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[Music] my beloved child today I want to speak

directly to your heart I see the path you’ve been walking the challenges you

faced and the dreams that stir within [Music]

you right now you may be in the midst of struggles and uncertainties but I want you to know that your story

is about to change Miracles are on the horizon waiting to find


you you are on the brink of a remarkable transformation a success story that will

inspire and uplift countless Souls through your journey of overcoming adversity you will shine as a Beacon of

Hope for others

your resilience and determination will speak volumes showing the world what it means to rise above challenges and

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[Music] God my beloved child I want you to

understand something profound apologies are meant for wrong actions not for simply being who you are you do not owe

anyone an apology for feeling confused for experiencing anger or for needing

more than what others can give [Music]

you my child ask for forgiveness for your evil Deeds or I will bring an end

to your life my beloved child you are a precious Soul worthy of understanding

and compassion [Music]

apologize when you have hurt someone when your actions have caused pain or harm but never apologize for being human

for having emotions for needing to be heard and

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[Music] my beloved child you are perfectly

imperfect and that is a beautiful part of your journey embrace your emotions your struggles and your desires without

shame or guilt trust in your worthiness and know that you are deeply loved just as you

are I am here to remind you that your true Essence is pure and divine let go

of the need to apologize for simply being yourself instead focus on embracing your authenticity and honoring

your [Music]

truth I am orchestrating every step of your journey intricately weaving the threads of your experiences into a

beautiful tapestry of Triumph your story is not random it is purposeful and

guided by Divine hands even in the darkest moments I am shaping your narrative turning hardships into

Stepping Stones towards

greatness as you navigate each day remember that I am with you writing the chapters of your life be encouraged my

dear one Have Faith In the Journey laid out before you trust that every obstacle

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if you believe in your [Music]

creator my beloved child when doubt Creeps in when fear

tries to hold you back Lean on Me seek solace in the knowledge that I am

leading you towards a brighter tomorrow your story is a testament to my love and grace a story that will touch hearts and

souls far beyond what you can imagine

so rise up with hope in your heart knowing that your breakthrough is near Embrace each moment as a part of The

Grand Design I have planned for you your resilience will inspire others to persevere your courage will ignite

flames of faith in those around you [Music]

keep moving forward my child keep believing in the Miracles that are unfolding your success story is in the

making and I am with you every step of the

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amen if you needed [Music]

this my dear child this week holds the pr promise of tangible proof that you

are exactly where you need to be I want you to see and acknowledge how your efforts and dedication are bearing fruit

your hard work is not in vain it is bringing you closer to your dreams and [Music]

aspirations let this week be a testament to the power of optimism and faith I am

here guiding you every step of the way and I want want you to witness the restoration of your optimism and the

rewards of your unwavering

[Music] Faith believe in the goodness that is unfolding in your life trust in the

signs and synchronicities that are guiding you towards your highest path know that I am working behind the scenes

orchestrating Miracles and Paving the way for your success

may this week be filled with moments of clarity inspiration and joyful

Revelations Embrace each day with hope and expectancy knowing that you are supported and loved Beyond

[Music] mure like this video and type Lord if

you needed this [Music]

my child these words are for you take comfor Fort for you are seen though

Shadows May linger and burdens May weigh you down know that I am with

you Financial worries May Cloud your mind but remember provision flows like a

river from my hand trust that your needs will be met


the wounds that pierce your heart will mend time a gentle balm will ease the

sting of loss love like a blooming flower will

find its way to you in unexpected [Music]

places life unfolds in ways we cannot always foresee but trust that the path

you walk leads to a brighter tomorrow it will be grander than anything you can

[Music] imagine hold fast to Hope a flickering

flame that will never be extinguished believe in the good that resides within you and the world around you know this

all is well you are loved you are strong and you will overcome

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this my child lend me your ears for I bring Tidings of Joy great things are

stirring a symphony of blessings about to unfold for you and your loved ones a

new level awaits a place of growth and fulfillment Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

[Music] prepare yourselves for a breakthrough is

upon you obstacles that once seemed insurmountable will crumble before your faith this is not the end of the journey

but a glorious new [Music]

chapter hold fast to hope for the best Is Yet To Come the seeds you have swn

with love and perseverance will blossom into a Bountiful Harvest trust in the unfolding of my plan for it is filled

with blessings beyond

measure go forth with courage and Open Hearts embrace the opportunities that

lie ahead know that I walk beside you every step of the way cheering you on on to

[Music] Victory this is my promise to you so let

your hearts be filled with gladness for a brighter tomorrow

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Lord my dear child Solitude is not a punishment or a sentence of loneliness it is the Sacred

Space where self-love blossoms in the quiet depths of solitude your connection

with your soul deepens and strengthens you begin to discern the gentle Whispers of intuition over the loud clamor of

fears and

doubts when you choose solitude you are choosing to nurture your spirit and

honor your true self by stepping away from energies that do not align with your soul your vibration becomes more

powerful and

authentic embracing Solitude allows you to shed the weight of fake connections and superficial company in this Sacred

