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[Music] my child look upon the vast expanse of

the night sky see how the Stars unwavering in their Brilliance Pierce

The Darkness offering unwavering guidance to Travelers on land and sea

such are your true friends beacons of light illuminating your path even in the deepest Shadows

[Music] when doubt and despair Cloud your judgment their unwavering Faith becomes

your guiding star they see the potential that burns brightly within you even when

your own vision is obscured their unwavering belief serves as a compass directing you towards your truest

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remember child that dwelling on Misfortune only prolongs its grip let go of negativity as readily as you release

a [Music]

breath clinging to past Sorrows is like clutching a stone while searching for a pearl release the burden and open your

heart to the joy that awaits [Music]

should negativity creep in through the Whispers of others pay them no heed their words hold no power over the truth

that resides within [Music]

you you are a masterpiece a unique creation woven from the finest threads

of my love let not the fleeting opinions of others diminish your worth

time my child is a gentle healer it soothes the sting of wounds in men’s broken hearts trust in the passage of

time for it brings perspective and washes away the bitterness of Sorrow allow time to weave its magic

transforming your trials into triumphs like this video and type amen

if you needed

this my child comparisons like T angled Vines will only constrict your spirit

you are on a unique Journey a path unlike any

[Music] other your only competition is with the

person you were yesterday strive to be a better version of yourself to learn and grow with each passing

day even amidst life storms find Stillness within your yourself breathe

deeply and know that you are not alone I am your anchor your constant source of

[Music] strength it is perfectly acceptable to not have all the answers to navigate

life’s uncertainties with a sense of wonder trust your intuition and know

that I am everpresent guiding you with a gentle hand

remember my child that happiness is a choice a garden you cultivate with love

kindness and gratitude you hold the very seeds of Joy within your grasp choose to

nurture them to water them with positive thoughts and actions your happiness is not a distant

dream but a tapestry you weave with each passing day if you believe in the strength of

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Lord my child let your smile be a beacon to the world a reflection of the joy

that resides within you life though fleeting is a magnificent gift Savor

each experience embrace the laughter and the tears for they all contribute to the richness of your

being and finally my child cherish the bonds of true friendship for in your

closest companions you find Kindred Spirits who reflect your own light they

are the ones who celebrate your victories and offer a comforting hand during times of

[Music] hardship their laughter mingles with

yours creating a symphony of Joy their understanding transcends words offering

a sense of belonging that warms the very core of your

being true friendship a bond forged in love and loyalty is a treasure beyond

measure it is a Haven in the storm a source of unwavering

[Music] support nurture these precious

connections for they are a reflection of the love that flows from me to all creation let your friendships be a

testament to the power of connection a luminous thread woven into the tapestry of your

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[Music] this my child as you navigate the

intricate Pathways of life you may find yourself entangled in the Thorns of comparison you might witness witness

some flourishing effortlessly While others seem to struggle with slow

[Music] progress but listen closely Dear Heart

things are not always as they appear each of you carries a unique seed destined to bloom in its own time and

way just like a majestic oak tree that took decades to rise or a delicate

Orchid thriving in shade your journey unfolds

uniquely as you mature a change will sweep over you like a gentle breeze clearing the fog of seeking validation

from others you’ll begin to turn inward nurturing the fertile ground of your own

Spirit the achievements of others will lose their power as you discover purpose within yourself

[Music] this Awakening is consciousness it’s realizing the truth within you you

possess the power to shape your reality conquer fear and progress along your destined

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[Music] my child fear may attempt to whisper

doubts and anxieties into your heart suggesting you lack strength resources or time but do not heed its call rise

above limitations with courage and elevate your

Consciousness some of you are walking a path marked by tiny Footprints nurturing precious Souls Parenthood is a sacred

dance of love exhaustion and unwavering devotion you might feel the weight of

responsibility always striving to do [Music]

more but hear this my precious one release the burden of

perfection there is no singular right way to parent you may miss meals and playtime sometimes embrace the beautiful

imperfection of doing your best for your children need your love and presence more than

Perfection this season of Parenthood though challenging is fleeting the little hands that cling to you now will

soon explore the world independently the sleepless nights will transform into peaceful rest trust that you are exactly

where you need to be like this video and type Lord if you

trust [Music]

God my child release anxieties and welcome challenges for they fortify your

strength remember you are never alone my love envelops you guiding you through

life’s twists and turns with perfect love and [Music]

grace as you reflect on these affirmations know that I am by your side

navigating the currents of life’s journey with you your perspective rooted in trust and surrender reflects your

deep faith in the unfolding of [Music]

