God Says: Ignore If You Hate Me




my beloved child dear one I have a tight

hold on your life because I am always

close by you shouldn’t be afraid of the

times when you feel weak in fact my

strength is most clear when you feel

weak and the two go well together that’s

it thank me for your flaws and put all

your faith in my constant strength the

very core of what I say is truth truth

that never changes and will always exist

many people today believe that truth is

relative or doesn’t exist at all because

of this it is important to focus on what

is true Noble right pure lovely and

admirable instead of what is false wrong

impure or ugly please turn your

attention to the things that are true

and worthy of Praise focusing on the bad

things in the world can make people feel

hopeless and cause them to act in ways

that hurt themselves the god God of this

age has made it impossible for people

who don’t believe to see the light of

the Gospel of my glory being able to see

The Wonder of who I am and what I have

done is made possible by the gospel this

good news has the power to make people

happy when they are sad since my spirit

lives in all of my children they are all

well equipped to carry this light and

show others the beauty of the Gospel I

want you to use your skills and take

advantage of the chances I give you to

be a part of this wonderful project I

get that you might feel weak but your

weakness fits right in with my plan my

strength works best when it uses your

weakness against you dear love simply to

remind you truth is not just an idea it

is a real thing it shows up in who I am

what I say and what I do so you can

believe that I will be honest and keep

my promises please take these words to

heart my child take them them as my

personal message to you because I really

want to connect with you always remember

that I love you very much and am with

you every step of the way if you ever

start to doubt or question something

remember that my truth stays the same no

matter what other people think or what

is going on the unchanging truth of my

word can be the foundation of your life

it gives you stability and direction in

a world full of

uncertainty you will feel free and at

peace as you walk in the light of my

truth the truth frees you from the

chains of lies and deception so you can

live your true life in line with my

plans for you accept the truth because

it will bring you lasting happiness and

a full life on your Journey of Faith you

may face problems or opposition from

time to time stay rooted in my truth and

know that I am the only one who can give

you wisdom and insight trust me to help

you get through every hard time and show

you the right way to to go if you stay

true to my truth you will produce fruit

that shows what kind of person your

heavenly father is your life will show

how my truth can change things which

will draw other people into a

relationship with me with confidence

know that you are standing on the rock

solid foundation of my truth which will

never shift to shape your thoughts words

and actions let my truth fill you up

completely be a light house in a world

full of lies and deception leading

others to the Eternal truth that you can

find in me as long as you hold on to my

truth you will have the full life I

promise those who follow me remember my

love that I love and care for you very

much this truth of mine will give you

Freedom peace and joy that you can’t

explain stay close to me and let my

truth lead you to the right way share

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