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[Music] my child listen closely for I speak to

you now not just with words but with the Gentle Wind Whispering through the

leaves and the warm sun upon your face everything begins in the mind a canvas

upon which your reality is

painted before your hand tell such as Stone the building Rises first in your thoughts before your feet carry you on a

journey the path unfolds within your imagination therefore tend to your mind

child for it is the Fertile ground where all things

grow doubt not yourself for I have woven within you a tapestry of strengths and talents though storms may rage around

you the fire of your spirit Burns ever bright look upon the world with clear eyes for the the challenges you face are

not insurmountable but opportunities to refine your

character hold fast to your dreams for they are the Whispers of your soul guiding you towards your true

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God my child let love flow freely through your heart a welcoming River for

all who wish to enter do not build walls of Suspicion or fear for genuine connections are the lifeblood of a


existence allow others to see The Light Within you the humor that Sparks Joy the

kindness that radiates warmth you may be surprised by the beauty they discover a

reflection you yourself have yet to fully embrace

there will be those who misunderstand who may not see your worth with perfect clarity do not allow their words to

pierce your heart for their perception is but a fleeting [Music]

Shadow trust in the Echo of my voice within you the one that Whispers your

value and encourages you to rise above negativity let insults roll off you like

Dew drops from a Lotus leaf leaving your spirit

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this life my child is a grand tapestry woven with threads of joy and sorrow

triumphs and challenges do not take each setback as a personal attack for there

is a grand design unfolding one you may not fully comprehend at this

Moment release the burdens of overthinking the Relentless pursuit of

answers that may not be readily available trust in the flow of time in

my Divine timing for all things will unfold as they are meant

to and finally my love embrace forgiveness forgive those who have

stumbled in their interactions with you for their actions however misguided may

have served to illuminate the path to

self-discovery forgive those who did not believe in your dreams for their doubt may have fueled your own fire pushing

you to strive even

harder release the anger and resentment for the they are heavy stones that only weigh you down create space within your

soul to become the Magnificent being you were always meant to be walk with your head held high a

beacon of love and compassion in a world that desperately needs

it remember child I am always with you cheering you on Guiding your steps and

within you lies the power to create a life that is beautiful beautiful fulfilling and truly

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this my dear child you have such a pure heart a beacon of light that attracts

pure relationships and resonant opportunities into your life this Purity extends beyond the surface it reflects

your deep connection to your purpose and inner peace you understand that true Success is Not merely measured by wealth

but by the alignment with your Soul’s

Calling as you cultivate purity of mind body and spirit you are actively healing

generational patterns embedded within your subconscious mind your journey is

transformative transcending the ordinary to become something extraordinary in this process you are

evolving into a being of immense strength and wisom

yes a time will come in your life when those who have treated you wrongly will face regret trust that this moment of

Reckoning is inevitable people will realize the depth of their actions and the impact they had on your

life if there ever comes a day when I cease speaking to you and remove you from my life understand the weight of

that decision it is not made lightly I too struggle with the tendency to hold

on to the goodness I see in others despite the harm they may [Music]

cause but if I reach a point where I must sever ties it is because you have exceeded my limits stretching my

capacity for forgiveness and [Music]

understanding like this video and type amen if you needed

this remember my child that self-preservation is not selfishness it

is an act of self-love and self-respect you deserve relationships that honor and uplift your spirit not ones that

diminish your

light continue on your path of Purity and healing embrace the Journey of becom

coming superhuman a being Guided by love wisdom and resilience trust in the

unfolding of your story for every chapter is a testament to your strength and

[Music] Grace my child gaze upon your dreams

they are like vast Celestial ships billowing with the Winds of your aspirations yet without Direction They

drift aimlessly lost in the vast sea of Poss

[Music] possibilities for dreams though

beautiful are but the fuel that ignites your passions they spark your imagination a lighting of fire within

your soul but to reach the Distant Shores of achievement you need a map a

Guiding Light a [Music]

goal goals are the compass that charts your course they break down the vast expanse of your dreams into manageable

steps a road map edged with purpose without them your aspirations remain

Whispers In The Wind fleeting desires lacking the concrete foundation of

action remember it is the harmonious dance between dreams and goals that

propels you forward one provides the burning desire the other the unwavering

resolve to see it through it is this Synergy that births accomplishments that resonate with your very