Destiny you need not burden yourself with meticulous planning or constant questioning of decisions instead embrace

the beauty of trusting that things will align in ways beyond your imagination

life’s Course May diverge from your expectations yet every unexpected turn holds hidden blessings and opportunities

for [Music]

growth all the right elements are aligning for you my beloved the right people will enter your life bringing

light and love as you Journey those who no longer resonate with your path will gracefully depart making room for new

connections that that uplift and

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God my child Envision a future adorned with a beautiful home a sanctuary of

peace and serenity picture a dynamic career that ignites your passion and purpose filled with meaningful

contributions to the world

imagine waking beside the love of your life sharing sweet words and dreams over morning coffee Envision leisurely

Sundays and joyful holidays moments cherished with loved

ones your creativity will flourish leaving an indelible mark on those who encounter your art your dedication and

devotion will be recognized opening doors to New Opportunities and [Music]

accolades as you travel you will encounter extraordinary Souls who enrich your journey with diverse perspectives

and shared experiences you will be seen and valued for your authentic self

appreciated for your unique gifts and contributions

my child release the weight of worry and doubt embrace the certainty that life is unfolding exactly as it should trust in

the divine plan knowing that each chapter of your story holds purpose and meaning


when challenges arise hold fast to these affirmations let them serve as beacons of Hope and Assurance guiding you toward

a future filled with abundance and

[Music] fulfillment remember my beloved you are

never alone on this journey I am here always Whispering words of encouragement

and love Embrace each day with gratitude and optimism for life is indeed working

out perfectly just as it

[Music] should like this video and type Divine

if you trust

[Music] God my beloved child emotions are the

vibrant Hues that paint the tapestry of your Human Experience they are not to be stifled or ignored for each one carries

a unique message like notes in a Divine Symphony orchestrated by the

Universe imagine the Folly of attempting to silence such a symphony the richness of its melodies the depth of its

crescendos similarly embrace your emotions as Messengers sent to illuminate the pathways of your soul

they reveal truths about yourself and the world around you offering invaluable lessons in self-discovery and


growth allow these emotions to flow through you like a gentle stream acknowledging their presence with Grace

and acceptance yet do not surrender to their whims entirely instead harness

their energy as a catalyst for positive

transformation see them not as obstacles but as stepping stones toward Enlightenment and

self-realization let their intensity fuel your actions propelling you forward on the path of personal evolution


like this video and type God banish the negativity from your


life remember my child you hold the power to choose how you respond to each

emotional wave with each breath you shape The Narrative of your life infusing it with intention and purpose


so take a deep breath and honor the depth of your feelings allow them to

guide you toward your highest self Illuminating the path to self-discovery and inner peace


in this Divine dance of emotions trust that I am by your side guiding you with

love and compassion embrace the beauty of your emotional landscape for it is through these colors that you paint the

Masterpiece of your existence [Music]

let gratitude Infuse each emotion transforming them into sacred offerings to the universe Embrace joy as a

celebration of life sorrow as a teacher of resilience anger as a call to action

and love is the essence of your [Music]

being with every emotional cord you strike remember that you are Divine instrument playing a symphony Uniquely

Yours Embrace The Melodies of your soul for they are The Echoes of Eternity within

you so my beloved walk this path with courage and Grace embrace the full

spectrum of your emotions for they are the brush Strokes that create the Masterpiece of your Life Trust in the

wisdom of your heart and let love be your Guiding

Light if you believe in the strength of Almighty like this video And subscribe my cherished


child embrace the Tranquility that resides within you release the battles

that rage within your thoughts and heart for peace is not merely a state of existence it is a sacred gift you bestow

upon yourself by relinquishing the need for conflict you open the door to true

happiness and inner

Serenity choose peace as the Cornerstone of your being and Witness how it transforms the fabric of your life from

within let peace be the gentle current that guides you along the river of existence soothing every turbulent wave

and calming every Restless


Eddy in the Stillness of your soul you will find the answers you seek and the

Solace you crave allow peace to permeate every fiber of your being like a warm

embrace from the universe


itself now my dear one imagine a profound transformation an energy

clearing and healing session that removes the invisible blocks hindering your path to Joy abundance and love

Envision yourself receiving these healing energies allowing them to dissolve the barriers that have held you

