God Says- “II REMEMBER THOSE WHO SKIP ME Open It Now Message of God | God’s Message Today |

Jesus is watching

everyone and he remembers those who are

skipping his teachings and his

words he sees everything we do hears

every word we speak and knows every

thought we

think there’s no hiding from his case

for his love for us is

boundless and his desire is for us to

walk in his

ways child of God you are being reminded

once again to stop taking the mercy and

Grace of Jesus

Christ for

granted to not allow the Satan’s

infiltration into your

imagination into your mind because this

will only lead you to regret eternally

it is easy to become complient in our

faith to let the business of Life

distract us from what truly

matters this is why we must be vigilant

my friends for the enemy prowls around

like a roaring lion seeking home he may

devor Satan will stop at nothing to

infiltrate Earth her minds and lead us

his free from the path of

righteousness he will whisper lies and

deceit tempting us to indulge in sin and

forsake the

truth but we must not succumb to his

schemes we must stand firm in our

faith holding fast to the promises of

God for it is only through Jesus Christ

that we find true freedom and eternal

life remember my dear Brothers and

Sisters in Christ that the consequences

of ignoring Jesus teachings are

great it is not just a matter of missing

out on blessings in this life but of

facing Eternal regret in the Life to


we must take seriously the warnings of

scriptures and heed the call to

repentance and

obedience but take heart for the love of

Jesus Christ is greater than any sin we


commit his arms are always open wide

ready to welcome us back into his

Embrace no matter how far we myray his

grace is always sufficient to cover our

sins and restore us to fellowship with

him so let us not delay my beloved but

turn to Jesus Christ with humble and


Hearts let us confess our sins and seek

his forgiveness knowing that he is

faithful and just to forgive us and

glans us from all


unrighteousness now I pray

may we walk in the light of his love and

may his words be a lamp unto our feet

and a light under a bath

always t a man

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