplicity who honor my word acknowledge their faults abandon evil

and decide to walk steadfastly without looking back I love you dearly and want to heal you

and break your chains I am destroying Every curse and spell that deceived you

making you think there is someone in the universe more powerful than I these are

nothing but lies the heavens and the Earth tremble at the sound of my voice and forces of

evil fall defeated they cannot stand against my visible Glory no Being Human or

spiritual can oppose you harm you or bring you evil for you are never

alone my arms encircle you my Holiness covers you and the power of my blood

Shields you day and night no more sadness no more pain tears of Despair

will cease feel the peace and joy I am giving you now tell me you are receiving it tell me

you believe in me kneel down and give thanks for all the love and wonders you are about to experience

I am warning you the end of your waiting is near your goals your desires and your

blessings are becoming real right now prepare your heart for the joy may be so

overwhelming and the surprise so great that you might think you don’t deserve all I am ready to give you I am speaking

to your soul once more I ask you gently with patience and

love to renew your thoughts yes I know you can’t do it alone

I will help you with what you cannot do yourself but you must stand up in faith

your Bible is there start reading it every day surround yourself with those

who encourage you to believe who speak words of encouragement and help you grow

I am close to your heart right there beside your bed you can kneel every morning simply close your eyes at home

or even go out to feel the Sun and take a walk but wherever you are talk to me

share your feelings and Thoughts with me what are your reasons for living always

be grateful what things and which people make you feel blessed write down my word and keep it

in front of you in short verses that you can read and memorize not to repeat mindlessly but to meditate on them in

your soul to understand my love and power and learn to have the faith to truly believe that I love you and that I

have a beautiful and perfect plan for your family and for you no more sad

sadness no more pain tears of Despair will cease feel the peace and joy I am

giving you now tell me you are receiving it tell me you believe in me kneel down

and give thanks for all the love and wonders you are about to experience I am warning you the end of

your waiting is near your goals your desires and your blessings are becoming

real right now prepare your heart heart for the joy may be so overwhelming and the surprise

so great that you might think you don’t deserve all I am ready to give you I am speaking to your soul once more I ask

you gently with patience and love to renew your thoughts yes I know you can’t do it alone I will help you with what

you cannot do yourself but you must stand up in faith your Bible is there

start reading it every day surround yourself with those who encourage you to believe who speak words of En

encouragement and help you grow I am close to your heart right there beside your bed my dear child I

want you to know that no matter where you are or what you’re doing you can always talk to me whether you’re sitting

at home taking a walk outside or simply closing your eyes for a moment I’m here

to listen share your thoughts your feelings and your dreams with me tell me

what motivates you what brings you Joy and what makes you feel grateful

take time each day to reflect on the blessings in your life write down the things that make you feel loved and

appreciated by others read and reflect on my words not just repeating them

mindlessly but truly letting them sink into your heart and mind I want you to understand the depth

of my love for you you are a beautiful and wonderful person created with a specific purpose and plan trust in my

power and have faith that I will heal you and bring happiness to your family your dedication to prayer and your

unwavering Faith are essential be cautious of distractions that lead you away from me and cause you to doubt your

worth some people may try to win your favor but their intentions are not always pure stay true to my word and be

Discerning in your interactions with others remember you are incredibly valuable to me and my love for you grows

stronger each day there are still many blessings I want to bestow upon you the challenges

you face today will soon pass and all your hardships will vanish stay strong

in your faith and your family will be United and filled with love once again I

will restore everything that was lost and make it clear to everyone that my favor and blessing are with

you those who have doubted your faith will come to realize that I your heavenly father am real and love you

deeply when you’re in trouble I will respond when you’re in danger I will

protect you when you’re in need I will provide for you I seek to support you

your family and all your future Generations do not be afraid for I am always with you I am the

ultimate healer of all your pains whether they affect your body or your

emotions I ask for your faith sincerity obedience perseverance

determination and persistence in me my words and my presence listen to my requests be

obedient and patiently persevere don’t worry about tomorrow your task is to

keep moving forward obey me and trust me with everything I am your father and your God

and the time I give you each day is not meant for worrying if you choose to give into anxiety you are hurting my love and

bringing sadness to yourself I understand that sometimes when you’re tired and uncertain you

might stumble but I will always be there to remind you that I am not here to judge you I am also your friend I am

preparing a feast of blessings for you in the presence of your enemies I will lift you up before your family and

friends and I will take you to many new places many will learn about me through

your testimony and message you are entering a new new season filled with Miracles and Supernatural events you

will witness amazing things happening to those you love Embrace this new life and

accept the blessings that come your way with moderation and humility guard your heart and always

remember who provides these blessings dedicate this day to me seek

my presence prepare your soul and get ready for joy I love

you tell me sincerely ly that you believe in me come to me immerse

yourself in my presence and fill yourself with my word give me what I ask

of you today your humble heart your eyes seeking my will and your steps following

my path I will show you that your blessings are near your soul will

rejoice as Freedom approaches and you will realize that there are things you have cried over that you don’t truly

need because you have me my beloved loved child let me share

with you the essence of gratitude it is a simple yet profound

virtue one that holds the power to transform your lives in wondrous ways

gratitude is not merely a passing feeling it is a state of being a

disposition of the heart that permeates every aspect of your existence think of gratitude as a seed

that I have planted within each of you like all seeds it requires nurturing and

care to flourish each day take the time to tend to this seed to water it with acts of

thankfulness and kindness as you do you will watch it grow into a mighty tree bearing the

fruit of joy and contentment it is important my dear one to cultivate gratitude in all things

even in the midst of trials and tribulations there is always something to be thankful for from The Simple

Pleasures of life to the love of family and friends there is abundance all around you if you have eyes to

see express your gratitude not only through words but also through

actions be generous with your time your resources and your talents as you give freely of yourselves

you will find that your capacity for gratitude expands creating a virtuous cycle of

generosity and thankfulness but perhaps the most profound way to cultivate gratitude is through the

practice of presence too often you allow yourself to be consumed by worries about

the past or anxieties about the future and you miss the beauty and wonder of the present moment but when you learn to

be fully present to savor each moment as it comes you open yourselves to a deeper

sense of gratitude for the gift of life itself my beloved child

I do not promise you lives free from hardship or pain there will be times of

struggle and sorrow moments when gratitude feels Out Of Reach but even in

the darkest of times there is still light to be found if you have eyes to see so I urge you my dear one to

cultivate a heart of gratitude let it be the guiding principle of your lives the

lens through which you view the world for in gratitude you will find joy in

gratitude you will find peace and in gratitude you will find the fullness of

life itself amen

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