[Music] back if you believe in the strength of

Almighty like this video and type

yes my child picture yourself returning to your ultimate and highest vibration

where life unfolds effortlessly and you are propelled towards abundance joy and

purpose life as it should be where each moment is infused with Clarity peace and


fulfillment you may feel stuck as though an invisible force impedes your progress

this energy clearing session is your Liberation a chance to shed the burdens of the past and embrace the next chapter


you together we will remove the biggest obstacles obstructing your path raising

your vibration to new heights in this elevated State problems design olve

effortlessly and you become a conduit for boundless creation and


breakthroughs as your vibration ascends you will witness Miracles unfolding obstacles melting away and New

Opportunities blossoming before you life will unfold in wondrous ways aligning

with the highest good of all [Music]

like this video and type Amen to claim [Music]

this trust in this transformation my beloved embrace the journey ahead with

faith and anticipation knowing that you will emerge from this experience renewed and empowered

after this event you will not be the same your essence transformed your

spirit uplifted Embrace this journey with an open heart for it is a Divine

invitation to reclaim your true Essence and step into the fullness of your being

[Music] I eagerly await the unveiling of the new you a radiant Soul vibrating in harmony

with the universe radiating abundance joy and love Embrace this opportunity

and let your transformation

begin like this video and type yes to claim this

my beloved child as you Journey deeper into healing you elevate the standards of who has access to your heart and soul

this is not born of arrogance but of a deep desire to safeguard the peace calmness and freedom from drama that you

have diligently [Music]

cultivated in the Sacred Scriptures it is written no person can take your joy

indeed no setback disappointment storm sickness or Calamity can rob you of your

joy unless you choose to relinquish it the power to hold on to your joy resides within you you are the guardian of your


happiness you should only welcome into your life that which reciprocates your love and honors your essence


if you find yourself struggling to manifest the love you desire I offer you a Divine offering a path to embracing

self-love confidence and genuine connections through the All About Love series Bid Farewell to self-doubt

limiting beliefs and low self-esteem and Usher in a life filled with authentic

love adoration and deep connections that nourish your soul [Music]

[Music] recognizing this truth is pivotal in

reclaiming your autonomy and Breaking Free from cycles of abuse or toxicity it

is a testament to your strength and resilience refusing to be defined by past traumas or experiences

remember your journey toward healing is sacred and valid you are worthy of a

life adorned with peace love and authenticity surround yourself with

nurturing support and seek out resources that Empower you to continue on this

path of growth and transformation

[Music] Embrace The Power Within you my beloved

and step confidently into a future adorned with love Serenity and fulfillment you deserve nothing

less like this video and type Lord to banish the negativity from your life

my child do not let the EB and flow of Life The Very rhythm of existence leave

a taste of ashes on your tongue for beauty in all its forms retains its Brilliance even after its curtain call

each encounter each experience is woven into the tapestry of your being a thread

strengthening and enriching your soul

yes time the ever-flowing river will carry some companions from your side understand that impermanence is not a

flaw but a truth of this world not all Exquisite Melodies play Forever yet

their echos resonate within us enriching the Symphony of Our Lives


there is a love that transcends physical proximity a love that can cherish the existence of another Soul even from AF

far this love too holds immense

power the ache you feel now a heavy weight upon your heart will lighten with

each Sunrise trust that you are not alone in this journey of grief many

wander these paths their hearts marked by temporary

connections these precious Souls they arrive like seasonal winds stirring the

leaves of your being Whispering Tales of love and growth they challenge you to expand Beyond The Familiar to reach for

a version of yourself yet unknown [Music]

and though your paths May diverge the lessons learned the connections forged leave an indelible Mark release them

with gratitude for they have served their purpose nudging you ever closer to your truest

potential like this video and type yes to claim this

remember my child no soul is guaranteed to remain by your side forever this

impermanence is not a cruel twist of fate but a Divine Arrangement it allows

you to encounter a multitude of experiences to weave a tapestry rich with diverse threads

though goodbyes may bring tears hold fast to the knowledge that a new chapter awaits by the Year’s End The Narrative

you tell will be one of transformation a testament to your resilience your unwavering Spirit a

story brimming with healing success a vibrant Wellspring of health and

[Music] abundance for you are destined for for

prosperity for love that uplifts for a heart overflowing with happiness and peace you will emerge stronger wiser a

soul brimming with life ready to share your triumphs with the world and amidst the Symphony of Joy the dreams you hold

dear will blossom into [Music]

reality so take heart my child let not the temporary sting of impermanence cloud the Brilliance of your your

journey for within the cycle of endings lie New Beginnings waiting to

[Music] unfold like this video and type Amen to

claim this



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