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this my child never forget the wisdom I have bestowed upon you before when

burdens weigh heavy and the day seems an insurmountable Peak Focus only on the next hour if that hour feels too vast F

shrink your gaze to the next few minutes and should even those moments seem daunting take it one precious breath at

a time with each inhale know that you are

strong you are loved countless Souls seen and unseen surround you with

unwavering affection their desire to witness your radiant smile a reflection

of the joy that resides within

you it is perfectly natural to feel lost a drift in a sea of confusing

emotions the feelings you experience are valid a testament to the vibrant tapestry of your

being even moments of emptiness hold meaning know this these fleeting clouds

of Doubt cannot extinguish the love light that burns so brightly within

you trust my child that a future awaits a magnificent Panorama yet to be

unveiled it stretches far beyond the limitations of your present grasp and

within it lies a beauty that will leave you

breathless therefore keep moving forward embrace the Journey of self-love

you are on the right path even if it seems unclear at times one day you will

awaken with a newfound perspective a gentle understanding Whispering life is

good this transformation will unfold gradually like a flower basking in the

warmth of the sun you will begin to notice the Exquisite details you once

overlooked the vibrant Hues of a blooming flower the comforting EMB R of a warm shower the simple pleasure of a

morning coffee that invigorates your

soul if you believe in the strength of Almighty like this video and type

my child the world around you will transform bed in a new light the beauty

that has always been there will finally be seen a testament to to the strength you’ve harbored within and you will

Marvel at how you ever considered leaving such wonders [Music]

behind do not berate yourself for feeling lost or for the perceived shortcomings that linger in your mind

life would be a monotonous Melody if you had already achieved everything embrace the detours the wrong

turns for within them lies the fertile ground for growth and wisdom

be patient my child the pieces will fall into place a magnificent Mosaic

revealing its Grand Design every experience every heartache every misstep

they all serve a purpose guiding you towards your true

north do not shy away from making mistakes they are the Stepping Stones on

the path to Mastery success is not a destination reached overnight but a journey savored

with each [Music]

step embrace the unknown get wonderfully lost and ReDiscover yourself time and

again hold fast to your beliefs let go of the opinions that seek to dim your

light and Trust the Magnificent Journey that unfolds before you

like this video and type banish the negativity from your

[Music] life my child there are times precious

one when life feels like a waiting room the world outside bustles with activity

yet you find yourself seemingly stuck yearning for the doors to open and reveal the next chapter

it’s a human condition this feeling of anticipation and while it can be frustrating see it as a fertile ground

where seeds of change are taking [Music]

root this seemingly stagnant phase is not a void it’s a canvas upon which the

brush Strokes of your future are being prepared Savor these in between moments for they hold a unique beauty

[Music] you are shedding the skin of who you were making space for the Magnificent

being you are becoming soon the doors will swing open and you’ll step into a world transformed not just by

circumstance but by the strength you’ve cultivated [Music]

within now about these relationships that weigh heavy on your heart healing

my child is a gift with a sharp edge it’s unveils truths sometimes harsh

about those who share our journey unconditional love the kind that flows from my very essence does not equate to

Blind acceptance of [Music]

negativity it is about setting boundaries walls of Love That Shield you from disrespect and abuse it is about

understanding that true love allows growth even when it means letting and

[Music] go remember the battles you fought the

storms you’ve weathered you are a warrior forged in the fires of hardship recognize the immense power you

possess every obstacle you overcome adds another layer of resilience another

Testament to your unwavering Spirit look in the mirror and with unwavering conviction declare I am proud of


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child you are a masterpiece in the making my child you deserve the purest

form of love the love that begins with you stop letting others dictate your

happiness their actions or lack thereof have no bearing on your inherent worth

you are a radiant sun and your light must shine for yourself


first true love the kind that mirrors my love for you understands the power of

Letting Go it recognizes when a connection has run its course when clinging up on only breathes stagnation

it allows space for growth even if it means parting ways with someone you


cherish release those who no longer align with your path trust that in doing

so you are setting them free to find their own happiness just as you are claiming yours

[Music] this journey my child is yours to walk I

walk beside you in every step in Every Breath You are never alone trust in the

unfolding embrace the changes that are upon you and never doubt the incredible being you

are like this video and type them in to claim [Music]

this my dear child I want to impart some profound truths to guide you on your

journey of relationships and personal growth remember that true connections go beyond mere

infatuation they Inspire growth and encourage each other to evolve into better versions of themselves day by

day surround yourself with those who motivate you to reach higher and strive

for excellence in life seek companions who uplift you without judgment who

notice the small details and gestures that speak volumes about their care and consideration for

you it’s important not to fall into the Trap of labeling everyone as bad simply

because you’ve encountered hurt and disappointment in the past reflect on your own capacity for forgiveness and

understanding and extend that Grace to others

[Music] you are constantly evolving and

transforming your mindset perspectives and actions evolve with every experience shaping who you are in the present

moment understand that the same applies to those around you people change over time sometimes in ways we may not

anticipate or desire [Music]

embrace the reality that not everyone will change as we hope some may use the concept of change as a shield to avoid

accountability for harmful Behavior they may plead for empathy while repeating harmful patterns it’s crucial to discern

between genuine transformation and manipulative excuses [Music]

like this video and type banish the negativity from your

life my child focus on where people are in the present not where they were in

the past continuously dwelling on past mistakes can hinder progress and prevent

authentic growth

support those who are committed to positive change allowing room for imperfections and setbacks along the

way acknowledge the importance of accountability in relationships hold others accountable for their actions

while maintaining empathy and understanding avoid enabling destructive patterns by blindly accepting excuses or

overlooking harmful Behavior

remember my child the past serves as a teacher to guide us in the present but it should not imprison us or prevent us

from moving forward Embrace forgiveness and acceptance while setting healthy boundaries for your own