Space everything begins to shift you find yourself more attuned to your inner

Compass Guided by intuition and deep [Music]

clarity as you prioritize your relationship with yourself you naturally attract love and positivity into your

life loving yourself first is the key to loving others genuinely

understanding yourself is the foundation for understanding and connecting with


others Embrace Solitude as a gift that allows you to ReDiscover your essence to

heal and to grow in the depths of solitude you discover the Limitless love

that resides within you radiating outwards to bless and

uplift if you believe in the strength of Almighty like this video And


subscribe my child quiet your worries the very things that swirl in your mind

the desires closest to your heart they are are coming to pass trust for the

universe conspires in your

favor cease your overthinking For You are not alone in this Grand orchestration my hand guides you unseen

but ever present everything unfolds according to a perfect plan a tapestry

woven with your hopes and

dreams hold on to faith a steady flame that will illuminate your path patience

is your companion a gentle breeze propelling you towards your destination the support you seek the

resources required all will convert merge at the appointed [Music]

time money relationships love a fulfilling career these are currents flowing

towards you carried on the tide of universal energy a shift is underway a blossoming

from one state to a more magnificent one your emotional yearnings resonate deeply Within Me understood and


embraced relax dear One release the burdens of doubt and surrender to the flow I am with you every step of the way

breathe deeply and know that all is

[Music] well if you believe in your creator like this video and type


[Music] Divine my dear child I see you navigating through a world where

perceptions often overshadow reality where projections and labels attempt to confine the beautiful complexity of your

being it pains me to witness the discomfort you endure when others try to fit you into narrow molds unable to

embrace the growth and evolution that defines your journey [Music]

[Music] know this those who struggle to see your

growth are grappling with their own limitations and fears when others have boxed you in based on their narrow views

it becomes challenging for them to perceive the depth and richness of your soul



projections though limiting often arise from a place of necessity surviving in a

world that feels emotionally unsafe take for instance siblings growing up amidst

instability where Young younger ones project parental needs onto older siblings this Dynamic born of

vulnerability can shape relationships in unforeseen ways


but what if we dared to create emotional Freedom what if we cultivated spaces where judgment gave way to understanding

and love imagine a world where optimism and positivity Reign where we

acknowledge each other’s imperfections and celebrate our shared journey of growth

embracing this Vision starts with nurturing authentic relationships refuse to confine yourself or others to

metaphorical boxes instead hold space for the beauty of individuality and the

potential for growth within each soul


remember dear one loving yourself unconditionally creates a ripple effect

by embracing your worth you inspire others to do the same your demonstration

of self-love invites others to expand their hearts and embrace [Music]

vulnerability in this Pursuit may you find Solace and strength trust in your

ability to navigate these Dynamics with Grace and compassion your journey Journey towards emotional freedom and

genuine connection is a Beacon of Hope and [Music]

possibility if you believe in your creator like this video and type Lord


my dear child there are moments in life when a fresh start is needed a chance to reset

and embark on a New Journey new friends new places New Paths New Perspectives

all await you when your intuition speaks guiding you away from old ways that no

longer serve your growth trust it wholeheartedly

embrace the unknown with faith and optimism for I Am by your side lighting the way let go of fear and step boldly

into this new chapter of your life with every step you are moving closer to the destiny I have envisioned for you


Embrace change as a gift a chance to ReDiscover yourself to unfold your

potential in ways you never imagined trust in the process for it is leading you towards greater fulfillment

and [Music]

purpose you are never alone on this journey I am here guiding you supporting

you and loving you unconditionally together we will navigate this path of transformation and

renewal embrace the Fresh Start dear one and know that it is the beginning of something

beautiful like this video and type yes if you trust God


my cherished child I see the stirring in your soul the restlessness that signals

transformation on the horizon Embrace this moment for it is a Divine invitation to evolve to step into a new

version of yourself and your life though change may feel unsettling even frightening it is a pathway to growth

and renewal


life in all its beauty and complexity is ever changing a dance of arising and passing away of constant

transformation resisting this natural flow only brings suffering instead surrender to the River of Life allowing

it to carry you forward with Peace and Freedom


sometimes change is bold and unmistakable A New Path a fresh start other times it is subtle a shift in

perspective a release of old burdens trust your inner wisdom to guide you through this journey one step at a time

a new beginning is an opportunity to shed what no longer serves your highest self to release the weight of the past

it is a sacred process of rediscovery and reinvention


do not shy away from challenges face them with honesty and courage but when your intuition Whispers of new

possibilities listen it is the voice of your soul urging you to embrace your

potential to LEAP into the unknown [Music]

approach change with curiosity courage and an open heart it is a chance to

rewrite your story to create a life that resonates with your true Essence trust the journey my dear one The Best Is Yet

To [Music] Come like like this video and type amen

if you trust [Music]

God my child today is a day of collaboration and connection a

harmonious energy flows urging everyone to work together towards a common goal

this is the perfect time to share your ideas and meet meetings or discussions speak freely for your voice will be

heared with respect and consideration in turn blend your ear to others for their thoughts hold value as

well a delightful social Spirit fills you today conversations flow effortlessly and you

find yourself genuinely interested in the lives and experiences of those around you ask questions delve deeper

but do so with gentle curiosity not intrusive interrogation


This Day brings a welcome shift towards ease and relaxation diplomacy and forgiveness Grace your steps if harsh

words were exchanged yesterday let them go bury the hatchet mend fences and move

forward with a lighter heart now go forth and enjoy the company of loved ones for their presence brings you Joy

[Music] your tact and consideration shine brightly today a stark contrast to any

missteps of yesterday if apologies are needed offer them freely and clear the

air release yourself from the burden of past misunderstandings and step into a space of clarity and peace

[Music] like this video and affirm your faith by



this day is a gift my child let go of work and worries for a Time surround

yourself with loved ones partners and friends even simple Gatherings hold the the power to strengthen bonds and bring

forth Joy express your affection freely for it is the language that speaks

volumes to the [Music]

heart perhaps someone you know seeks forgiveness for yesterday’s transgressions accept their apology with

Grace let not these minor stumbles Mar the beauty of your connection instead

focus on the love that binds [Music]


you a conversation with a close friend or respected Elder promises to be both rewarding and insightful open your heart

to their wisdom for it holds valuable lessons for your journey


ahead go forth my child and embrace the spirit of cooperation connection and joy that fills this day let it be a day of

shared experiences mended fences and the deepening of precious bonds


like this video and affirm your faith by typing amen



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