[Music] well-being if someone consistently

resists change or shows little commitment to personal growth it may be necessary to release them from your life

for the sake of your mental health and peace of mind letting go does not mean abandoning compassion it means

prioritizing your own growth and honoring your [Music]

boundaries like this video And subscribe if you trust God

trust in the wisdom of these words as you navigate the complexities of relationships and personal Evolution

Embrace each moment as an opportunity for growth and understanding you are worthy of genuine connections and


Transformations my beloved child embracing self-love is akin to constructing an unbreakable Fortress

around your heart when you cultivate deep appreciation for yourself the doubts and the longing for

external validation lose their grip over

you your worth is not defined by others opinions or affections it emanates from

the love and respect you hold for yourself let self love illuminate your path even in life’s darkest moments


life is a journey of transformation you may encounter loss of Love of friendships of pieces of yourself but

know that these losses are not permanent they pave the way for New [Music]

Beginnings Love Will Find its way back to you in unexpected ways better companions will enter your life and with

each experience you emerge stronger and wiser gazing at a resilient Soul reflected in the


mirror you are approaching pivotal moments of Destiny I am leading you to

places beyond your own reach what is unfolding for you will be extraordinary the prayers you’ve

whispered are on the brink of fruition

the struggles and challenges you faced are coming to an end a new dawn is breaking a time of transformation and

breakthrough the obstacles that held you captive are crumbling as we speak opportunities and blessings are poised

to find you it is your season to rise above sickness depression and adversity

surround yourself with Souls who uplift your spirit cherish your presence and offer unwavering support these

companions will be your beacons of strength and [Music]

joy Embrace their love and kindness for they remind you of your inherent worth

and celebrate your victories alongside you choose your tribe wisely for they enrich your journey and make life truly

meaningful [Music]

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God my child I may not fully comprehend the mysteries of divinity but I believe

in the power of prayers thoughts and miracles consider the profound Miracle of existence itself our planet suspended

in the vastness of the cosmos trust that Miracles will find their way to you if you relinquish control and take that

leap of faith into the

unknown in life’s intricate tapestry every experience serves a purpose weaving lessons into the fabric of your

being embrace the wisdom of recognizing when to walk away from Darkness for these choices Define our character let

us not dwell on the past but embrace the boundless possib possibilities of the

future here’s to embracing self-discovery seeking growth and believing in the vibrant life we deserve

remember our resilience is forged not in the absence of struggle but in our courage to dance in the rain and Chase

the [Music]

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God my child look at the reflection staring back at you see how your very

essence radiates when you Embrace what stirs your soul it’s a symphony playing within you a Melody that spills out and

paints your world with vibrant [Music]

Hues your skin a canvas glowing with the joy that dances in your heart your eyes

a light with the Embers of curiosity and passion mirror the fire that burns brightly within every touch a testament

to the sincerity that flows from you a gentle current connecting you to the world

around and in this vibrancy you spark a flame in others Your Enthusiasm a

contagious current that ignites hearts and stir slumbering dreams your smile a

beacon that draws others in a promise of warmth and light your presence a

lingering echo of Joy a reminder of the beauty that life

holds but I also see the yearning in the eyes of some the spark that once

flickered Bright Now struggles to find its fuel a longing for purpose for experience es that ignite the spirit and

chase away the

Shadows remember my child that your world is a reflection of your inner landscape when you embrace your passions

when you nurture the spark within you paint your reality in vibrant [Music]

colors like this video And subscribe banish the negativity from your life

[Music] my child don’t let the disappointments

of today dim your light a single day even a bad one is but a fleeting moment

in the grand tapestry of your life tomorrow holds the promise of new beginnings a chance to bake cookies that

fill your home with sweet Aromas maybe on your way you’ll encounter a furry friend a purring

reminder of the simple Joys waiting to be found [Music]

there’s a reunion waiting for you just around the corner a chance to reconnect with a kindred spirit to feel the warmth

of belonging wash over [Music]

you perhaps even a year from now happiness will bloom in ways you never imagined possible there are countless

stories waiting to be unfurled movies yet to be watched Adventures yet to be embarked

[Music] upon animals yearn for your gentle touch

books beg to be devoured and at the end of it all there’s always the comfort of a welcoming bed a Haven to rest and

recharge [Music]

today may not be the most picturesque scene but it’s just a single frame in the Grand movie of your life each day

unfolds like a new page offering fresh possibilities and the promise of a happier

tomorrow you have the strength the resilience and the unwavering Spirit to navigate this journey never lose sight

of The Light Within my child embrace your passions chase your dreams and let your inner fire illuminate the path

ahead you’ve got this because you are loved cherished and forever Guided by

[Music] me like this video and type Amen to

claim this [Music]

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